Don’t let me play with makeup.


Bias selca challenge!

I’ve been tagged by exobuttslap, thank you for tagging me ehehe (and sorry I was so late) ;u;

Rules: pick four selcas of your bias i’m doing only three asdfghj sorry and copy them, then tag 10 people;

Oh my gosh I tried sO many times but I can’t copy him well no matter how hard I try so here’s an awkward penguin expression instead eheh

I’m going to tag: wuyifanxing, imperyeol, dewusional, zelu, jpglay, lay-me-kris, hypertone, woainiz, yixingofficial, byunny (of course only if you want to~) 


Favourite DMG Fire Escape Moments  21st Sep’10

"Tum sirf meri hoo, sirf meri. Aur yeh baat tum bhi achi tarah se jaanti hoo"

i need to start doing things,cleaning the mirrors would be the first ok


apologies, for losing my cooling
losing the day to night

our vanilla frick frack headcanon where yvanna and koji just cannot look at each other the mornings after they do the bing bong they just go red and can’t act normal everybody knows. it is the worst part about knowing them just

everybody knows (╯・`⌓´・)╯

yvanna belongs to may, koji belongs (embarrassingly) belongs to me

(Slightly inspired off of this)

Because I said I’d do it and because merkiplier prompted me to do it so I did

SO HERE’S MARK IN FULL LEATHER WITH A MOTORCYCLE How the fuck do you draw motorcycles I just

Also if I did it right this thing should be transparent but if it isn’t I’M SORRY but anyway ENJOY

Also happy 2 year anniversary Mark!