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so my dad left for india thursday afternoon, and ive cried a little the last few times he went on his trips in the past, but for some reason, this time its not just crying a little, its full on sobbing and praying that he comes home to us safely

i guess with everything thats been going here recently in the us and around the world, plus my own inner struggles that ive been going though, im valuing my loved ones and holding them tighter to me than before, that letting them go, even on a simple trip to nyc or india, scares me because theres always a possibility of something bad happening to them or losing them, and i honestly dont think ill be able to have the strength to live in a world without the people i treasure more than life itself

The Return of the Queen

Hi guys! I’m proud to announce that I am returning to the indie community as Imogen Yahola! I need to do one or two things to get Imogen’s account refreshed — new sprites, new theme, new art!

I decided to do a few different things with Imogen, such as returning to a few of my earlier ideas, scrapping one or two miscellaneous ones, and trying to expand on her background more. I also plan to make new sprites, new art, and find her a new theme, like I said before. Repetition. Ye. 

I had a long talk with cxsplayer the other night, and promised them that if they decided to come back, I’d come back with them. I’m not one to break a promise.

I hope you’ll see me around in the next few days!


i love how everyone’s getting so hyped up about this Daren Wilson case, don’t get me wrong, I think Mike Brown wasn’t in the wrong, but I also know that everyone isn’t bringing into factor ( while putting aside skin color and all other characteristics of cop and citizen) that this is just a typical court case that has a plaintiff and defendant.

Like I said before I am definitely pro-Mike Brown, but it’s not like I shove my evidence and views down the people who are defending Daren Wilson.

Countless times already I’ve seen both sides on tumblr, having an all out confrontation from behind their computer monitors because they think that their own views are right, and the others is wrong; but in the process, bringing in foul language and uneducated slurs, stop belittling each other and let the other believe what they want, you’re not bettering anything by fighting online about what’s already happened in the real world, and you’re certainly not the people that are being paid to investigate and ensure a fair outcome of this death.

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Nooo! Did I totally miss my chance for Happy Hour Smeargle? :c

like i said before, atm i stopped but I will tell you guys again when I have another batch, gonna try to have a few till tomorrow. maybe will also put the luck thing for even more money on them :)

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Listen, we're both obviously sarcastic assholes. I understand your joke about him, I may or may not have laughed. Still though. Don't make fun of someone you don't know. He's a sensitive little shit and I don't want him seeing it and getting upset. Try and be considerate.

See if you had said that from the beginning… 😘 he’s still a cutie like I said before…I said a joke u didn’t laugh… U said a joke I didn’t laugh… We cool boo😝

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Fuck you for shopping on Thanksgiving. Way to keep employees from having one.

You do realize that most shops do Holidays as a “volunteer” employment, meaning employees volunteer to work on those days? I should know, I have worked on Thanksgiving before.

Second of all, I didn’t force anyone to work on Thanksgiving. They chose to work on those days, they don’t have to work on those days if they don’t want to. I didn’t call up the stores and demand they stay open just for me. People who work on Holidays often get double pay for fewer hours. 

Third, you are very rude to say that too me. Why don’t you come off of Anon and say that to my face. You have no right to judge me like that. As I’ve said before, I have worked on Thanksgiving and that was MY choice. I didn’t feel angry at the customers for making me stay, I knew that it was MY choice to work on Thanksgiving. 

okay so, i’m not sure if i should put this under a read more or not, i kind of want all of my followers to see this so

after a few months of thinking, i’ve come to the conclusion that i am genderfluid. this may change, i don’t know yet. i’m still extremely confused on my gender, so as of now, i’m genderfluid. 

as for pronouns, i do not mind if you use she/her, but i also do not mind if you use they/them. 

like i said before, this could change and i’m still very confused, but i really believe this is what i am. thanks for reading ^^

elissafrankie Not a fan of rap as well..or any music Zach likes for this matter. But like I said before he is TAKING OPPORTUNITIES AS THEY COME and NOT HAVING A CAREER IN RAPPING. He is being smart. Let him try new things.. I’m sure he is not taking this as seriously as we are. And I’m sure I’m not going to like it but the fact that he is trying new stuff is awesome. 

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.
—  Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)

There are two sides to every story.

So, I re-watched snk with my mom and then I asked her about her favorite character and she said:

"Armin!, At first I thought he was weak but he isn’t. He is brilliant and very intelligent, I like him."

Thanks mom, I like Armin too.

…she also said she likes Mikasa because she is super macho.

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