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I'm in high school and I don't really do many extra curricular activities and I'm afraid it will affect me getting into college. Do you know anything that looks good on college apps?

Commitment, leadership, and time management.

You don’t need to be in a shit ton of clubs, organizations, or sports, but you should try to show leadership skills, as in holding more of a title than “member.” Example: Historian, Secretary, President, Treasurer, Director, etc. Any special kind of recognition you can get for going above and beyond. 

Also, colleges fucking love volunteer work and part-time jobs. Not even kidding. Admissions reps eat that right up.

Basically, anything that can show you are capable of time-management, are able to manage school-work-club balance, and are dedicated “looks good.” Because colleges want people capable of managing their coursework and who also won’t flake and leave (and also students who meet their academic requirements, but that’s another thing altogether). They’re hoping that the investment you made in your school and community will be something you want to do at and bring to their college (they may also sort of want to use you to make themselves look good).

You can have straight A’s and a perfect ACT score, but if you never participate in school or community activities you’re not going to look anywhere as fucking appealing as the B student/28 ACT who’s a club president and has 100 volunteer hours under their belt.

Long story short: get involved and shit.

-The Sudden Adult

PS. TSA Fun Fact: I once held Historian, Student Producer, and Novice Champion titles in high school. I also once held an iguana.


Ruby Gloom- Season 1, Episode 2: Grounded in Gloomsville

In which Scaredy Bat nervously confesses that he does not like to fly, and all his friends assume he must be unhappy about it since all bats are supposed to fly. His friends try several times to cure him of his dislike of flying, ultimately making Scaredy feel ashamed of himself as each attempt fails. Feeling that he’s failed both himself and them with his inability to change, Scaredy packs up and starts to leave… and then this moment happens.

One of the many reasons this is a great kids show.

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But silly meme jokes aside have you written any Gravity Falls stories?


Everything’s tagged “gf fanfiction” but I’m gonna link a handful here BECAUSE

Pre- Stanley confirmed stuff

  • To Keep Digging - A brief exploration on why Grunkle Stan agreed to take the kids for the summer.
  • You’ll Be Sorry - Why is Bill so invested in the Pines family? And what one powerful piece of information does Dipper hold over him?
  • Nerd Work - Sheer goofiness. Stanford and Fiddleford are at war over one prime study spot in Stanley’s lab.
  • And They Should Have Been Nicer - Egos are fragile things. Dipper’s pride clouds his judgement in the most important decisions.

Post - Stanley confirmed stuff

  • Broken Only - Stanley believes his brother has doomed the world by brining him back. He should have more faith.
  • In Living Memory - It’s weird you know, how no one mentions Stanley Pines around Gravity Falls…
  • No More Candles - Soos is 13, and he hates his birthday. Good thing his boss hates birthdays just as much.
  • Iterate - Explanations about portals and demons and long-lost brothers have to stay fast and vague when the world is threatening to crumble at any instant.

Happy birthday, Paul & Valérie!

The first pictures I have of the Lanoix toddlers are from November 2009… and finally, in May 2015, they turned to teens! Who said I was a slow player? :p

”Paul et Valérie” was the title of the book with which I learnt reading when I was a kid. It shows how very uninspired I was when I created that family! I hadn’t planned to play with them; they were one of these “background families” I had created just to populate the town. But I ended up by playing with all the families, and Valérie turned up into one of my favorite Sims. :)

(I might update my non-stories site “soon” (i.e before Christmas) with a season album, instead of monthly chronicles… we’ll see when I find time for this!)

I actually see Red as a surrogate father or father figure… to Dembe. He rescued Dembe from the cartel at 14 when he was still a kid, made him well, saw to his education. And in describing these events as well as Dembe’s accomplishments since, he sounded very much like a proud father. That was one of the most touching moments of season two, Red speaking about the man Dembe has become. This is the actual father figure relationship on the show imo.

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tell me more of this beautiful AU about tony stark

I would be genuinely delighted to. 

