but yeah this is my opinion

Newer ships set asail
  • Sherlock and Molly are in the lab, she is waiting for him to finish his experiment and is whiling time away by checking her phone.
  • Molly:*giggling*
  • Sherlock:What? Tumblr again?
  • Molly:*giggling and nodding* Caskett. The name they have for Beckett and Castle. Caskett. I cant help but find it funny.
  • Sherlock:Well, it is funny.....they do get together in the show right?
  • Molly:Didnt know you watched Castle!
  • Sherlock:I dont. Mary does. There is no changing channels, no matter to what good part of her soul you appeal to.
  • Molly:Yeah, they are together. Married in fact.
  • Sherlock:Hmmmm....funny name indeed.
  • Molly:Yeah, but didnt matter.
  • Sherlock:....
  • Molly:What?
  • Sherlock:I read one more "ship" name that sounded funny.
  • Molly:Is it? Are they together?
  • Sherlock:They should be, in my opinion.
  • Molly:Oh, this sounds good. So whats this 'ship' that you feel should be together?
  • Sherlock:Sherlolly.

Okay, I need to vent and this is purely my opinion.

I genuinely think Taylor is dating Calvin Harris. Sure, it’s pretty sketch that he moved on from his girlfriend so quickly. And him and Taylor matching after maybe a month of hitting it off is pretty strange, but I truly think they’re a thing and it’s okay.

Am I sad? Definitely. Sad about Kaylor too? Oh yeah. But I always kept a boundary between me loving them and their personal lives. I never comment on their IG blasting that, “OMFG KAYLOR’S DATING THEY’RE REAL.” Because if that were actually true, they definitely would get worried because it’s obvious they don’t want us to know and so if we keep showing them that we think they’re dating, they’ll make an effort to stay away from each other publicly.

And maybe, just sadly maybe, they’ve just been friends and always have been and that’s cool too. Even if it’s platonic, something about them just screams special. Perhaps they’re each other’s platonic soulmate. That’d be cool too.

So as much as I ship Kaylor (and yes, I do ship them romantically, sue me), I’m just gonna let Taylor do her. Have fun with Calvin and whatnot. As long as Karlie’s still apart of her life and they’re both respectively happy, that’s all I care about.

P.S., people need to stop shit talking the Kaylor fandom as if we’re the catalyst to everything. We have a right to ship who we want if we’re respectful about it and a huge majority of the fandom are respectful. Just because we ship two girls doesn’t make us less a valid fan than those of you who don’t ship at all or ship her with a guy.

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Hey okay so I was trying to tell my friend that I think Jen and Josh are dating but she keeps telling me I'll ridiculous. Can you just provide some hardcore evidence for me so I can show her?

Oh my goodness, where to even begin. *Rubs hands together*

I myself experience this problem quite often with my friends as well, anon, and I think that’s mostly because people aren’t as….attentive as we are as a fandom haha. People don’t take time to watch the interviews, or the behind the scenes footage, or pay attention to the affectionate evidence that happens to be clear as DAY in my opinion.

Like, gracious, one of my friends thought Jen and N were legitimately married. And I was like okay yeah if y’all are going off tabloids, that’s where the problem lies haha.

But alright, allow me to enlighten. (This is going to get EXTREMELY long and I apologize in advance haha)

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like if a trans person wants to make this sort of comic, where a character is “caught” and comforted by a friend, I totally get that, it’s probably cathartic

but for a cis person to be making/reblogging a comic like that? ehhhhhh it comes off to me as “oh you poor trans kid it’s okay I will protect you” which is condescending at best :V

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I thought Sunshine Islands was a good game, but the fandom seems kinda meh towards it. What are examples of "good" Harvest Moon games?

From the fandoms point of view? Animal Parade or A Wonderful Life and Another Wonderful Life.

But everyone has different preferences. Even if the fandom says that the ones above are good Harvest Moon games doesn’t mean you should be swayed from your own opinion or tastes. If you think Sunshine Islands is a good game, then go for it! I personally liked it. This is just my two cents because I don’t want people to forget about other games? Old and new? I’m rambling, but yeah. That’s it!

-Mod V

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I agree with all the tags on your post about the races in HP comic thing except the one about Alfie Enoch as Dean Thomas... JKR says in the book that he is Black ... "a Black boy even taller than Ron..." Other than that though I totally agree.

