orange and blue. not a good combination.
← […] sometimes there’s other things you think wouldn’t be a good combination, and they turn out to be a perfection combination. you know, like two people together, who nobody ever thought would be together. ever.

→ no, i can see that.

The absolute best part of the entire Blindfolded Portal video is where Dan is trying to explain to Phil how to operate the Xbox controller and mentions something like, “Use it to look in different directions!” And Phil responds, “One Direction.”

You can see how pissed Dan was for just a second before he breaks down laughing at the joke and they are so fucking married.


"The insurgents, breathless with anxiety, followed him with their eyes. The barricade was trembling; he was singing … He did not finish. A second bullet from the same marksman cut him short. This time he fell facedown on the pavement and did not stir again. That great little soul had taken flight." — Les Miserables

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psa ; I’ve given much thought over how I’ve been running this blog as of late, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have been and will continue to be confident, very much so in my particular portrayal of this character. Feelings of jealousy and possessiveness are nigh-nonexistent ( particularly as I’ve been undergoing therapy for my BPD & narcissism for years anyway ) and I’ve realized that life’s rather short to retain bitterness and feelings of discord, especially over something as trivial as tumblr roleplay.

Therefore, effective as of today, this blog will no longer be entirely exclusive in terms of partners. I am here to write for the sake of writing, not, in my opinion, act territorial and prevent others from roleplaying with duplicates of my character. You write with whom you please as long as you are not harming anyone. That being said, I am no longer against any of you writing with other Albert Wesker roleplay blogs while following and interacting with me, however, I will not be likely to roleplay with you should you be hoarding that specific character, ex. roleplaying with 394849849 duplicates or collecting for the sake of ships, I personally despise that.

I place my all into portraying this character and a high amount of effort and I will admit, I continue to favor some precedent when it comes to threads, and with that being said, I will list the following pertinent characters/blogs ( those I regularly interact with ) I will continue to remain strictly exclusive with ;

If any of you are not listed here and are either a) exclusive blogs yourself, in which case I will always return the courtesy to you b) wish to keep me as your only Albert Wesker anyway c) would like to begin an exclusive partnership with me, PLEASE give this post a like OR send me an ask and I’ll take careful mental note so as to not assume otherwise or step on anyone’s toes.

You have my sincere thanks in advance!

idk like pho is like the only vietnamese dish that everyone knows about and you can’t even be respectful enough for this beautiful dish to choose the right noodles. I just don’t understand, its just so careless and lazy like they just truly did not give a fuck about my culture or the beautiful food or people. I just don’t understand 


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feraldogifer asked canon Bishop & Aidan or alternate timeline Bishop & Aidan

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The Veronicas - “You Ruin Me”

my family has a thing for the name Kenny.

my daddy is a Kenny. my brother is a Kenny.

i have more older cousins named Kenny on both sides of the family

i thought we were finally moving away from the Kenny thing… and then I realized, the cousin that gave birth first to the next generation of our family had a little girl. named her Kennedy.

i have a cousin named Deana. she married a black guy. and when i first met him she said “this is Kenny”

and i looked at her over the rims of my glasses and said “Really? Seriously?”

he tensed up like he was expecting a racial slur when my daddy and older brother come up over the hill and i said. “Kenny, meet my daddy and my brother oh and look, one of my cousins. You’ll be able to remember their names real well. Big Kenny, Little Kenny, Cousin Kenny.”

he looked at his wife and asked softly. “does that make me Black Kenny?”

and i have never seen one woman look so honestly and genuinely horrified as when my daddy and brother reached us and introduced themselves and he said. “Uh…. Ummm… My names Kenny too.”

and they about hyperventilated they laughed so fucking hard 


Prompt: Got in separate bar fights and now they’re waiting in the ER comparing stories.

Author: mlchaeijones (Jordan)
Word Count: 1,174 words
Warnings: I mean, except references to drinking and bar fights, not really anything.
Summary: Somehow, Michael and Gavin managed to get in two separate bar fights at two separate bars on the same day. Somehow they also managed to get the same hospital room.

Pairing: Mavin (MichaelxGavin)

Author’s Note: I kind of messed with the prompt a little bit, but that’s why it’s called a prompt, right? To be honest, I kind of misread it slightly, but fuck it, this is the result, and I like it, so.


It wasn’t supposed to go like this. 

Michael wasn’t supposed to get so drunk he wasn’t thinking clearly, he wasn’t supposed to pick a fight with a bigger, stronger guy, and he definitely wasn’t supposed to end up in some random hospital room with some random guy who, by the looks of the bags under his eyes and his fucked up hair, had just as bad of a hangover as he did.

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