but you didn't

the signs as badlands tracks;

aries: castle

taurus: hold me down

gemini: colors pt. 1 + colors pt. 2

cancer: i walk the line

leo: haunting

virgo: strange love

libra: roman holiday

scorpio: control

sagittarius: young god

capricorn: drive

aquarius: coming down

pisces: gasoline


((One year ago today, I created this blog. The first gif is the first gif I ever posted on tumblr. The second is the gif I use for my sidebar, and one of my more recent gifs.

I hope Italy won’t mind me speaking for a bit, but I’m a sentimental person who wanted to take this celebration to give a huge thanks. I created this blog on a whim; I was on an ask-blog creating binge at the time, and I happened to watch Hetalia just out of boredom one night (needless to say, I watched the whole 2 first seasons that night–) I fell in love with Italy’s character, so I did something I had never done before; I bought his wig. This was the first ever wig I ever bought, I might point out, so Italy was the first character I can proudly say I cosplayed officially. And the day I got it, I created this blog. I’ll be frank, I wasn’t very good—okay, at all, but I was welcomed into the community with open arms. It was because everyone was so encouraging and kind, I kept at it; and I did alot of crazy things for gifs xD but I had fun. I started doing tinychats for Italy and Romano, where I got to meet alot of awesome bloggers and you guys! And I began to improve; this blog has allowed me to learn quite a bit about cosplaying, and I like to imagine I’m not so embarrassing anymore XD Along the way, my army of spaghetti-bros (aka you lovely people) began to grow and grow, and it’s now over 5,200 followers. That’s so crazy!

So I want to thank you guys. I want to thank everyone who has followed me, everyone who has liked my posts, everyone who has reblogged my posts, everyone that has sent my a kind message, big or small (and I guarantee I see them all and am sat smiling like a bumbling idiot for a good five minutes), and everyone who has actively talked to me and become my friend through this blog. I’ve met so many wonderful people (a lot of people I’m proud to call my friends) and had so many wonderful experiences just through creating this blog, and I am so thankful. I’ve had some awkward experiences (AKA my neighbors catching me outside filming a gif and thinking Italy was a brother of mine…) and some pretty funny ones (AKA ms ‘I threw two potatoes outside for a gif and forgot to retrieve them’). I’ve done some pretty heartbreaking things and some things I don’t even know what I was thinking; I’ve recited shakespeare, stuffed myself in a box,  played Hetaoni IC for 6 hours straight, had snowballs flung at me, and worst of all eaten microwave pasta–and learned the meaning of the words ‘do it for the gif’ and you guys have shared these moment with me. Each experience has always been fun and unique~

Thank you for a wonderful year! And here’s to the next!))

flowers in your hair | naruto

pairing; naruto ღ hinata

notes; anon prompted naruhina + gardening! although the emphasis on the two of them is stronger in the beginning and end than the middle *wink wink*

notess; and i hope it’s not too late ‘cause you’re so attractive


She has been planning this weekend for ages upon ages–the shape of the beds, what color the mulch will be, the perennials and annuals they’ll plant. All of Hinata’s plans have been penned into a small notebook whose pages have started to curl at the corners from overuse, and she carries it around with her wherever she goes in the weeks leading up to the project. Every part of every day, flowers flood her vision, and she even gets to wondering if they might be her high, and not her husband’s lips on her skin. 

But she has been planning this weekend for ages upon ages, and so when Naruto tells her that he won’t be able to plunge his hands alongside hers into the earth, because Kakashi has assigned him to a week-long reconnaissance mission, Hinata can’t help but hold a grudge. As he mumbles an apology to her, she tries to keep the disappointment and bitterness from flooding into her face. Hinata wrings her fingers and looks away, murmuring quietly, “That’s fine, Hanabi and I will do it,” when really, it isn’t fine at all. 