Avengers Mansion becomes a thing within two months of everyone housed up (save Thor who is back in Asgard for the time being with Loki business). They all pick rooms and settle in. Tony stops by and asks about what they want to make it their space. 

Nat doesn’t have much in the way of requests but what she does ask for comes without delay. Bookcases show up all a rich cherry wood that smells sweet. Not to mention Tony might make her a walk in closet. He doesn’t ask her so much as just goes ahead with it. Nat isn’t even mad because she can recognize this is Tony trying to do something nice for her. Tony who is leaning over for stretches of time and putting too might weight on his bad knee. So Nat just helps and might enlist the others to do the same. It becomes a bonding exercise from there.

And that’s how everyone’s personal modifications go. They do it as a group, themselves. Sometimes with Steve balancing a do-it-yourself books while Clint and Nat glower at him with plaster stuck in their hair. Sure some things are frustrating and they argue. Occasionally they even need to walk away from one another, the first official house rule (1. Don’t escalate, separate. Let cooler heads prevail.) But they put down tiles, take down some walls, and even put up wallpaper together. There are paint fights and the occasional playful scuffle but the job does get done.

Meals after projects are normal. Which makes team meals more common than some might expect. It’s not that they all can sit down together regularly, but that they will make plans. Even if the plans are no more complex than putting in a call for take-out and eating it together. They’re slowly becoming more and more of a team than people brought together through circumstances.

There are side-effects to being together so much. They learn about one another, become friends. And it’s how the Avengers come to understand they all have one thing in common - the compulsion to protect Tony Stark. 

Tony who isn’t actually an Avenger but might as well be. Who lives with them, looks after them, and looks up to them. It’s a confounding feeling having a like Stark trust you that much. Tony who will take their word for things and talk them down from any bout of self-loathing he encounters. Stark who turns out to be a softie. 

Tony who they realize one day is vulnerable and not an acceptable loss.

It’s no that even merits the full fury of the Avengers. But he has a gun and makes the sensible deduction to point it at the man without the body armor - Tony. Tony who had been there for a team lunch, cane resting against the table. Tony who doesn’t do anything but frown and try to talk the idiot out of what he’s threatening to do.

“Kid don’t do this…” But that’s as much as he says before a chair rams into the thug’s stomach thanks to a sharp, precise kick from Hawkeye. 

It’s over quickly, no casualties. Nothing but apparently enough stress on Tony’s heart to make him pass out. The drive to the hospital with like a strategic military rescue between them all. Bruce who keeps watch on Tony, checking his pulse. Nat who drives and Clint who is giving her directions based on the GPS and traffic flow. Then Steve who holds Tony steady for Bruce. 

Tony stays for a night of observation with a room full of superheroes apologizing to them for the inconvenience. No one is angry. Instead they sneak food in and spend the night with Tony squeezed into chairs to not leave him alone. But when Tony nods off from the fatigue of the strain of it all, they all come to an agreement. They will protect Tony.

Steve and Bruce take a better control of Tony’s eating, drinking, and sleeping habits. Tony’s alcohol consumption is at an all time low within four months. Tony eats fairly regular healthy meals without issue. Coffee intake doesn’t lower but it happens less frequently at inappropriate hours. Nat and Clint help Tony get exercise. They make a game of it most of the time, inducting Tony into elaborate games of mock-spy hide and seek. The nerd guns are a nice touch and it is fun. They also make certain that Tony’s not overdoing it, the best eyes to spot muscle strain. Making Tony take a break form work is more difficult, but Clint has the idea of a movie night that means they all take a break every week. They come up with a turn system for who picks what movie. 

And life if good. They all have a home and friends. But they do try not to forget the only reason that ended up like this was Tony’s pulling them together. It’s about then that Steve slips and calls them a family - no one argues with him. 

But Tony starts with withdraw from them all and it only gets worse. The man they’ve all gotten to know for years now is changing back into someone who wore Tony’s face like a mask. The drinking picks up against and Tony shuts himself up in the lab for too long. But when Tony stops showing up to movie night they stop giving him space. 

