Müllerian mimicry /muːˈlɪərɪən ˈmɪmɪkrɪ/

A form of biological resemblance in which two or more unrelated noxious, or dangerous, organisms exhibit closely similar warning systems, such as the same pattern of bright colors. A predator that has learned to avoid an organism with a given warning system will avoid all similar organisms, thus making the resemblance a protective mechanism.


they’re not the kind of couple who uses them - in the conventional way.

Thanks to cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata for some of the better pet names (cacti goddess, pineapple of my eye) and jazzie560 for helping me with the idea.


“Just sit down, dear.”

It slipped out of him so easily, so quickly, that she almost missed it.

And it wasn’t even meant in a sarcastic way, or at least she hoped. His eyes were drawn on the newspaper he had in front of him, his concentration all but focused on anything but her. So if it was so easily said, does that mean he thought those names in his head?

She grimaced.

Petnames. Temari hated petnames.

Because it reminded her of embarrassing, pre-adult, giggling teens. Romances that were only as shallow as a fingernail, filled with idiotic promises of an eternity together. And to have her husband call her such, well, she was repulsed, to say the least.

And dear? Dear? Nevermind the fact it rhymed with his clan’s signature animal, but it was so foreign to her that she did sit down, abruptly, and draw the book she had just an arms length away toward her. Flipping open the page, she retaliated, “Okay, sweetie.”

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Laws of Gravity

Pairing: Levi x Eren

Under the cut: A horrible mixture of fluff and sap.

Aaaaaand here’s another one! Thank you to all of my followers for the notes and feedback! (Yes I read your tags and I love them). You are all incredible and this is a short thank you gift for almost 800 follows. I hope you enjoy sappy Levi!

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Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Oh did I tell you guys I had an amazing time seeing 2PM? They were so nice, friendly, funny, and their music got me really pumped^^ And the AOMG tour was great, I got a few shots of shirtless Jay, a hip roll or two, and some shots of Gray and Simon D too. One day I’ll upload my fancams hehe~




Friendsgiving with some of the best people (including rbmmylife and beloved-falling) in my life — good food, fun games and the greatest company 💖