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A Fluffy Stucky Fic Rec:

for sliceosunshine

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Doodle tip #1

Caffeine isn’t a substitute for sleep, it just stops specific molecules in your brain from doing the thing that tells your body it’s time to sleep. It can take 6 hours or more for caffeine to leave your system. 

Sleep tip: Try to limit your drinking of caffeinated beverages (especially coffee, energy drinks, even fizzy drinks) to before 4pm so that by the time you want to hit the hay, there aren’t so many spare caffeine molecules still lurking around in your brain that could stop you from getting the quality sleep that you need :)


CHILL PHAN VIBES- some rad indie tunes inspired by phan. tbh it’s probably a very nice playlist even if you aren’t phan trash. the first half has a bunch of upbeat songs that are good for driving with the windows down in the summer to and the second half is more mellow songs but they’re also nice; all the songs are great… please listen to my playlist. (art by raesketch)

Title: Eyes of a Dragon

Fandom: AkaYona, manga spoilers for 100+

Ships: Gen ...mostly

Chapter Nine - Captured (AO3)

Previous chapters can be found in the: masterpost

…Yes. That canon event…(Below Cut)

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baetanscout asked:

Oh my goodness, darliNG, YOUR ART IS INSANE! I'm wondering if you could offer tips on drawing shoes/feet whenever you have the time. You draw such wonderful sneakers (lol)

Real quick, I just want to say that when I was younger (aka, barely a few years ago) I HATED drawing feet and shoes because I just couldn’t XD SO SEE GUYS!? PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!

Ok, now, to draw feet in any way, no matter how personalized and cartoonish and whatever, you still really need to know the anatomy, or, at least how it looks realistically. I cannot stretch how important it is to know anatomy guys.

This is a foot. Now, to get to draw said foot in any kind of way, you need to make yourself a sort of break-down. 

As you can see above, all you need to do is to cut it up in parts that are easier to understand and work with. The easiest way to do this is with geometric shapes. It’s really simple, once you know how to split the human body, to draw. 

  • the toes
  • the heel
  • and the in-between
  • and don’t forget the joint aka ankle

So, starting from the shapes, you make yourself a very plain version of a foot:

When you look at the image above, it becomes clearer why it is important to have the foot itself made of different shapes. Now it becomes easier to bend the foot in all kind of poses, because you know what goes where. 

For the shoes, when I started actually getting into them (lol) I used to look at actual shoes and just draw. Even now, most of the ideas come from this blog sweetsoles he has huge amounts of such awesome looking Jordans and Nikes and *shudders* all the good stuff.

To learn to draw shoes, really, just draw your own, look at some pictures, go outside and sketch. There’s no easier way to learn to draw anything other than observation and practice. 

I hope this helps :D
Please don’t hesitate to ask for more advice on anything, ok? :)

I love your funny face!
Your sunny, funny face!
Though you’re a cutie with more than beauty,
You’ve got a lot of per-so-na-li-ty for me!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to you, Jenn! You mean more to me than words can describe, and I’m endlessly grateful that I ended up serendipitously meeting you through the V/M fandom. Talking to you makes my day (to the point where my parents are all, “Do you have a boyfriend, Liz? Why are you laughing and smiling at your phone all the time?” Heh. Thank you for being the Tessa Virtue to my Scott Moir (you get to be Tessa today because it’s your birthday; hmph) and I’m so excited to be here for all your birthdays to come and to root for you every step of the way as you slay your way to PT school like the absolute queen that you are. I love you lots, and here’s to another wonderful year of you!! x


tagged by the adorable ayarambles for the twenty people challenge. i don’t have that many pictures of me in my phone right now, but i managed to find a few ^^ (don’t let my colored contacts fool you, though)

twenty is a challenge all on its own, but i will tag a few (only if you feel up to it, of course!): miserablesandmagicals, tanaka–saeko, freedjustined, vastiias, glorypaid, madkyouken. i know y’all are goddesses already, though uwu