Everyone is gutted when Tony finally cracks and confesses he’s dying. The reactor is killing him, rather. The core is made of palladium and he’s suffering from heavy metal toxicity. He could treat the symptoms and has been for awhile in secret, but he can’t remove the reactor. Tony also confesses he has been trying to find an acceptable replacement for palladium, there is none known to man.

Steve still grips Tony’s shoulder and tells him “We’re in this together Avenger.” 

And Tony can’t seem to resist that fully. Even if he tries to be an ass to make them angry, to push them away. They don’t take his shit. Pepper and Rhodey are informed soon after they find out. Even Fury turns up because he’s known Tony since that kid was born and this isn’t under his radar. It’s more than a little overwhelming to Tony that he has people who care about him enough to ignore every attempt he makes to die alone happen. 

Time is not on their side because the symptoms of the poisoning only worsen. Tony loses weight, lacks any real appetite so they will feed him anything he wants if it means he eats. His cheeks become more pronounced as he loses weight and the softer spots on Tony that made him seem healthier are gone. His hair dulls slowly and only ever has much sheen to it when it’s greasy. Tony tires so much faster than he used to and they let him rest, guard him when he naps because Tony needs the rest. 

They talk among themselves and realize they are almost genuinely out of options. Lawyers had come that morning so Tony can solidify his will. Tony had been cracking jokes about what he’s leaving them for their last movie night. They try to keep some normality for Tony, for them too. Steve remembers resting his hand on Tony’s ankle and wishing he could anchor Tony in their world. 

Thor can offer nothing that does not come at a price. The team is so ready to agree to most things at this point but Tony flat out refuses to let them. Tony sites the rest of the world as needing them more than it needs him. None of them might agree but Tony is stubborn as a mule, he won’t budge. 

Going through the contents of the mansion with Tony is morbid but they agree to it. In the process they find some of Howard’s old things, and some of Steve’s kept away. Steve has mixed feelings about it all. But they do all watch the reels. Some of it is Steve’s old war highlights, others the propaganda they had been pushing in WWII, and lastly is a bit of Howard from the late seventies. Clint teases Tony about his appearance as a child. Nat is of the same mind. Bruce offers that he thinks Tony was adorable. Tony flings old rubber bands at them for their trouble. Steve is sitting closest to him and spots the mix of emotions that come with seeing Howard. 

The away moment that Howard has surprises them all. Steve doesn’t mention anything when he spots hints of tears to his eyes. But somehow seeing a ghost tell Tony he can finish what Howard started gives a little will to Tony to try again. Steve plans to stick with him now, not able to leave him really. 

The workshop is quiet, it’s nothing new. Tony hasn’t bothered to play much music in the last month in general. Steve almost misses the sound of AC/DC. 

Over the scratching of his sketching Steve hears Tony start mumbling. It’s enough to make him lift his head. As it turns out the display Howard had left behind had been a blueprint, a sort none of them had guessed at. Until Tony had sorted out just what it was, pushing and pulling at the clues until the answer was there in the blue holographic display. 

At that moment looking at Tony surrounded by the light, hope and relief in his face, Steve finds himself rising to his feet in a hurry. Striding over while his face breaks out into a grin that matches Tony’s. Steve can’t tell which one of them laughs first, but it’s the best sound he’s heard in ages. Without realizing Steve’s lifted Tony right up off his feet while they laugh. When he settles Tony back onto his feet he is so caught up in the happiness, the relief, the joy, of the moment he kisses Tony. 

When they break apart the clarity comes with Tony’s wide-eyed stare. Steve loves Tony. Not the warm camaraderie they all share now. Not even the fondness that had made him hold onto Tony so tightly when he almost lost time to the portal. They are the best of friends. Steve knows more about Tony than he thinks he knows about himself some days. Steve is in love with Tony.

Breaking the news of the rest of the team after that is strange. Steve’s still happy but he’s blindsided by his own affections. Tony seems equally uncertain how to feel. But he smiles and laughs lighter than he has since he confessed to the toxicity. They celebrate of course. They make it an occasion and included a slightly extended list of guests than their usual get togethers. 

