but like i said before


rly liking this new thing where my mom and I visit a new museum every weekend

wow I didn’t know that school always teach us that he was just a big asshole who killed tons of people they never told us that he was a kinda nice asshole

A lovely comment on one of my older blog posts

“Kinda nice asshole” is the most succinctly accurate summary of Robespierre I’ve ever heard.

A Great Sense of Rumor

All right, I know that after people have noticed this little Easter egg in Frozen since it was released, many have developed the same theory. However, I do not agree with it and will give an explanation as to why.

The theory with which I do not agree has to do with this brief moment in the film:

Yes, by now, I think every major Frozen fan knows about and has seen the quick cameos of Rapunzel (with her short, brown hair) and Eugene (or Flynn, if Tangled fans still want to call him that) when Anna passes by them during “For the First Time in Forever.” From seeing these two Disney Princesses together in the same scene and film, the aforementioned theory that some fans have developed is that Rapunzel is a cousin of Anna and Elsa, and that their mothers are sisters. Therefore, this means that Rapunzel and Eugene must exist in the same universe as Elsa and Anna.

But like I said before, I don’t agree with or believe this theory. Why?

For one reason, these characters actually do not exist in the same time period. According to Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, the directors of Tangled, the said film is set during the 1780s. On the other hand, Frozen is set during the 1840s, which is a fact confirmed in the book The Art of Frozen.

For another reason, this is not the first film in which Disney has shown characters from other Disney works. On many occasions, they have recycled animation from past films into others, including with character appearances. For example, Bambi and his mother make a brief appearance in The Rescuers. In fact, animation from Bambi has been reused more than any other animated film, with Bambi’s mother making cameos in The Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book, and Beauty and the Beast.

The king and Grand Duke from Cinderella appear during the chaos of Eric and Vanessa’s would-be wedding in The Little Mermaid.

In Aladdin, as Genie looks through the wish recipe book, he comes to a crab recipe and gets pinched by Sebastian.

And in Hercules, the lion skin of Scar from The Lion King is briefly worn by the title character, then Phil uses it to clean his face.

My overall point in naming these examples is that I don’t believe the theory within Frozen because Disney has put many of these Easter eggs and references in their films as surprises and joke purposes that are meant to be just for fun. They are not meant to be taken seriously or literally in believing that their worlds are canonically connected to one another. In other words, we are not supposed or expected to really believe that all of these people or anthropomorphic animals exist in the same universes and during the same time periods.

I also don’t accept these crossover theories of characters from different stories and films existing in the same universe, especially if the creators or directors don’t make any confirmation of them being true or if they are not outright stated to be the same characters. The other part of it is, just because we see all of these characters, based on their similarities to the real characters in how they look and what they do, in these movies doesn’t mean that we should believe it is actually them. Like just because we see Hercules feature lion skin that looks just like that of Scar doesn’t mean that it is the exact same character, particularly since Scar died from being mauled, then was presumably consumed by fire, in his film.

So the same concept applies to the cameos of Rapunzel and Eugene; just because the two people we see in Frozen look like them, it doesn’t mean that it IS actually them and that they exist at the same time as Elsa and Anna. Now I do think it’s an interesting theory, but for all reasons stated above, I don’t agree with it.

I want to give a special shout out to my pal minervadennabond for coming up with the title, which is also an inside joke and reference, or a play on words. ;)

Jack feels something sexual for Gwen, but that what he feels for Ianto is so, so, so much more.

John Barrowman

I think this sums things up nicely. It’s like I’ve said before, if Ianto wasn’t in the picture, something might have happened with Gwen. 

But from the second Jack and Ianto met, no one (and I don’t mean just Gwen) else really stood a chance. I mean, even with all the flirting and such, it was always Ianto he trusted most. He felt like Ianto understood him and would be there to help him when things got too tough. 

I know this guy who’s very nice and fights for equality and means well but is such a know it all oh my god no matter what I say he feels he must correct me even if I’m right or exaggerating it’s getting on my nerves


Let’s talk a little bit about Raura. Again.

Maybe they just need more time. I really think and hope they’ll be together. I think they really fit.

They wrapped ( *tears*)… This whole time they’ve been a couple on the screen(Auslly), so much that they act like one in real life sometimes ( both said that).. I don’t think they will realize they miss each other in that (couple) way until they’re apart. The show ended ( *tears*), they won’t be Auslly again (in the TV SHOW, what about a MOVIE?!) and they’ll miss each other in that way.

Or, like I’ve said before:

‘’I think his (Ross’) relationship with Laura confuse him , he kind of likes her, but Laura is a little insecure about it, they both are. Because they’re going in tours, -they’re castmates and we know how ‘’dangerous’’ is to date your castmate while you’re filming-, not talking about their special bound, their strong friendship, they don’t want to lose each other if things go bad. 

