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Considering I’ve been collecting manga for awhile there’s actually some of them I don’t want and I’m willing to give them away and I’ll probably sell them for really cheap instead of paying the usual price of 9.99-13.99. Manga is expensive but it depends on what the series is because I have popular series such as Attack on Titan and Hetalia and Madoka Magica and others but I’m only willing to give a few away considering I still like it. I’m really considering selling the attack on titan manga and possibly hetalia. I payed a lot of money for the hetalia ones. I will even sell them in bundles since some of the manga that I have are a series or I have like five of them. I will update this post on what I have because I have to go through it. So if you’re interested stay posted with me. I might even give some away free because I’m just trying to get rid of it but just remember I have to sort through them so I’ll keep you guys updated. 


He doesn’t remember where exactly they were in Leptis Magna, can’t remember the features or building or what direction they were facing. He just remembers Enjolras, turning back to smile at him against the backdrop of once-sacred battered columns and savage clouds that suddenly broke, and there was light around them, and suddenly Enjolras was incandescent. Light itself was in love with Enjolras in that moment, and Grantaire was helpless to do anything but follow its lead.

GNOMON; by luchia

A Note on Shipping

Hey lil swimmers! This isn’t in response to any one specific event, but something that has been ongoing in this fandom that I think I should give my own two cents on.

Shipping is great. Shipping is wonderful. Its fun to take two characters and smush them together to see how they act. Its fun to get the doki dokis when two (or more actually for that matter) characters share a scene together. Its fun to overreact at the smallest hint of love in their mannerisms or what have you. 

Shipping is fun. 

Now, when you decide that for some reason, you are now superior because you ship a certain couple, and you take this as reasoning to bully, hate on, and/or belittle another person and their ship, that is when you make shipping a device for malice rather than fun.

And that is never ok. 

Everyone has the right to ship whatever the hell they want, and you have no right to shit on their fun. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with them. It doesn’t matter what you think. They think those two characters are absolutely spiffy together! And the joy they derive from that is great!

Everyone here is bonded over there same love for a wonderful show about silly swimmers.

Respect one another.

Be nice to one another. 

And for those who would verbally attack fellow fans and tear down their ships at any chance in order to have their couple ‘win the canon limelight’, just know, Admin Gay Sama is very disappointed in you.  

Confession time:

I’m going to the doctor’s Monday for knee problems. But it may also turn out that I have anxiety. It worries me even more, especially with school starting in 4 days. I haven’t been able to focus on anything, and I just feel upset all the time. Even Mark’s videos aren’t cheering me up. I’ve been having trouble controlling my emotions, I’ve been losing really close friends, I’m always in physical pain, and school is just a mess.

I feel like I need to give up, and just forget everything. Just sit and do nothing. I can’t function with all this weight on my shoulders. It’s just terrible.


And don’t you forget it!

Well, okay. So I’ve got to work on how to strike a heroic pose. Steven said I did okay. He’s such a sweetie, just look at him. A lot of times when I worry too much, he’s right there to tell me things will be okay. And I think that’s really important, because I’ve always have problems telling myself that…

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"oh my god biphobia isnt real shut up"


and by daybreak, we’ll be gone: songs for coming out on the other side.

a companion to this.

i. road to joy- bright eyes // ii. army- ben folds five // iii. failure- laura marling // iv. flaws- bastille // v. england- the national // vi. blue skies- noah and the whale // vii. shore to shore- johnny flynn // viii. navy taxi- kate nash // ix. mama, how far i’ve come- laura marling // x. after the storm- mumford & sons // xi. welcome home- radical face // xii. troubles will be gone- the tallest man on earth // xiii. helplessness blues- fleet foxes // xiv. up the wolves- the mountain goats // xv. young lion- vampire weekend



"Mother!" Joanna shouts as she runs into the solar, her red hair fluttering behind like her father’s banner. With Little Cat sleeping in Mother’s lap, she takes a place at her feet. “Mother! Maester says you were in the war.”

"I was." Sansa’s voice is more solemn than her eldest daughter has ever heard.

"Well what did you do?” Joanna asks a little too loudly. 

"That," Sansa says over the baby’s cries, "is a story for another day, darling. Now, bed. Tyrion, take her, or we shall find her asleep on the floor of the library again." 

Out in the hall, Joanna can no longer contain her laughter. Mother still doesn’t know it was Father who takes her to the stacks of books and reads to her whenever she can’t sleep. “So what did Mother do?”

Father grinned. “She won.”

→ for CAT