but it's really none of my business

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I think your look would be better if you didnt wear glasses. They just dont suit the victorian/gothic theme imo.

Pfft, are you kidding me? I’m so goth I’m blind as a bat!

There’s just so many posts on my dash that are painful to look at right now

So I’ve been in the hospital 3 times in the last year for 3 surgeries, looking at having a bowel resection and ileostomy once my c diff clears up. My mom set up this account to help with medical bills and transportation to and from the hospital because I live 4 hours away from my doctor (none of the local doctors will bother with my case due to my severity of Crohn’s) and recently my moms Nissan broke down due to its transmission and it’s no longer under warranty and my mom is working as a sign language interpreter and recently got another job in the evening as a personal tutor for deaf students and my step dad is currently unemployed but trying to start his own welding business. They can’t really afford the part for their car, heck they can’t afford their own medication because they pay for mine instead. I hate seeing them struggle and any and all help even just cents or a dollar would be useful and add up, please and thank you so much.

Thank you guys tons for any and all help. I love you guys.

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No, it's your personal opinion and I respect it, maybe somewhere and I agree with it. but then again, everytime I ... like little disappointed (?) in ziall shippers, because for many of them ziall is "just cute something" or they cause their tags "ziall is real", but hell, you don't even believe in their love, so why did you write that they are "real". no need to throw empty words. some of it hurts. that's all, that's all I want to say at the moment. I'm sorry if it caused discomfort. thanks for

Ziall is real. for me. I don’t force my opinion on others. Ziall is real from the outlet I see and from my interpretation of footage I see. though I am biased, not looking at it objectively, I deliberately ignore things that show otherwise. The only tag I visit is Ziall. so I don’t have a real opinion on Zerrie and I tried to answer your question objectively. sorry it that offended you…

going through the maria hill tag and seeing a few captain hill shippers pleased with the idea of maria calling steve ‘boss’ :)

what’s wrong with y’all? :)

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last year i got my sri yantra tattoo. I choose to do it because i loved its meaning and generally i love ancient indian philosophy. After a couple of months I met a guy who was really also into this and asked me why i did this tattoo and when i told him the reason, he was talking to me very pejoratively that i know very little to do it. After what happened i have become very insecured about it because i am still 18 and sometimes i think i dont deserve it

First off it is none of his business. This is a universal design which belongs to mankind. Second, it is beautiful. Third he has no right to judge you for being drawn to such a symbol. Fourth, he should have taken the opportunity to share the meaning with you instead of falling prey to his ego.

im sorry but the ppl at the concert were really kind of annoying tho.. and Dirty? you know those people that like classic rock and wear black clothes and are just dirty i think you kno what i mean.. it wasnt a really good crowd tbh i was a lil scared sometimes… they played some hip hop before the concert i think jack chose it tbh right it looks like it was him he likes hip hop and like people were really hating on it i could hear them hating on it tbh i dont know how some of them survived listening to a song that didnt have any guitars on it… it ok tho that wasnt a big deal it ok if they wanna be like that honestly its none of my business but im just saying they scare me… it was nice to go to a concert so close to me tho its good to be home and Clean now and jack was So good..

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What's your view on people using nounself pronouns or saying they're noungender

I really don’t want to get super into this again.

They feel kinda cutesy to me, and as someone who uses they/them pronouns, I feel kinda disrepected by when they’re so aggressively serious.

But like, if that’s what makes you comfortable, by all means, use them, its none of my business and im not going to judge someones character based on the pronouns they use.

They just make 0 sense to me because we’re already working hard to get genderneutral pronouns to be accepted, and various nouns like “cat” aren’t really genders.

But like I said, I’m not gonna judge or pick fights with the people who do use them. It’s not like I can stop people from using them.

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What are your views on pansexuality? I've had many people try to tell me it's just a cop out for being bi but it's different and I'm not sure how to explain it to people but my boyfriend is bi and the way he describes it to me, I can see a difference but I can't put my finger on it. There is obviously a black and white comparison to them where you can see a difference but when it comes to knowing which one you are its kind of a grey area, to me at least.

