it’s so weird to think that ghirahim wasn’t as brash or mean with link in the original japanese version as he is in the english one

he doesn’t even say that he’s going to beat link within an inch of his life, he just says that it’ll take link a hundred years to prepare

he also never says that the read thread of fate binding them would be soaked in links blood, he simply says that the thread of fate binding them is the same colour as links blood

seems like he was originally a little softer…hmmm…


*dragon noises*

*also some dying whale noises*

*and banshee shrieks*

Okay guys, now that we have enough numbers, I’m revealing my master plan. We’re an army now. We’re going to conquer some piece of land and find our own fandom kingdoms OuO Modern clothes are absolutely forbidden, you either have to wear medieval-like clothes or witches’ robes.

(Yeah, nice dream.)

Since I can’t do that, I’m going to do something I actually can. Thank you so much for the continuous support you’ve shown my blog for the past three and a half years. I hope I don’t disappoint you in the future.

And lastly, I’m always willing to receive any questions and requests you have. Even if I’m not taking requests at that moment, I will keep them and make them when I’m taking them again. Photoshop related questions and resource requests are always welcome as well.

Thank you so much again. I’m honestly extremely flattered <3

Things people don't realize about scientists:

We devote an exorbitant amount of time to cutting through bureaucratic red tape required to submit grant proposals in the small (8%) chance we have of getting government funding. It’s really depressing.

I’ve spend the past two weeks preparing a grant proposal for $13,000 for a years’ worth of research. 19 documents total, 4 of those being a single sentence on a one-page document. 

So when we hear about more cuts to funding, we get upset. Because not only does the government add MORE red tape (more documents and more training) to get funding, but there is even LESS of a chance that we will receive funding. 



I ran for the first time today in weeks (!!!) after just monotonously cross training day after day. And the run couldn’t have gone any better; it felt so natural and pain-free and I can still run with the group by this point (my greatest fear was that cross training wouldn’t let me be in as good of shape as everyone else). And coach was happy to see me running again :) So yeah I think this means good things


A thought that occured to me during the reading of a fanfic: I eat chocolate and brush my teeth yet still get cavities…Elsa and Anna on the other hand eat probably 3x the amount of chocolate I do and they have no cavities! I live in the 21st century and they in the 19th…*squints eyes* I think we need to investigate where dentists have gone wrong XDD