Doomed Timeline thoughts

Let’s start with the obvious that everyone’s talking about


So this was the first clue to everyone way back that all of this could’ve been a doomed timeline, this never really convinced me to be honest, I doubt Menaah’s insight, being a Thief of Life, on what the Alpha Timeline is supposed to be. Then I realised she might have been showing yet another case of aspect duality making her more attuned to the Doom Aspect.

This still wasn’t enough for me, like I said before in another post, Gamzee’s death, in any timeline, being doomed or not, is not to be taken lightly. If Gamzee was so easy to get killed as to being cut in half we would’ve seen him in the dream bubbles, from the countless, infinite doomed timelines… at least a sight of him, but there’s nothing. When Hussie takes the narrative:


So what? We have the first dead Gamzee in any timeline? That seemed really unsettling to me, and mainly the first reason that made me doubt about the doomed timeline theory.

A lot of people have pointed out the fact that before the flash all was glitching, but during the flash we see no glitch. Remember when it first glitched? It was when Vriska was going to go to Bec, hence dooming the timeline before Terezi stops her. So this leads me to think glitches may be indicators that a particular action is about to be taken which will doom the timeline.

So as for now, we only have really little information about things that will take place in the Alpha Timeline. While Jane’s weapon is sinking into lava we get a glimpse of Skaia’s clouds, being the maximun symbol of light, remember Skaia’s clouds always show what’s supposed to happen in an Alpha Timeline:


So Aranea making Jane fall asleep is supposed to happen, which means Jake was supposed to die (and then revive) in order for the hope field to dissipate. This also means Jade’s death is part of the Alpha Timeline because it was one of the events that lead to this one.


Bec Noir and PM are supposed to take jade to her quest bed. And Karkat and Kanaya are supposed to watch Gamzee kicking Terezi’s butt.


Gamzee is supposed to save Terezi. Why though, even in the flash animation we can clearly see Gamzee doesn’t touch Terezi anymore, He has no intention of killing her. Is his real intention to taunt Karkat and kill him? 

Maybe this is a vision of Terezi again? Being a Seer of Mind she may know what particular action doomed this timeline? Are we not giving enough credit to Gamzee’s actions just rapidly labeling them as insane clown shit?


Maybe this is Terezi, not reacting to Gamzee’s sudden change when Aranea lost control of him, BUT realising a particular action that is forking this timeline?

I think Gamzee knows this is a doomed timeline and wants to specifically say something to Terezi, I really need to think this because it’s all a mess in my head right now.



I am 100% confident that John’s fight with Caliborn did happen. Everytime the flash swaps to John vs Caliborn, the entire Background turns dark green. This fight has nothing to do with the Doomed Timeline. 

Let me remind you that the artifact allowing John to zap gives him. like some people say, “canon powers”. The artifact gives John the power to affect the Narrative of Homestuck itself, every action he takes becomes canonical. We got to the point that Homestuck is Hussie, Caliborn and John (and in some way Vriska) fighting over the Homestuck Narrative itself. So this really happened. What are the implicataions then?

Now we can clearly see in Caliborn’s eyes all his manga inspired crappy art. MY FINAL THOUGHTS? All that happened to the kids and trolls, all the Dommed Timeline is Calibron’s work. Rewatching so many times made me notice the obvious:


I laughed so hard when I saw them running like this. It’s pretty obvious this is the stereotypical anime running. So was this put here just to be funny? I don’t think so, it’s too much of a coincidence that we see this just after seeing how manga influenced Caliborn.

My final thoughts are that John vs Caliborn really left Caliborn kinda shocked. I think he vents about it creating all this events in the Doomed Timeline. Like I said, as silly as Homosuck was, it gave Caliborn total control of the Homestuck Narrative for a while, and he still has that power to some extent.

Further thoughts in part 2:


The video teaser to Honeyworks’ second album 「僕じゃダメですか?」”Boku Jya Dame Desuka?”

Featuring a part of Mochizuki Souta (CV: Kaji Yuki)’s version of Yakimochi no Kotae and a part of the voice comic. 

Sorry for any inaccurate translations and sloppy encodings. Feel free to point out any mistakes. I’m still learning Japanese and it’s my first time subbing so I really appreciate any tips.

