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→ Hanna/Spencer
"-A has taken everything from me. I can’t lose you too." "You haven’t."




Stephen’s “amused by Russell” smile


ok i find it funny i’m the ONLY person out of my catholic elementary school (that attended for most of the 9 years) to be: a) pop punk trash and b) super gay and i have NOTHING in common with my ex classmates it’s fuckin hilarious

WHOA OK SO you know how they called the big centipeetle the “mother” in the first episode it appears in??

And how most of the gem monsters seem to be able to create little mini monster creations?? And a lot of people seem to think of lion as a sort of “good” version of that. Plus Pearl can create holograms that can sorta function independently from her…

SO what about an AU where Rose is still around and Steven is a little gem construct like the smaller centipeetles or maybe lion (if he really is the good version of that)???

idk I think that would be something fun to think about it would really change a lot of things I think…

bobby is ruining my life

I thought I would only have to worry about GD and CL

and then this little fucker came into my life

I’m very curious about these things because i know other people get them but how precisely?

Those things where you have heard someone say something in particular, when you think about the phrase or sentence you can’t help it but to think of it in their voice.