Oh okay. But yeah I still feel like the rest is very valid and important. Honestly people should be allowed to see the characters as they want to see them. If you picture the trio as white because you saw the movies and your whole childhood you saw them that way, okay great! That’s your opinion. If you always believed Hermione to be black and/or Harry to be Indian, that’s cool too. If you changed your mind about their race, good for you! Just please do not put trash on my dash saying that just because someone is English they are definently white. Actually to be fair, it bugs me a lot too when people say that theyre unfollowing someone for believing that Hermione is white. That’s the popular opinion and you are still allowed to believe that. 

To sum it up: 

  • believing Harry + Hermione are pocs - great!
  • believing Harry + Hermione are white - cool!
  • telling people that its not okay to see Harry + Hermione as one way or another - please stop thats not cool

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I wanna move on from my ex. I love him so much but things didnt work out so yeah. Do you think I should give him back his gifts? He said at some point he saw me as an "obstacle" so he left. So the gifts were probably just a loss of money to him. It's jewelry so he could make some miney back off of it and I dont want to keep them anyway, it hurts too much. What should I do?

when I was in the same situation I gave it back. In my opinion is the step to start moving on because if I kept them, I would look at it every day and crying. I just gave the same advice to my friends months ago. Give it to him because those gifts are an obstacle.

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I am SO SORRY youve been hurting!!! Youre so beautiful and sweet and your cosplays make me smile. Im sorry you had to leave a fandom like ereri just because some people cant keep their terrible opinions to themselves :( I hope you feel better soon!

>.<//// Thank you so much for your super kind message. (and awww, thank you for liking my cosplays!)  Yeah, I’ve been hurting, but I’m not the only one nor the one hurting the most; everyone in this fandom has been hurting, and it’s not short-term thing either.

I have a lot of things to say on this matter, but I’m not.  Let’s just all not spread any more hate and hurt, yeah? >.<

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Can we stop acting like they are helpless children? _Obviously_ they knew that this book and tour thing was going to get negative opinions too. I think it's pretty safe to say that they have seen how people have reacted to other youtubers' books. My personal opinion is that they genuinely wanted to do this, otherwise they wouldn't have. Also especially Dan is quite a perfectionist when it comes to his content on youtube, so they wouldn't have made the book unless they felt it was good enough.

Yeah my hopes weren’t too high about the book, but then i remember dan has made 50% of it and hopefully it will show. (not shitting on phil, but his content like the “zine” seem like they are for kids)

tbh only on tumblr i found so many people that want john and sherlock canon, outside this site the shippers are p cool and they are (almost) all “yeah i ship the hell out od the thing but i don’t want it canon tbh. and if you don’t like it it’s cool btw”

but maybe im saying it because im way more chill now. i mean, is still my notp, i still blacklist the shit out of it and makes me uncomfortable as fuck but i don’t care about it that much as long as i don’t find it in my otp stuff

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England - Hetalia :'3

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: America, fem!China, France

favorite friendship: France

general opinions: He was always one of my “Eh, yeah they’re alright” characters and tbh I don’t quite actively ship him but I’ve been warming up to shipping him with fem!China lately??

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Do agree that the finebros should do a teens react to jonnor video and we should all go and comment on there videos telling them to along with spreading the word And liking and commenting on other people comments who suggest it because it needs to be noticed because it's important ?

im not gunna lie to you… i dont know who the finebros are hahahaha, but i think i get the gist. and yeah! i think we should do whatever it takes to get, not only jonnor, but The Fosters more recognition since they definitely dont get enough in my opinion. I WANT THEM TO HAVE AS MANY SEASONS AS PRETTY LITTLE-FUCKING-LIARS GETS LIKE DAMN

i might change my url soon

like maybe today but i’m not fully decisive but yeah just a heads up and feel free to opine at me although i might not actually consider your opinions

So when Kishi came out with that LOTR-esque colour spread, I was like, “yeah, that’s pretty cool I guess”, but then I thought, “bratty, twelve-year-old warriors-in-training Team 7 tho”. So I made this super janky paint. It’s not at all obvious where my interests lie.

anon asked me what my opinion on fem komahina is? can i just sort of nod approvingly for nine hours and drop this here does that count