but impressions remain

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.
—  The Dalai Lama

The big Splatoon feature from this week’s Famitsu.

There’s nothing terribly new here, but I still wanted to post this just to point how stunning the visual design for this game really is. In gaming, we like to talk a lot about how beautiful something does or doesn’t look, but I feel like we spend an absurd amount of time comparing one hyper realistic thing to another, that at some point we start to forget how truly magical games can and do look.

For example, I’ve recently gone back to Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, and I remain impressed by how strong its sense of visual continuity and style are. It’s bright and poppy in a way so many other games aren’t, and it immediately stands out for the better because of it.

Splatoon scratches that same itch for me.

It also helps that the game is fun as hell.

Lindemann: First Impressions

(Translated from French)

01. Skills In Pills

The title track starts at full speed in an electro-metal register strongly reminiscent of Rammstein: typical keyboard atmospheres, an energetic rhythm hammered by a linear battery and a diabolically catchy chorus. It’s fast, melodic and effective. Two constants of the album we will emphasize yet sufficiently World Rammstein: tuning appears very low, giving a substantial burden to her while singing is entirely in English, a bias more obvious to an international project like this -C (Till’s German, Swedish Peter).

02. Ladyboy

The Tägtgren trademark prints more strongly from this second title: a powerful and icy main riff typical Swedish death metal, yet tempered by characteristic markers Rammstein, such as deep bass vocals on the chorus and an interlude electro-indus slow as the breaking point of the title, including. The chorus is still impressive efficiency and remains in the head, swaying melody, almost melancholy, while the subject appears Lubrico-playful.

03. Fat

It remains in the theme of sex with this ode to women full of curves. An extensive intro to the church organ which will be found later in the topic title, a slow and decadent rhythm, heavy and whose sub-tuning makes sense, as the violins soared. The credo still wants once explicit: “I hate it skinny, I like it fat, your giant boobs are wunderbar” (Translation: “I hate skinny, I love big, your breasts are wonderful giants”). The surprising arrangements, almost symphonic, with a whole string interlude that counteracts an overall rhythm to the martial drums. The musical concept Lindemann even further asserts As titles, still with rather traditional structures (intro-verse-chorus-bridge).

04. Fish On

“Fish On” us back a little to Rammstein: the battery is simple and square, strange keyboard effects and crazy worthy Christian “Flake” Lorenz, a powerful voice … navigating in a close sphere of a title such that “Ich Tu Dir Weh” at the overall record. This is again a rather fast pace and energetic. Till recounts his addiction to women, regardless of their origin, color, as long as it can interfere in their world. He has also in a somewhat different, more poetic … but we’ll let you have the pleasure of discovering his particular art of sensual metaphor.

05. Children Of The Sun

“Children Of The Sun” starts a more serious diptych, melancholic and touching on the transience of life and the passing of time. An intro riff overkill, both epic and effective in a grandiose setting, signed Tägtgren who delivers a performance guitar nearest Hypocrisy even if the sound remains unique to Lindemann. A delicate melody, ropes who sob, lyrical vocal arrangements background, writing this time sensitive and subtle … No doubt, and Peter Till this time seeking to touch the heart.

06. Home Sweet Home

Nothing will get better with this second part of the album sad heart that tells the tragedy, step by step, a relative who disappeared, struck by cancer, a situation that the two members of the group have experienced. Arpeggios, a dark electronic drums, choruses, outstanding chorus, deep and intense desire to: the atmosphere is emotional, sad, no way back.

07. Cowboy

Breathless after these two titles full of emotion, we find colors with a Cowboy dancing to hopping in a shuffle both joyful and macabre as it tells the decadence of western conqueror who falls the cradle of his illusions. A very 80’s tinged battery on the verse, lyrical female voice settings on the bridge (a bit like “Sonne” Rammstein), horse noises, a very short and wacky incursion of a banjo … Welcome to the Western kitsch Lindemann undue!

08. Golden Shower

It was time that Till had not talked about sex, so it returns in force to business with the ambiguity “Golden Shower” without ambiguity in its theme, as he explains himself. An arrival at the gates of symphonic metal, before a return to the rhythms Rammstein marked with “Hey! "Very Mansoniens repeated, low to his e … there are a lot of different elements in this title a little tote but keeping a certain coherence. Undue typical arrangements will eventually persuade us that Lindemann wants this time take us to the alternative rock of the 90’s, after the 80 A nice touch: a pretty urination her to finish in beauty the beautiful prose of Till.

09. Yukon

In Yukon, Till speaks directly to the American River that name, remembering a trip he made in North America in the summer of 2014 and during which he has made only with Nature. It includes a slower mood, melancholic, with symphony effects such as violins, but also a piano, to create a form of grandiloquence describing the greatness of nature: there is only little face her.