Fuck Me, Use Me, Hold Me


Part 1

Prompt 1: I NEED a humiliation centric sub!reader sequel to Grind on Me ASAP
Prompt 2: Grind on me was great! Could you do a part 2?
Prompt 3: Oh my Chuck I have been enjoying your writing so much! I was wondering if you were considering doing a part 2 to Grind on Me? *blush* I just ADORE soulless!Sam and I thought you portrayed him SO well!!!!!
Rating: Mature/Explicit
Pairing: Soulless!Sam/Reader
Word Count: 1,424
Warnings: Dom!Sam, sub!reader, bondage, spanking, collars, derogatory name calling, swearing, blowjob, rough sex and like I said before soulless!sam is a warning all by himself.
Author’s Note: Well, this was fun to write, and I love the title I came up with lol! Thank you all who asked for a part 2 because I honestly didn’t even think about writing another part, I didn’t even think anyone would like the first part but I was proved wrong!:)

I hope you enjoy this part and thanks for reading!


It was a mistake, a big mistake, it shouldn’t have happened, you shouldn’t have let it happen but every time you thought back to it you got worked up. Maybe it was the way he slapped your ass or called you a little slut or the way he commanded you to get yourself off on him, God, it was humiliating but it would be a straight up lie to say you didn’t enjoy it and crave more of it.

But you promised yourself that it would never happen again, well, you lied.

"Safeword?" Sam asked

"Coffee." Once you said that there was no pause, his hands pushed you down by your shoulders and you complied willingly, the tingle of excitement rushing up your spine. There would be no one to bother you this time since you and Sam were in your own room, Dean looked at you both suspiciously when you requested a room to yourselves but said nothing.

"I got something for you, pet." He spoke lowly, strolling to his bag and taking something out, you couldn’t see exactly what it was until he got closer.

A collar. A really pretty collar actually.

He put it on you quickly, tugging on the chain to make you look up at him.

"What do you say, pet?" His tone was dangerous, eyes hard with no emotion displayed on his face, it set you on fire.

If this was any other time you would be highly embarrassed but at this moment you were so turned on, you could just feel your arousal beginning in the very pit of your stomach.

"Thank you, sir, I love it."

"Good girl, now, strip." You did as he said as he went and sat back in a chair. You stood, lifting your shirt slowly trying to be a tease, Sam had an amused smirk set on his face as you did, truth be told you were probably more turned on than he was.

When you got down to nothing your fingers slipped down between your folds.

"No, no bad girl, you don’t touch there unless you ask!" Your hand was yanked away from your heat and you whined like a little child.

"That deserves a punishment, don’t you think? Turn around." You do as he says without argument, turning your back to him, then you feel the fabric of one of his ties touch your wrist and soon you’re bound, hands unable to move.

"Turn around and get on your knees." He sat back down in the chair and you watched as he every glorious inch of his hard cock was taken out. "You, my little whore, are going to use just your mouth."

What?! You couldn’t do that, you at least needed one hand, you usually were only able to get half of him in your mouth while your hand would make up the difference but this was a punishment and this wasn’t your normal Sam. Speaking of him, he was getting impatient, his hand tangled in your hair and it led you right to him, you opened your mouth obediently as you felt the flesh of his length touch your lips. Your tongue slipped out touching his tip, you gave short kitten licks still trying to tease.

"No time for that, _____, do you want me to put you over my knee and spank you instead?" His rugged voice asked with that promising tone to it that made your pussy throb.

"N-no, sir." Your voice shook but not from fear, you wanted him to spank you, to put you over his knee and turn your ass red.

"I can tell from the hitch in you voice that you’re lying, what a filthy girl you are. Get back to it while I think about what I’ll do to you next." You licked your lips quickly before your mouth engulfed the tip of his cock, the taste of his pre-cum salty in flavor, mixing with the taste of his skin. You moved further along his shaft your tongue wiggling around the underside of him, you bobbed your head feeling slightly frustrated with your hands being tied. You pulled off him to breath  before your mouth stretched around him again, you tried not to stiffen your jaw because you knew that would make it tougher for you to take all of him. You were determined to get him all in your mouth, when he hit the back of your mouth you gagged slightly, your throat constricting around him making him let out a grunt. He stood slowly with him still in your mouth and you both straightened up, he took your head in both hands and began fucking your mouth and damn it you could feel yourself dripping, you loved how rough he was being with you, how he was using you. You wanted to close your legs to rub them together or to at least touch yourself, you could feel the saliva dripping down your chin with each gag until he pulled himself out of your used mouth. 

