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Raise your hand if right before you die and your family is crying all around your deathbed, you will part this world by saying “you didn’t see that coming?” And a small tear will roll down your cheek as you leave this life

oakleysds said: Just because it’s a man and a woman doesn’t make it straight~

Thank you for this! Nothing boils my parsnips faster than characters, and myself by extension, being derided for a “boring/insert whatever snipe here heterosexual relationship” when I’m not heterosexual and neither is my partner, haha. Pearl/Mayor Dewey and Peridot/Ronaldo are the only two ships I have in this fandom that have gotten this level of shit slung. It’d be great if one day insults were kept aimed at asshole behavior instead of who you choose to love and whatnot, but for some today may not be that day.

A follower of mine bought this print of Derek and ever-so-nonchalantly messaged me asking permission to get it signed by Hoechlin AND DID I WANT A COPY?!

Thank you so much, kathyk-au, for getting my artwork signed. I cannot tell you how touched I am by the gesture and your accompanying letter. THE GENEROSITY OF FANDOM NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME.

If you look above you’ll see why I am not a gfx maker… I apologize.

Anyway, I’ve finally hit 1k and decided that I needed to make a follow forever to say thank you to all the people that fill my dash and make tumblr a happy place to get away and relax (and procrastinate).

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