10. Praise Abort

It’s time for Lindemann to complete the work of this first opus, in irony and provocation, of course, two key ideas of the album. Till sings the misfortune of a man who hates his life as a married man and father so that he cursed his wife and children, while envying friends who have succeeded in life, managing to ride in big cars … The song begins a cappella of a depraved: "I like to fuck but no French letter. Without a condom, the sex is better. Every time I get it in, And Sometimes a baby cries twins ” , chained to a kitsch electro-dance rhythm wish that diametrically contrast to the particularly dark bridge made ​​of guitars very sub-granted that we find later in the song . Till makes a final proof of a technique he mastered perfectly: an ironic chorus to sing as possible (“I hate my life and I hate you I hate my wife and her boyfriend too..”), With an unstoppable melody and classy. Lindemann had begun effectively album: they will end the same way, without losing quality traction.

11. That’s My Heart

The bonus track “special” editions and “deluxe” plays appeasement with piano, strings, children choirs and guitars reduced to the role of support on the chorus. A ballad that allows Till to show that behind the obscenity that appears on several songs, a tender heart beats, even assuming the rather silly side of the song.

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  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Honestly Yasuke Matsuda is one of the most underappreciated Dangan Ronpa characters. This kid, in his first year of high school (somewhere between the ages of 15-17 in the DR timeline) he played some role in the creation of Izuru Kamukura. It's likely he designed and/or implemented the surgeries on Hinata but various sources conflict as to his involvement. The following year, he performed experimental surgery on his girlfriend and the only significant female in his life and most likely the person closest to him. He literally made his girlfriend forget about him and herself to save her from being questioned, due to her involvement in the student council incident. Matsuda kept treating her to make sure the memories didn't resurface, while making sure the events she planned fell into place. During his 1-2 years at school, Matsuda also CREATED the New World Program with two other high school kids. Adding this to schoolwork and whatever public projects he needed to do to keep his SHSL impressive and remain on the good side of teachers and staff, there's no way he wasn't under an enormous amount of pressure. It's even possible he treated students, because of the mysterious change of Komaeda's time left to live (a year at the start of his time at school, extended to whenever SDR2 takes place), implying that Matsuda treated his frontotemporal dementia. Because of his surgery and research, Junko was able to alter the memories of the kids in the first game. Because of his work on the New World Program, the events of the second game were possible. Because he assisted with creating Kamukura and allowed Junko to escape questioning after the student council incident, she was able to bring about the downfall of civilization itself. The events at HPA were toxic already but because of Matsuda's skills combined with the abusive/manipulative relationship he was in, the events of the other games were possible. It's implied that he had no family, his mom dying previously. This kid had no family and few friends, and was in a toxic relationship. Junko was able to manipulate others she had only briefly known, and she had been able to build Matsuda's self esteem around her reactions for years. Yasuke Matsuda is incredible important to the plot of Dangan Ronpa and frequently overlooked by fans.

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gom being babied by their s/o privately because they're kinda affectionate and wants to be cuddled with just because they want to and bonus if s/o is pregnant <3 thank you! uwu

Kyaaaa~ thank you so much, my first request! And fluff, too! Thank you. I hope I do this right. :)

Akashi Seijuro: He’s lying on the bed next to you, looking up at the ceiling, not saying much, but you know there’s something on his mind. You can always tell when Akashi is thinking about something, and this is definitely one of those moments.
“You okay, Sei-kun?” you ask, rubbing your tummy. You’re seven months pregnant, and Akashi has been the best support you could have ever asked for. You know you are so lucky to have someone as considerate as he is.
“Oh, yes, ___-chan. I was just wondering if I’ll actually be a good father,” Akashi’s voice remains impressively smooth, although you feel like it shakes slightly at the word father. In the dark, you smile to yourself, and reach out to cuddle him. You place your arm on top of his stomach, and you kiss him on his exposed collarbone.
“Sei-kun,” you whisper, cradling him just as you would cradle your own future child, “you’re going to make an excellent father,” you tell him as you hold him close, and you can feel a breath of relief escape his lips. You lift your arm off him to roll onto your more comfy side, but he grabs onto your hand, making it impossible to move. You don’t mind though, because it’s 2am and Akashi hasn’t been able to sleep all night because of his doubts as a father, and you know he can’t help but to think of his own childhood. So you lie there, waiting for him to fall asleep, and when he finally does, you don’t move your arm. You keep it there, as you begin to drift off.

Aomine Daiki: You’re sitting on the couch, reading a book when you feel a set of big, warm arms come and wrap themselves around you.
“Are you coming to bed?” Aomine asks, in a somewhat almost whiny voice.
“Soon, Dai-chan,” you tell him, without looking up from your book.
“Wheeeen?” he badgers you that same sleepy voice, and so you manage to tear your eyes away from your book only to look up at the face that you have loved and adored for so many years, looking at you as though you are the only person in this entire universe.
“Now,” you decide, and you put your book down, and jump on him, who thankfully, with the reflexes and strength of a true basketball prodigy, carries you all the way to the bedroom, chuckling quietly and plants soft kisses all over your neck. You’re about to curl up as the small spoon as you usually do, but this time, Aomine takes your arm, and wraps it around himself as he curls up on his side, his back facing you. But you don’t say anything as you allow him to be the vulnerable one tonight, and there’s something empowering about being the bigger spoon, as you wrap your arms protectively around Aomine’s giant body.

