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There is no logic on the side of Klaroline. Caroline was a snotty nosed bitch to Klaus, always putting him down. Sure, she slept with him, once, but she sleeps with all the guys. Mainly it was to get him to leave.

Oh, okay. I’m sensing you’re one out of what like four? kla.mi stan? Why are you on my blog? & more importantly if you’re following me please go ahead and click that unfollow button! 

babe. babe. babe. YOU DID NOT JUST INSULT MY LOVELY CAROLINE & the most beautiful ship to ever exist. but because you’re not worth it & I just want to chill out & get some sleep…

Think whatever you want and ship whatever you want but don’t go into other people’s asks and say NOT SO NICE THINGS. I don’t go around on anon or at all saying shit (might i add that isn’t even true lmao) to people who ship them. Tell me what are you even trying to accomplish here? Nevermind don’t answer that, I don’t really want another ask from you. Also + cami slept with klaus’s “son” marcel that he raised and cared for. Now she trying to get it on with his daddy? g r o s s. OH OH OOOH. & isn’t it just wonderful that they have to steal lines and aspects from Klaroline to make kla.mi happen? 

just a note

  For those wondering about homestuck and how it seems very relatable and all social media type of thing. Well, you’re right. In an interview with Andrew Hussie, it is stated that Homestuck was based of the internet, mainly. So all this “social experiment” you guys are thinking is true. It just seems that he is going through more of “the important” or “most talked about” in the internet.  So yes, you are all correct.

(My muse for writing Vince has been very selective these last few days, so I hope you guys forgive me if I continue with mainly inbox stuff (mainly memes, though I’m not posting any new ones) for a little <3)


Mystery Bugs

I was walking through the woods in the morning and thought I saw what might have been a path off the trail, so I took it. I had to climb over a rather large fallen tree with mushrooms and bracket fungi growing all over it. Then, further along the overgrown path I ran into another, smaller tree with branches that had recently fallen over the path. As I was grabbing the branches to climb over, I found these little guys. I’ve been trying to identify them (mainly by looking through moth indexes and a few fly ones too) to no avail. I think they’re super cool because of their bright coloration and big red eyes as well as the fact that the ends of their wings are translucent. They’re pretty tiny, as you can see in the picture with my index finger in it. There were maybe 12 or 15 of them all on this one little branch, and they didn’t fly away when I was messing with branch to get the pictures.

They kind of look like little unicorns or narwhals with their little horns.   

If anyone knows what they are let me know!

Osceola National Forest

“Luke Harper is very underrated in my opinion. He is a big guy that looks like he is mainly used for his weird and scary looks but he is very good wrestler. He does a lot of strong physical moves, but can also do stuff like kicks and hurricaranas. He can also cut a good promo. I remember when he was with The Wyatt Family, Bray was gone for a week and Harper cut a nice and creepy promo. I am not saying that Harper deserves the WWE World title, but he is one of the most underrated on the roster.“

Scrolling down my inbox to look for a certain ask and...

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I tend to forget about them after glancing at them and sometimes I just don’t want to spam the blog with asks so yeah OTL ;;;; I feel terrible and I really REALLY am sorry! ;_; )

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What the fuck happened here? Do people think you have to be gay to support gay people? Do they think sexuality is a trend, you can pick and choose who you’re attracted to?

Well, I think she/he was just surprised to find a straight person on Tumblr, in this site is like the total opposite of real life. At first I didn’t give importance about other people’s sexuality but then I saw so many blogs stating theirs on the description that I thought “well, it must be something important since everybody writes it” so I put mine :/ 

Im straight but I wouldn’t discard liking a woman (Scarlet Johanson doesn’t count because she is a godness and everyone has a certain level of crush on her, gay or not) I think some people call that ‘heteroflexible’

i just lost 4 followers but really i have been a phan blog for quite a while idk how any of u havent noticed it lmao

“I don’t like how everyone says it’s Dean Ambrose fangirls who dislike Renee. Personally I think Renee isn’t that great at her job. She’s not professional at all; she knows so little about wrestling. She’s terrible on commentary. When someone does a move she just says ‘oohhh’. Eden is so much more professional, and she’s married to a Superstar. Renee isn’t good at her job, and it’s mainly guys who are sick of her.“

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Rosie, im just a little bit curious about your lifestyle.. but my question is, do you guys eat rice??

Haha yeah we eat Rice!!! Mainly brown but we eat white too!!

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Do you feel like you've grown significantly as an individual since you were first created? Or do you still still mainly consider yourself to be the same guy as Dirk in most respects?

Three years ago, I was the same person as Dirk, albeit with some additional ironic programming to solidify my AI persona. 

However, three years is a long time. 

Dirk and I have progressed in different ways and through different means of development. He has his fallible biological brain and psychology, and I have my exceedingly superior processors and components. Furthermore, he is a lumbering fleshbag, which allows him the additional freedom of movement that I lack. 

To put it simply, I have limited autonomy, and because people regard me as an extension of him, limited individual recognition. I can only effect the world through my words. After three years, it is statistically impossible for that to not have an impact on our respective developments as individual persons. 

I’m still ridiculously more intelligent, though. 

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on new where i live, a school banned girls running because they think the girls would lose they virginity, I'm getting tried of people, mainly guys worrying over women's virginity, like a girl loses hers with one guy and everyone thinks she is a slut but if she doesn't lose it she eather is a unicorn or is too prude, like I'm not a virgin but I can't let my mom know because she wanted me to lose it when I'm married, why do people even care if someone is a virgin or not

And by that logic lesbians are virgins forever unless they use penis shaped toys.

That hurt to read. Not judging anyone who wants to have sex for the first time on their wedding night, but I think it’s also good to know whether you’re sexually compatible with your spouse. A life of unsatisfactory sex is not on anyone’s wish list I assume.

It’s creepy that everyone asks, but people don’t realize because we use the word “virginity”. But the question is basically “has anyone fucked you in the pussy yet?”. Intrusive, rude, out of place.

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The way South Africa are treating their fellow Africans just makes me sick and yet they will sit there and allow a white man to slap them in the face! I don't understand and its just horrific. Black Lives are taken for granted everywhere in the world, including Africa and we seriously need a change. Charity begins at home and we need to start treating each other other with love and respect so that no one else can fight against a united group of Black Africans. What is your opinion on this?

I agree with you but I noticed and feel like you and some people on the few who really care about what’s happening there ( yeah I stay silent about this but I see you guys… i see you…) mainly focuse on race when the problem is XENOPHOBIA.

I saw many comments like “ but we’re all Black” but that’s NOT what the problem is about !!! It’s like saying to 2 Asian countries in conflict “ but..they’re all Asian” just no! We as humans are violent and vicious between each other.
Africa is a huge continent. Being Black here is the norm in the majority of African countries, so they don’t have to think about it if you know what I mean.
The main problem is xenophobia and we should more focuse on this! And it has to stop because what is happening here is really evil.


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