but really Cosima

petition for there to be a scene in orphan black’s future where cosima and sarah are being held captive and they hear their guards complaining about another clone they’re bringing in and how it took five of them to take her down and sarah and cosima are like “oh, no! they’ve got helena!” but instead they end up dragging in a terribly inconvenienced alison hendrix who doesn’t give a DONALD DUCK about their evil plans because she’s late for soccer practice and how dare they.

SPOILERS:  3.02 - Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis 

  • Sarah, Cal and Kira spend some quality family time together
  • Alison sees an opportunity to fix both her money worries and the election
  • Scott and Cosima try to find out if the original genome was really destroyed. 
  • After Cosima’s encouragement, Sarah finally reaches out to Siobhan for help. 
  • The end of the episode sees a death, a painful decision and a heartbreaking goodbye. 

cosima-kate asked:

I love your face SO MUCH (probably more than Karlee?? IDK KARLEE LETS FIGHT AND FIND OUT)


But by all means, fight fight fight fight fight!  Andrea is calling you out Karlee, winner gets a plastic mold of my face.  Even though that’s extremely creepy.  But eh, you two are worth it.  

Cosima has tried to take Simon’s star shape shades a few times. She has had some successful attempts, and would wear them with a thin blue cloak she wears sometimes. She’s mainly just trying to impersonate Simon for fun. For if she can nearly look the part, why not do a little imagination with it? One time she has tried to take her mother’s jacket with the Survey Corps patch, though has only accomplished once. Though she has settled for taking her jacket from the 103 Trainee squad, considering that Adara doesn’t need it any more. - Source

She probably has tried taking Simon’s shades and Adara’s jacket to wear them at the same time.

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I'm having a horrible crappy day and I am in need of more Barista au PLEASE!!!

A horrible, crappy day? I’m sorry, friend! I hope crazy, awkward, love-bird baristas can make it at least marginally better! Because, well, this is a bit of a milestone.

Installment #50

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