Plus, we all know how hard is to keep a long- forever- relationship at this age. They’re young: 

‘’If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.’’,

They’ll probably have other relationships until they’ll get together. And when it happens, it will be epic.I would be ‘’happier’’ to see them just friends for now (if they really can’t pass to a romantic status), dating other persons (like Courtney and –I can’t believe I’m saying this…-: Andrew), and after a little while, when they’ll be more mature and fully aware of their feelings, to become a couple just like Ashton & Mila and their characters: Austin & Ally.

‘You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince’

I’m not freaking out so much anymore about these things, because I have this feeling… they’re not into relationships with  C & A, or even if they’re, it’s not that serious, not that serious as I picture Raura. Not when Ross looks at her like…

Remember this?

Young couples don’t last -almost all of the time-. I’m patient, I want them to last, not just to be a fleeting, teenage relationship, and this kind of complex relationship needs a little patience. Nothing’s stronger than a love between two friends that after wrapping got together (maybe in the future like Ashton & Mila). ‘’

rachel was so in b4 gknd and im pretty sure i said it before but…

like i now honestly believe abbys succession as soopreme leader was because rachel caught on to something as soon as nigel “disappeared” and abby filled in her in. how could she not. a direct order from soopreme leader numbuh 362, what’s numbuh 5 supposed to do? say no? 

well. yeah. but she also tells rachel because she knows she cared for nigel too. especially since she probably brings up breaking up with lizzie being a factor. 

rachel catches on not more than a few weeks after the ordeal and goes to abby and is like “please i need you to do this” and eventually abby complies but then next thing you know numbuh 362 and numbuh 60 are gone and people are like “why is numbuh 5 in power?”

her decommissioning harvey??? because of touching? yeah right. more like because he was gonna rip abbys throat out for replacing his big sister and not telling anyone where she went 

Hi, it´s Jolyne again.

A few weeks ago I posted this: http://stophatingyourbody.tumblr.com/post/114986591775/please-would-you-stop-for-a-minute-and-read

Three people contact me  after this and with two of them, I am still in contact.

Also some people asked me if they can donate somewhere and I realised that I totally forgotten to post my e-mail for my PayPal account. 

So here it is:


Like I said before, everything would help and also would totally love to write something for you, in German or English.

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anoniem heeft gevraagd:

You know what, I just want to let this out. SasuSaku ship is one the hardcore if not the most hardcore ship ever. The amount of hardship we have to go through is too damn high. Kishi, give us a break.

This is very true.

I respect Kishimoto and all; I really do.

But at the same time, as a SasuSaku shipper, I can’t help but feel like we kind of… deserved a happily-ever-after right off the bat/in the first chapter of Naruto Gaiden, you know?

Like I said before, I can envision why he had decided to go with this route (what with the imminent possibilities/scenes/directions he could go with it), but I just… I just wanted more for my ship, you know?

Seeing Sakura going through that pain was hard enough. But seeing Sarada going through it on top of that just broke my heart even more.

I can tell that there will be a (hopefully) amazing resolution to this situation in the end. And I guess that’s why I am feeling so impatient for Golden Week to be over. I need to find out more. ; u ;

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

Can you recommend some books, movies, bands/artists, songs, TV shows and whatever else to me? I liked a lot of the things you said you liked before so just whatever you like

Okay yeah, sure, no problem :-)


-Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey

-The Messenger by Marcus Zusak

-The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

-American Gods by Neil Gaiman

-Winger by Andrew Smith

-Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

-Blankets by Craig Thompson


-Cruel Intentions

-The Way Way Back

-The To-Do List

-Scott Pilgrim vs The World

-Now You See Me

-Stuck In Love

-Don Jon

-Two Night Stand

Keep in mind that a lot of the movies mentioned do contain sex… So, yeah.

TV Shows:

-Doctor Who



-Parks and Recreation

-Freaks and Geeks

-Orange Is The New Black

-American Horror Story

-Grey’s Anatomy

-Criminal Minds



-San Cisco

-The Rubens

-Vampire Weekend

-Angus & Julia Stone


-Arctic Monkeys

-Ben Howard

-Ball Park Music


-Chet Faker

-Japanese Wallpaper

-Sleeping At Last

-The Wombats



-She Only Loves Me When I’m There by Ball Park Music

-Waves by Japanese Wallpaper

-Midnight City by M83

-New Dorp. New York by SBTRKT ft. Ezra Koenig

-Slow Down by Subway Club

-Young Blood by Sun Culture

-Step by Vampire Weekend

-Conrad by Ben Howard

-Run by San Cisco

-Hunger of the Pine by alt-J

-First by Cold War Kids

-Grizzly Bear by Angus & Julia Stone

-I Forget Where We Were by Ben Howard

-Nepal by San Cisco

-Neptune by Sleeping At Last

-Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

-Gold by Chet Faker

-Keep On Running by Andy Bull

-The Ghost On The Shore by Lord Huron

Hope that helps :-) If you want any more recommendations let me know :-)

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

you're being silly. it's not that hard to tag something as meat. how do you know the person is offended? how do you know the person hasn't had a traumatic experience at a slaughterhouse or farm. now i'm upset, because i'm not sure that i want to follow an inconsiderate blogger -- and that is how you come off.

