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AHHH!! :D Just wanted to thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!! With each milestone I am thankful for your guys’s support and encouragement. Thank you again so much! I am planning on drawing some more original art (fingers crossed) so I can get another original short board sequence in by the middle of the year. Yup!

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queen-asuna* // quinx-squad-haise-sasaki // racyue* // radioactivebraingunk* // rainbowkaneki // saiko-w // sasuisgay // senju-swag* // shintsubo // slainism //  ssousuke // stoned-levi* // suzu-juuzou

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congrats klainers

To all the klainers, congrats on winning the poll, to all of you who voted the hardest, we appreciate you, We’ve been through alot, I’m not saying we’ve been in the background, I mean in times of the glee fandom, we’ve gone through hate, being called fetish, straight, erased of how race, color, and alot more, but we decided why not win this one last time for the two most wonderful boys who has made us happy and proud of who we are. 

Now I’m not saying the ship wars might stop because there will be some people wanting to attack us, but thanks so much for contributing you guys are amazing, I know we have our ups and downs, but you all klainers deserve the love. 


Secrets, Bruised and Broken - Part 2

Chapter 6. Time for Myself.

[ Ellie’s P.O.V ]

I woke up feeling panicked, at first I wasn’t sure where I was. After I sat up and looked around, I remembered I was in Joe and Caspar’s flat. I didn’t have a good night, although their sofa was extremely comfortable, I tossed and turned all night, thinking about Dan. I wasn’t even sure what time it was, I didn’t care tho. I heard a quiet chuckle from the kitchen. I glanced that way, Joe was eating lunch at their table.               ” Morning Sunshine ” he chuckled, I rubbed my eyes, smearing the mascara that I had slept in. ” What time is it? ” I asked him, he smiled     ” 1:15 pm “. I nodded and yawned, ” You know he called me ” Joe sighed. I looked at him confused, even tho I knew who he was talking about. ” And what did he want?, what did you say? ” I questioned, he shrugged ” He wanted to know if I’d seen you, I told him I hadn’t. Because I know you two had a fight last night “. I nodded and smiled      ” Thanks Joe “, he returned the smile. I thank’d him again for letting me stay over and then I walked back over to my flat, I didn’t have any plans for the day. I knew what I wanted to do tho, I wanted some alone time, for myself. When I walked into my flat, Dan was gone ( No surprise there ), I changed my clothe’s, washed my face of all makeup and then packed a small bag ( With essentials, like a few bottles of water, snacks, a few books and my phone ). I was going for a walk, a long walk. I just wanted some time for myself, to think about things. 

