blackbirdbaroness replied to your post “Would you ever consider writing a Harry Potter AU?”

oh hey there’s one way to avoid the sorting mess, you could cast them as hogwarts professors.

oooooh look who’s brilliant omg I love it


AU - The Doctor causes the collapse of the barriers between parallel worlds, causing each of his parallel human selves to meet. Set 2 (Set 1)

Peter Vincent is skeptical of the paralleled team that the Doctor has decided to put together in order to deal with the collapsed parallel worlds.


…either way I don’t wanna wake up from you.


Hannibal Meme 3/3 Ships (otps, brotps, etc)

  • Will Graham & Beverly Katz

"Are you okay? I know it’s a stupid question, considering none of us can possibly okay doing what we do but, are you okay?"


Chuck and Sarah Alphabet Encouragement

Chuck, you’re good at your job too, and not just here fixing computers. You know, the one where you risk your life to save others, the one that you didn’t ask for, but were supposed to have.


'Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the  s a m e .' [x]

'There’s something about Daryl that’s so real and honest and he just is who he is and Beth kind of is the same way. Like, even though they’re really different characters, there is a core kindness and sweetness to both of them…’ Angela Kang [Writer, 4.12 Still Commentary]

and you may find your place to run to


Gaius: “The disfigurement is not the result of disease or infection…it’s the result of powerful magic.


"Why are you always so good to me?" | 3.05


they know exactly how the other feels… because they’re rivals。

don’t just talk about how much derek likes braeden, talk about how much braeden likes derek. braeden haters constantly take away braeden’s emotions by screaming that she is a “strong independent woman” and claiming that she’s not actually in love with derek, just playing with him and i think that it’s just so important that we protect braeden’s emotions at all costs

Tuwiuwok. It means…
– Haven.
– The full name means Haven for God’s Orphans.”

Haven, season 1