Over something spiked with Asgardian mead Steve spills to Thor about his revelation. Thor is understandably happy for him. But Steve’s doubts must show because Thor hums thoughtfully. In the end Steve decides no matter what now is not the time for this. Tony is alive and well and they’re all thrilled. Tony needs time to recover and settle again no matter what. No amount of affection Steve feels will allow him to compromise that so he refrains from having the talk he should have with Tony.

Meanwhile Tony maybe tells Rhodey and Pepper about the kiss Steve gave him. Rhodey might choke on his beer. But Pepper eyes Tony and mentions that clearly Tony’s interested if it even got this far. But then Tony shakes his head and reminds her Steve is out of his league. Rhodey calls his bluff but Tony’s still ridiculously stubborn even if he’s worlds better about himself than he once was. 

There is a giddiness about Tony’s survival to be sure, but the odd open-ended feel to the conclusion of it all is disconcerting. 

So of course that’s when Aldrich Killian comes to SI with business propositions and a hell of a chip on his shoulder concerning Tony Stark. But it’s also thankfully when Janet Van Dyne and Carol Danvers fall into their lives as Avengers. Not to mention the mission Nat and Steve gets to a nation in Africa called Wakanda due to unrest in the area which seems like a power struggle. Sam Wilson is a new recruit from SHIELD who ends up another of their mission party that turns out to be a hell of a lot more impressive in person than in his briefing packet. 

I realised I hadn’t drawn Jet with Izumi yet so here it is. 

so you know how the 80s were era when cartoons started to be aggressively utilized by advertisers and marketers in a way very different than before? like instead of “adults are unlikely to watch tv during saturday mornings to stick some kids shows and it and show commercials for some toys because kids will be watching anyway” it became “use the cartoons to actually sell the toys that we will also advertise during the show” which is a bit notable bc traditional old-school television advertising is basically “entertaining show keeps people glued to tv and we’ll sell stuff during breaks in it” but with stuff like gi joe, transformers etc it basically made it so that the show itself was a commercial in a sense since there was a product in the form of toys. like basically it wasnt like in the old days where you might have ‘tie-in’ products like a Lone Ranger bb gun that basically rode on the tailcoats of a popular show (sales of Lone Ranger bb guns would be seen as a bonus but the success of those older media franchises was not predicated inherently on the sucess of tie-in products), the media product itself wasnt separable from the “tie-in” products anymore

anyway something i just noticed/realized is that the rise of having a show be itself a in a sense commercial correlated with the rise of “very special episodes” and other forms of campy attempts at incorporating a moral lesson. like the war on drugs would get aggressively spread in an idealogical sense in kids shows during the same time kids shows became tools of aggressive marketing and advertising

idk its just a parallel i saw i dont have any deeper insight into it

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After that Shizuo's kid ask all I can think about is his kid developing his strength, throwing a desk at school out of anger, and Shizuo getting a phone call from the school and when he shows up his kid has a broken bone from overexerting himself and is upset so he acts on impulse and that's the story of how Shizuo first hugged his kid. Then Shizuo just freezing on the spot when he gets an almost bone-breaking hug back in response when the kid excitedly realizes he is now "just like daddy".



So I’ve seen some people quoting some studies that show that ‘girls’ are naturally attracted to biological/organic toys and ‘boys’ are naturally attracted to mechanical toys as a way of shooting down the ‘don’t genderize toys’ thing but honestly the point isn’t to FORCE kids not to choose the toys ‘typical’ for their ‘gender’ but the opposite - to allow them to play with whatever the fuck they want as long as it is age appropriate - including wow typical ‘boy toys’ for ‘boys’ and ‘girl toys’ for ‘girls’.

This is ESPECIALLY important in society now that the newer generations are aware that gender identity etc develops way early on in life, and that forcing gender roles onto kids is a poopy thing to do because it invalidates their personal expression of their own gender. 

Also, it’s not about completely de-genderizing toys, because that will never happen, but making it perfectly fine for kids of all genders to enjoy all toys regardless of whether they are marketed for ‘boys/girls’.