He leaned down getting at eye level with you “Good girl,” he stood straight again and began taking off the remainder of his clothing until he was bare in front of you, you whimpered as the heat in your lower regions burned with need, your wetness was sliding down your thighs and you felt that you would make a fucking puddle on the floor. “Up.”

You stood on slightly shaking legs looking to him for your next order, he untied you and you breathed a sigh, maybe now you could touch him.

"On the bed, face down, ass up." Was he going to take you from behind? You sure hoped so!

You got into postion as he took his place behind you, nothing happened after a few moments but when you turned to look at what he was doing his hand came down on your right cheek, startling you and making you jump at the contact. He chuckled darkly at your reaction, the sound filling your senses.

"Your pussy is so wet, ____, you’re fucking soaked." A finger teased your folds, nudging your clit once making you moan, his finger then traveled to your opening and slipped right in, you gasped at the delicious intrusion. Your hips thrust as you tried to fuck yourself with his finger but it wasn’t enough.

"Please, please I-I need… need more, please, sir!" You cried out and his hand slapped your other cheek exactly when his second finger joined the first.

"Mmm, yes!" You groan but his finger are suddenly gone, his cock replacing them as he mounted you, filling the void. You didn’t get any time to adjust before he began plowing into you with deep, rough, quick thrusts.

It was feral, primitive and God, you loved it. He got balls deep with each inward stroke and you felt full, it was amazing, your climax was going to come quickly, you could feel it building and building, you were right at the edge when he said…

"You better not come, not yet!" He pant out, hands holding onto your hips with a bruising grip.

"No, please let me come, fuck, please!!" Your own hands balled into fist digging into the sheets under you. The wet sound of him entering your canal along with the constant grunts from deep in his chest were too much and you exploded with your orgasm, screaming, shaking and withering wantonly.

It didn’t take long for him to find his end as your walls convulsed around his throbbing member and his hot seed filled you, he kept thrusting which allowed some of his essence to escape and drip onto the bed sheets. By the time he was done using your body to ride out his orgasm you were utterly spent and exhausted.

Your body still shook with the mind numbing occasion that just happened and all you wanted was to be held, unfortunately, you don’t think soulless was the hold you after sex type but it was worth a try. You found the strength to maneuver yourself and move the soiled sheets from under you so you could lay down on your back, when you did you realized the collar that still hung around your neck.

"Sam," You sighed weakly, he looked at you as he came out of the bathroom and just as you were about to ask him you changed your mind, it wouldn’t be the same, so instead you said "That was amazing." With a satisfied smile on your face.

graceffajoeyyy şöyle dedi:

Hey can you recommend any good tronnor blogs? I barely follow any and I want some to follow more

Hi! I feel like I’m going to miss some people but here goes:

erik-loves-tronnor, obviously. He’s da best. happylittleconnor is Queen; icherishtronnor, ittronnor, starbucks-sivan, isfrantastic, conconsivan, and sexuality-spoopygayboys are all amazing; troyesivanourlordandsavior writes possibly the greatest fanfiction I have ever read; izzymakesart and frantassivans (also Netta but I already tagged her <3) are our resident edit/gif masters, and megatronnor3000 and 91winchester are sass masters. 

Like I said before I probably missed like a billion people so I’m sorry if I did, I’m terrible at remembering URLs o.o

anonim şöyle dedi:

Isn't an engagement ring worn on the left hand ? I really think this was a gift from Maks, but he's been engaged before,except that he told everyone. This couple is so hard to figure out,unless Maks wants out and Meryl won,t give up. I wish one of them would just come out and tell the truth.

Like I said before I think she wears it on the right so it doesn’t draw attention. I think this relationship is more special and cherished than any of Maks’ other relationships and plus they don’t have to tell us anything about their relationship status. And the ring just reappeared Monday so if it’s a new thing why would they share it? They can bask in it on their own for a while. And that will take away from Meryl being at SA for her own accomplishments and take away from all they are doing right now. I think it’s an engagement ring but you don’t have to agree.

anonim şöyle dedi:

It's been 5 months .. Should I give up on someone I love so deeply

i wouldn’t say give up, because if you loved someone, you will always have a place for that person, but like i’ve said before, you don’t want to waste your energy on someone who won’t give their all to you. 

anonim şöyle dedi:

Why are you so into lipsticks right now? I don't remember you being like that before. Not a bad thing. Just curious. Also can you recommend some lipsticks for fair skin and dark hair?

