Katara giving her words of wisdom to Korra and Tenzin before they depart on their journeys.

I’m seeing some tension goin’ around towards the Hanna fandom and it makes me sad :( I was going to save this for after Hanna week, but I’m posting this to bring some cheer, hopefully! Let’s make friendships not war u_u Everyone is free to like what they like, and dislike what they dislike.  So this sketch I’m dedicating to all the wonderful people in the Hanna community. We’re a strong bunch, an accepting bunch. We can stick together. *sending big, warm hugs*



What Anna should have said to Hans:

"Oh, I’M the desperate one, AM I? When YOU asked me to marry you just like that!”

Love is a backhanded comment…

I swear, they’re so perfect for each other it hurts…

Hans you adorable jackwagon. You’d make Anna a great husband/king as long as you get that crazy in check.


1x10: Fallen Angel

The essence of Mulder and Scully. (can we talk about how Scully comes out of that divine light like some god? wearing her long ass trench coat?) 


Monroe & Rachel (feat. Wishing he could stay home Miles) | 2.10 Preview #2 (x)

"Why don’t you just say it?"




Its such a nice feeling when someone just reminds you that they’re your friend