The fact that kids are attracted to certain types of toys due to their brains DOES NOT NEGATE the fact that they should be allowed to choose their toys based on what they enjoy, not based on what society is telling them to enjoy, is what we’re all saying.

The Earth Will Wave With Corn, the Days So Wide, So Warm...

On Saturday I saw both the matinee and evening performances of Deaf West’s production of Spring Awakening with my friends hrello and imooimooimooimoo. We are all long-time fans of the show and have seen various incarnations of it. Jaymee saw the original Deaf West production as well and jubilantics wrote up a truly incredible review of that I have no hope of possibly matching. But I have some thoughts and some info on changes that have been made for this new production.

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mahakavi I don’t think we should be out here tryna show kindess to every stripe of evil person. but I do think cultivating compassion even for those we see as terrible and our enemies is important for me personally, both as a political praxis and as a way to my spiritual wholeness. it’s hard Af. I have to hold myself back from shouting every time I see a sticker that says “thank a vet for your freedom” or some shit when as a Sri Lankan woman who’s a non US citizen the “vets” have done shit for me. but I do have friends I consider family who’ve taken care of me, who lost loved ones in senseless wars, whose kids literally had to choose between poverty or the military, and for their sake I try to understand and show compassion, to see the human faces in the midst of all the craziness. It’s hard to feel anything but rage, but i think the right thing is always hard u know?


Visited my sister over the bank holiday weekend and we went off to the Hertfordshire County Show again. The usual fun mix of petting remarkably fluffy chickens and admiring ridiculously photogenic cows, and wondering who it is who buys hot tubs from county shows - there are always several trade stands for them. Do farmers often get hot tubs for their sheep or something? Lenny there certainly looks like he’d enjoy a chillax in a hot tub. And I particularly enjoyed the falconry and eagle display when the tawny eagle went off and stole someone’s unattended burger from outside the marquee tent. Clever girl.

the history of advertising and children’s advertising is really interesting. in addition to developments having to do with federal regulations, there was also a shift in the theories used by advertisers during period roughly from the 60s to the 80s.

like if you look at older toy commercials something that was very common in those that you dont see much now is that there was a lot of narration. basically a voice (usually one of an adult male) is explaining the toy and is describing its features alongside footage of kids playing with it. like “this robot can shoot rockets” or “this stroller can fold-up” while showing a 9 year old demonstrating this function. 

basically there was this assumption that while the commercials were aimed at children, the person they ultimately had to ‘sell to’ was the parents. they wanted to make it so that in a sense they were also selling the product to a nearby adult which is why there was oftentimes a lot of basically explanatory narration that kids wouldnt even be paying attention to. even if adults werent the end-consumer for the toys advertisers still knew that adults can still think of a toy as being fun and they made effort to make sure that a nearby adult that wasnt necessarily paying attention to the tv (mom washing dishs, dad reading the newspaper) could still hear what was being said. it was basically the same idea as when a toy store employee is explaining features to a parent that walks in sorta. like here’s a 1957 toy gun commercial where a lot of whats going on isnt intended for the kids its intended for the parents like a kid is excited to have a lone ranger gun its the parents that want to hear reassurance of stuff like “here is how to properly aim and fire it”, “dont ever aim at a living target” 

now basically if you jump to the 80s shit is incredibly different and stuff is aimed entirely for the sake of a kid watching. like in this transformers commercial. theres no exposition or explanation that its a truck that turns into a robot or any attempt made to make the toy appealing for adults. something thats also different is that the commercials stopped trying to “demonstrate” how to play with the toy and more wanted to emphatically communicate the ‘excitement’ that would come with playing with the toy. things like showing the habit of kids adopting an alternate persona while playing are depicted only on occasion in older commercials and typically briefly whereas in the 80s it basically becomes the whole narrative of the commercial. basically advertisers realized that childrens advertising is more effective if the commercials adopt a narrative vantage point of a kid playing with the toy rather than an adult observing a kid playing with a toy.