"He found something cold in the woods, with bright blue eyes."

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Forgive me. I must do it. Grant me your power!

To all artists out there who get jealous or sad because of other artists’ work I’ve got a magic word for you: yet

stop thinking you’re not as good as them, and start thinking you’re not as good as them yet

comparing should be to remind you of how good you can become not to feel bad about how good you are now


crowley in season great (3/8)


serious question: how does one learn to love thyself

here is the all-call for plot based rp if you want to get in on that; i want to do more paras, more invested storylines, more long-lasting things. i don’t necessarily have 10000 ideas for these yet, this is just gauging interest so that we can start talking and figure something out together. let me know if you are interested!

ps this does not have to be shippy stuff. it can certainly be shippy stuff if it heads that way, but it does not have to be. all aspects of characters’ lives are important, and i want to do emotional, riveting, meaningful storylines all over the place.

but i also love romance so i mean w/e there is no shaming of any kind of rp on this blog

if any of you are big with volunteer service to get hours for school (or even if you’ve only done it a few times really), can you tell me about what you did and like how it was for you? and maybe give me tips for interaction and like leadership skills or something?



How are you supposed to process someone whom you thought you could lay down to rest in your mind,

Who suddenly pops up again in your life,

And yet, doesn’t seem to want to interact with you? Why have they made a point to come back in your life at all?


so like i can’t watch anything scary, i hate scary movies or even trailers that come on tv.. or like tv shows or anything alright… then my best friend she LOVES scary shit and she keeps trying to make me watch scary ass movies its like.. why do you want me to feel uncomfortable..  i just??



pavak replied to your post “Two whole kisses”

this is adorable


rant in the tags excuse me

Of course Kat’s welcome; we love Kat!
—  Someone literally said that about me tonight and I was so taken aback that I almost melted into a puddle of my own elated tears