Like I’ve said before, Mary (swoleinvelvet) inspired me. She always looks so beautiful and her lipsticks are to die for. So I bought some she recommended and it became an obsession/hobby after that. Makeup in general, but especially lipstick is fun to play with.

Honestly I don’t know it you have to stick to any shades to fit your skin tone/hair color. I think having the confidence to work the shade is key. However It has been recommended that fair skin women wear coral lipstick. I fucking hate most coral lipsticks.

Side note, I despise pearl lipsticks. Bleh.

You know what I use to find shades? Pinterest. That’s where I do all my research. I type the general color in I’m looking for like “ox blood lipstick” or “the perfect pink lipstick” and go from there.

Good luck!

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  • who falls asleep on the couch- Peter
  • who wakes up first- Davy, like I said before, he needs to be ready as soon as he wakes up.
  • who cooks the most- It’s obvious that you can’t trust Peter in the kitchen.
  • who’s in charge of the tv remote- Davy.
  • who takes the longest getting ready- Read the second bullet point.
  • who takes up most of the bed- Peter.
  • if/what pets they have- Whatever Peter wants.

anonim şöyle dedi:

Satoori isn't informal speech at all. It's a variety of dialects spoken by those who live outside of Seoul, and they're all very different in speed/pitch/number of letters/expressions ect. The thing is, Seoul Korean is the only type that is considered "Standard Korean", and when people from the provinces move to the city, they're expected to learn Seoul Korean, or people will tell them they sound uneducated, sort of like what people from the north of the US think about saying "y'all".

like i said before, i’m no expert on Korean and i only said what i knew.

so if you say so, then i have no reason to believe otherwise.

Kate Leth's Failed Hugbox Raid

So apparently Kate found out about my posts about her on here and she deiced to like them alerting her followers to my page and an old post I posted back in the 14th of October in which I made fun of her for acting like a complete cunt at a con and alienating potential new readers. 

Of course a few of her fans came to her defense and white knighted her by that I mean two people reblogged my post and called me a misogynist and Kate blocked me on Twitter even though I said nothing to her on there. 

Kate I know you hate freedom of speech and I know you’re not very found of us males like the rest of your stupid feminist/SJW friends but here’s the thing you gotta understand just because you’re popular with the hipster crowd on Twitter doesn’t mean jack shit. Like I’ve said before you’re an awful writer and a terrible artist and the only reason you’ve made it to where you are today is because the comics industry is in the shitter right now, publishers are trying to pander to people who don’t read comics and that’s why you got to where you are now.

Also I find it funny how most of the comics you’ve written are based off of other people’s IP’s like Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time and Edward Scissorhands. Meanwhile people like Ed Brubaker and Warren Ellis are over at Image Comics writing new IP stories like The Fade Out and Trees. So you know nice to see you’re such a terrible writer that you can’t come up with anything original. 

So in closing I’ll just say this Kate your little hugbox raid failed because let’s face it most of your “fans” are on Twitter and they’re not used to replying to something that you didn’t retweet. Also yes I am aware of your tweets talking shit about me and it’s no surprise you deleted them five minutes later because just like all your other SJW friends you’re a fucking coward that lives in a hugbox and is oblivious to how the world works. 

I’m not gonna stop making fun of you Kate because just like Dob you’re a good source for a bunch of laughs. 

TL DR: Kate Leth tried to get her fans to attack me and it failed.      


Putting together some kickass ideas for the clothing line that I’m going to make. I’m getting so excited and motivated for it and am coming up with new ideas every day. Like I’ve said before, I’m not giving away what it will be for until I actually have everything/the website up and running. The focus will be for me to raise awareness about a certain topic that people need to know more about. The ONE thing I will give away: for every piece of apparel that I sell a tree will be planted in East Africa as part of a sustainable initiative. 


So I weighed myself today because I didn’t remember how much the dr said I weighed and I wanted an accurate number for when I start kicking up my fitness again and maybe because she weighed me right after I ate, or because it was the middle of the day…I didn’t gain weight, I actually lost weight…yes! I lost like 3 pounds…which for me is huge because I have been at a plateau for EVER lol.

I am also switching up my night routines to morning routines because my sick thing has gotten so bad that night ones aren’t possible anymore…but I grow with my surroundings so morning workouts it is! It’ll be harder because, like I’ve said before, mornings are hard to work around for me…but I have to be diligent! 😊

Okay so overall…I lost 3 pounds, night routines will now be morning routines!

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)