I would feel it inconsiderate if someone snidely asked me to change the way I tag my blog. Like I said before, I’m VERY PICKY and OCD with my tags. I’ve been tagging my blog the same way for years and I don’t ever plan on changing it. It would drive me bonkers if I suddenly changed the way I tag my blog because then all the older posts wouldn’t match up and I’d literally have to go through my entire blog (we’re talking hundreds of posts) just to change the tags so they all matched up. Some people like to leave hidden messages in their tags, but not me. My tags are strictly for organizing my blog for my own personal use. It would upset me if someone wanted me to change that. I mean, it is my blog, where I thought I was allowed to express myself. 

If you wish to unfollow me because you disagree with how I feel, then that is entirely up to you. We all have a choice to let something bother us or not. If my feelings bother you that much, then it’s probably best to unfollow so that I don’t inadvertently offend you any further. Just do me one favor and don’t hide behind anon. If you dislike me enough to unfollow me, at least tell me who you are so I can show the same courtesy. It would be awkward to comment on your posts and send you messages, not knowing that you don’t actually like me.

First POT date.

Okay guys so today I went on my FIRST POT date ever. I took an uber, met up in Providence at a Starbucks probably 30-45 minutes away. I’ll call him J for now. So J is like 50 I think, hes married, he has kids but they are older. He was very nice, he LOVES to talk, I literally could barely get words in. It was kind of annoying how often he cut me off but he kept on apologizing for it lol he knows he talks a lot. I honestly wasn’t expecting much like money/gift wise. He said he would bring me a gift but it was just $250 in an envelope that he left in my clutch so that was cool I guess. We emailed about allowances briefly a few nights ago and he was telling me that since he has a family and a wife he has to be cautious about spending money so it doesn’t just come up missing on his end. Like I said before, don’t know if he is exactly SD material but he said I’m interesting, hot, and smart lol and we are meeting again before I leave school! I want to see if maybe I can set up another POT date with someone else before I leave school then the rest of the dates I set up will be with guys from back home. 

Love ya sugar babies :*

#wip…Like i said before, for some kids all they know what to do is fight.. But for some its a no win situation.. Some kids go hungry for days so they gotta do what they gotta do to eat, some kids have no real family so they turn to the gang life, some kids just dont know how to deal with the rough hand that life has delt them so they turn to drugs.. With this piece im trying to show the temption, the struggle and the demons a LOT OF CHILDREN in chicago deal with.. Stay tuned…. #CHICAGO #carbondale #dopeness #dopeart #portrait #pencil #artistmafia #artgang #art #artlife #blackart #colorpencil #dedication #rip #everythingidrawikill #hiphopart #hiphop #killedit #drawing #drawingdaily #southside #westside (at The Lab)

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Maybe you're bored by many questions about the relationship Hak x Yona but I want to know your thoughts about this. I'm surprised because Hak always knew about feelings of Yona for Soo-Won. However, I don't understand why he isn't able to see that now Yona is in love with him. Yona is very innocent and not even understands their own feelings but Hak is more clever in this respect. At this point I don't understand how he hasn't yet aware of the feelings of Yona for him. What's your theory? Thanks

Everytime Yona blushes for real it happens after Hak left so he wasn’t there to see it. I’m not talking about when she blushes because of his teasing, but when she’s being jealous or moved by something Hak did. Also like I said before I don’t think he actually expects Yona to fall in love with him - this game started because he wanted to push her away instead, so it’s likely he won’t think it’s love even if he notices her feelings.

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

Would you still be down for that 3some with two other girls?

yea probably if I didn’t have feelings for them.
Like I said before though, I couldn’t share someone I love.

How To Tell If An INFP Dislikes You

How to tell if an INFP dislikes you. So this is a very hard question to answer. Most INFP’s hate conflict so much, that you will probably never know if they really don’t like you. However there are some clues that you may see if an INFP doesn’t like you.

  • They may seem aloof or disconnected 
  • They may smile only for politeness or when the conversation calls for it
  • They may seem tense
  • Or they may try to keep the conversation brief, or look uncomfortable

Like I said before, it is really hard to tell if an INFP dislikes you. It was hard for me put together this list because really, the only time an INFP usually becomes openly hostile or angry is when you go against their core beliefs or disrespect/ are a jerk to someone they really care about. If an INFP dislikes you, you will probably never really see who they truly are or get close to them. Morbid but true.

Movie Review: Naruto- The Last

Naruto: The Last is basically, at its core, a love story. It seeks to be a solution to be shipping wars and acts a point of reference between Chapter 699 and 700 in the manga. The fact that this is a love story primarily is what makes this different than any other piece in the Naruto series. This is also the reason why I believe this serves as a perfect ending for the series.

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