Literally there is so much grey area between the 2 labels, but like honestly if that’s what you feel comfortable IDing as then go for it. In the end, these are just words that people use to describe themselves and it’s none of my business at all really. You’re in charge of your identity, and anyone who would impose on that is being unfair to you. We all experience the world differently, and we all experience ourselves differently, and the more words we have to describe the vast array of diversity within the human experience, the better we’re going to get at actually describing it.

A mun I really liked told me that they don’t like many of my other partners and that they are OOC. I find that odd given that one of their partners has the most OOC muse I’ve ever seen. If someone wants to deviate from canon, its none of my business. Just don’t tell me my partners are OOC (they really aren’t) when you thread with a muse that is so OOC, it almost makes me nauseous.

Honestly I’m kind of really excited for sims 4 get to work but it isn’t enough to make me completely switch over

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I know your really busy and have a lot of asks but I sent at least 5 ask during Steven bomb and after it, and none of them have gotten answered :( I just want to know what's happening

basically I just have a lot and there’s a lot to go through (for reference my inbox currently has 1,302 messages in it, I’d say about 500 or so were from the stevenbomb), I’ve been trying to go through them but its slow going since I’ve been having a lot going on irl and have had sleeping troubles so my patience for how slow tumblr’s inbox gets once you’re 100 or so messages down has been a little thin.

If everything goes well I’m supposed to be having a free weekend this week where I don’t have to do anything and I was planning and dedicating most of my time to cleaning out my inbox and answering asks

You’re welcome to resend the questions, though, messages toward the top of my inbox are easier to find and get to since I don’t need to fight tumblr’s horrible inbox system to get to them

you know that feeling when you find something out about a person that you kinda would’ve rather not known and now it’s sorta changed the way you look at them? 

it’s weird, because there’s this cognitive dissonance i feel every time i think about them—on one hand i really like them and want to be their friend, but on the other i’m just judging them very harshly and think they should get their act together even though it’s absolutely none of my business

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Just wondering, but do you think its right if a 15 yr old goes out with a 21 yr old? I mean my friend has been with him for 6 years now (is now 21) and I hated the age gap before but they're perfect together and they have a baby now too

Is your friend 21 now and the boy 27? Or is she 15 with a child and he, a 27 year old? Their relationship is none of my business so what I think about it really means nothing but personally I wouldn’t be emotionally and physically involved with a man who’s 6 years older than me. Older people often have different intentions than younger people, and older men certainly have different intentions with younger girls (especially if she’s 15 and he’s 21). I hope he’s nice to her. I hope she’s nice to herself. With saying that though, my parents are 10 years apart, I guess the age gap becomes more acceptable when it’s between older people, instead of a man dating a juvenile it turns into a man dating a woman. I’m probably making no sense. I just hope she’s safe.

Does anybody else get really defensive about Taylor and her personal life when people ask who she’s dating? Like I literally almost screamed ” WHO FUCKING CARES WHO SHES DATING ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS LET HER LIVE DAMMIT” at my mom today and I’m honestly kind of scared of the lengths I’m willing to go to for this girl….

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Isn't it kinda wrong to say you're "lonely" but you have a girlfriend???

Is it? That’s really none of your business. Anyone can be lonely at any point in time. That doesn’t invalidate my loneliness OR my relationship with my girlfriend.
At the moment I was feeling lonely because I was isolated and sad. Having a girlfriend isn’t a magical solution to everything, even when she is the best girlfriend ever (which she fucking is).
It’s a feeling.
So no its not wrong.

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Can you tell us what your theory of Jonghyun is? :3

Oh you sneaky anon, a little bit curious are we? ^^”

Well anyway I know its none of my business but something in Jonghyun really pings me about his sexuality you know? Especiallyyyyyy after the radio incident [I hope you know what I’m referring to], and lets not forget his iconic predebut pictures & the fact he got a boner from minho otl. I think he was bi curious until some point, I think until the sherlock era or the dream girl era. And now he said that he never was in a blind date and it kinda makes me wonder why. If maybe he couldn’t let himself go because of this reason? I hope it kinda makes sense to you, idk I tried to explain it although some of the reasons I think he is gay are also based on my feelings from various stuff he said on blue night like this one.