I walked and walked, as soon as I got to a secluded area, I pulled out my iPod and blasted my music. I made sure that I kept an eye on everything, so no worries their. The longer I walked, the longer it didn’t feel real, it felt like a dream. It’s like I had no control over my legs, I hadn’t even realized that I was now in a wooded area. It was beautiful, peaceful. I continued to listen to music, most of the music I listened to matched my situation or it didn’t, I’m not entirely sure. I walked for a few hours ( I think ), I somehow stumbled across a large open field, that had been hidden by the forest. It was stunning, I’d never seen anything like that ( Literally ). I found an empty spot and sat down, I took it all in. I pulled out one of my books I had taken and took out my earbuds, weirdly Dan hadn’t crossed my mind at all. I just needed a break from all the drama, I hadn’t checked my phone once, not even to check the time. I felt happy. I read almost half of my book, before I fell asleep        ( Stupid I know ). I just don’t remember falling asleep and when I woke up the sun was gone, the sky was dark. I sat up quickly, ” Shit… ” I mumbled to myself. I packed up all my stuff and pulled out my phone, it was 10 : 30 pm. ” What the fuck! ” I shouted as I jumped up, I had many, many missed calls, from everyone. I shook my head ( Great ), there was only one person I wanted to talk to. I dialed the number and placed the phone to my ear, then I waited. ” Ellie?? Elle, are you okay? Are you hurt? Where the fuck are you? ” Alec shouted into the phone, it didn’t help that I could hear Alice freaking out in the background. ” Yes Alec, I’m fine ” I stated, ” Then where the hell are you? Everyone is freaking out ” he exclaimed. I sighed ” I’m not sure where I am, I went for a walk and I didn’t realize what time it was “, he paused. ” Did you realize that it’s dark! ” he exclaimed, ” Yes Alec ” I sighed. ” Why did you go alone? ” he asked, ” I needed some time for myself ” I stated.            ” Alright, just describe where you are, I’ll pick you up ” he calmly sighed, I looked around. ” Uhh… There’s a lot of tree’s, Alec it’s really dark ” I stated, he sighed ” Okay, stay on the phone and walk, try to find the nearest road “. I did what he told me too, I started walking. I walked for a while, until I finally found the road, then I quickly looked for a sign. When I found one, I shouted where I was into the phone. It was darker now and the only light was that of my phone, ” Okay, stay there. I’m leav….. ” Alec started to say, but the line quickly cut off. ” Hello? Alec? ” I asked, no answer. I looked at my phone, of course the battery was dead. I sat down next to the street sign, that’s when the negative thoughts re - surfaced ( What if Alec can’t find me? What if nobady can find me?  What if I die out here? Why am I afraid of everything? ). I started scaring myself, I could’ve swore that someone was watching me. I placed my arms across my chest, I cautiously looked around. I sat their for at least 2 hours until a familiar car pulled up next to me. Alec rushed out of it and gave me a tight hug, ” We’ll thought you were running away again ” he sighed. ” I’m sorry, I just needed time for myself ” I stated, he nodded. ” I know, I’ve missed a lot of important drama ” he chuckled slightly, I nodded. We got into his car and drove home, ” We’re going back to mine, you should really get some rest, have you eaten anything today? ” he asked ( Like a protective big brother ). ” Yeah I have ” I sighed, ” You still need rest tho and since we have a long journey back, why don’t you tell me what’s happening in your life ” he smiled. I nodded and explained everything that’s happened with Dan and with Scottie, even tho nothing has happened with Scottie ( I just thought I’d mention him ). ” Wow, it sounds like Dan hasn’t gotten over you And you obviously haven’t gotten over him ” Alec stated, I rolled my eyes             ( Obviously ). ” Now, I need you to tell me what to do! ” I sighed, Alec chuckled. ” Elle, I can’t tell you what to do….. But, I think you should move on. You deserve to be happy, not sad or worried all the time ” he stated, I nodded. ” I’m happy - ish ” I exclaimed, he chuckled again.        ” You’re happy when you’re with your friends, but you’re not when you’re alone ” he sighed, I looked down at my hands ( He was right ).  ”What if I can’t move on? ” I asked quietly, he let out a deep sigh. ” Well then, you never stop fighting for that one person ” he smiled, it only made me feel worse.

We sat their for a while, in silence. ” There’s something I’ve never told you, before it really didn’t matter, but now it might help with your situation ” Alec sighed, I looked at him strangely. ” You know how Alice and I have been together, well since school ” he asked, ” Yeah, and how it was love at first sight and yadda - yadda - yadda -. Alec What does this have to do with anything ” I sarcastically asked. He nodded, ” But we weren’t always like that…. After we dated for a year, I decided that I didn’t wanna be in a relationship any longer. You see I was in a band, I thought we were going to be the next big thing and become famous. Well that didn’t happen, a month after I ended things with Alice, there was a dance that my band played at. She went with the big jock in school and  I went alone, when I saw Alice, she looked beautiful. And that’s when I realized, I didn’t care about the music anymore. All I wanted was Alice, I made that clear that night. She didn’t take me back right away, no I chased her for month’s, but then one day I proved how much I loved her. And she took me back, you see, if you care about Dan as much as you say you do, don’t stop chasing him ” Alec explained. I sighed deeply, ” Wow, and now you’re married with Twins…. awe…. ” I exclaimed happily. He rolled his eyes and chuckled ( I can’t believe that I’m going to continue chasing the guy that had a girlfriend, Alec was right I couldn’t give up ), the rest of the ride was silent, probably because I fell asleep in the car. I was just so happy to have Alec as a best friend, or as he likes to call it ’ a Brother ‘. He always made me feel better, even if my mind was working against me.  


New Chapter, How is Everyone liking it so far? Well, I’ll see you Wednesday for the next Installment….. It’s also my Birthday on Wednesday.. So ( Oh Gosh ). I Hope You’ve Enjoyed and Thank You so much for Reading <3  


“The thing about a hero, is even when it doesn’t look like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, he’s going to keep digging, he’s going to keep trying to do right and make up for what’s gone before, just because that’s who he is.” ― Joss Whedon

Happy 36th Birthday, Dean Winchester ♥ ♥ ♥

January 24, 1979


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Want You More Than A by TheCellarDoor

Summary: Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.

Word count: 80k, COMPLETED

Pairing: H/L

Rating: Mature