Kise Ryouta: “I’m pregnant,” the words come out of your mouth before you can stop them, and Kise turns over and sits up quickly in bed, disbelief and shock written all over his face.
“What?! Are-are you sure, ___-cchi? I … I thought we used protection~ssu!” he stammers, blood draining from his face. “I can’t … I mean, I have the money and everything, but I can’t … I can’t be … I don’t know how …” Kise keeps tripping over his words; you’ve never seen him this flustered before. “I just … I won’t be a good …” he can’t say the word father, and his hands are shaking. “I want to … I want to be good for you, ___-cchi! I want to take care of you and …” but he can’t finish his sentence. So, you sigh and sit up - and kneel, so that you’re level with him - and take his trembling hands and hold them in your own warm ones. You kiss him on the forehead, and let him shake in your arms until he’s calmed down enough to lie down on his side, with your arms around him still. You hold him, and you decide there and then that you will hold him forever.
“Ryouta-chan …” you murmur, and you tell him everything is going to be okay, even though you’re not sure of anything yourself. But it has to be okay, doesn’t it?

Kuroko Tetsuya: You’re napping lightly when you feel a slight dip in the bed, and when you open your eyes, you see a pair of big blue ones staring so intently at you that you almost fall out of the bed.
“Jesus fucking christ, Tetsu!” you exclaim, annoyed but amused that you are still not getting used to him appearing right in front of you.
“I’m sorry ___-san. You just looked so peaceful sleeping there that I wanted to watch you sleep.” Kuroko says so honestly that you can’t help but let out a laugh.
“Tetsu-kun, that’s the creepiest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” you say lightly, grinning to yourself.
Suimasen,” Kuroko answers [he’s sounding a bit like Sakurai now omg sorry ugh] and he stands up, as though unsure if he should stay or leave.
“Where are you going?” you murmur, watching through the corner of your eye as he makes to leave the room. He looks back, evidently confused.
“I was going to leave you alone …” he mutters quietly, as though afraid he’s pissing you off again.
“Come here,” you demand, and he tentatively walks over to the edge of the bed. You look up at him and grin wolfishly, grabbing his arm and pulling him onto the bed with you. He laughs then, and you end up being in a tangled mess of limbs, both arms holding him close, facing each other.
“I love you, Tetsu-kun,” you whisper, and you see his entire body sag with relief; it’s the first time you’ve said those words, and the light in his eyes is a beautiful sight to see.
“I love you too, ___-san,” breathes Kuroko.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima holds your hand as you walk alongside him, soaking in the last of the summer sun.
“Looks like Takao Jr [SERIOUSLY WTF PLEASE IGNORE THIS] is gonna be an autumn baby, eh?” you put your free hand over your stomach, which has been stretched to - almost - breaking point.
“Hmm … a Virgo, nanodayo,” Midorima adds, pushing his glasses further up his nose.
“Shin-kun …” you warn him, because not now.
“Sorry,” he mutters, and he means it. He looks ahead, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You can tell he’s already thinking about the attributes that your future child is going to have. Sighing, you stop, and look around you. You don’t see anyone - none of your weird relatives who came to the impromptu baby-BBQ your sister organised for you - so you stand on your tippy-toes and kiss Midorima on the lips, and you can see he’s quite taken aback by it. But he smiles - just the corners of his lips twitch slightly - but that’s enough for you.

Murasakibara Atsushi: When you first told Murasakibra you were pregnant, he was really unenthusiastic - nothing more or less than his usual behaviour, to be entirely honest. Well, that was to be expected. But as you’re lying down on the bed about to sleep, with only a few weeks to go until delivery, you’re getting slightly worried. Murasakibara has shown no development or interest in the baby, and you start to feel a little anxious because somewhere at the back of your mind, you realise you’re going to have to take care of two babies.
“Nee, ___-chin,” his voice comes from your side, and you jolt, surprised that he was still awake, and feeling slightly guilty for thinking so lowly of your lover.
“Mm?” you ask, but he doesn’t respond for a while. Curious, you subconsciously place your tiny arm across his gigantic body, around his waist.
“I went to the baby shop today,” Murasakibara says suddenly. What?! Did I just hear that right … you think to yourself, while your heart leaps with hope. “I bought some stuff to baby-proof the apartment, and lots of nappies and toys and they’re in the cupboard by the stairs. I-is that okay?” And maybe it’s just your ears, or maybe it’s the hormones, but you’re almost certain that his voice caught in his throat then.
“Of course it is, Atsushi-chan,” you call him by the honorific that goes against everything about Murasakibara, but you can see him smile in the dark nonetheless, a look of relief splashed across his face. He takes your hand and holds it tightly, and you curl your body around his enormous frame (which covers like, just his back) and snuggle your head in the nape of his neck.

Deeper Than Your Eyes, Farther Than Platinum Moon
  • Deeper Than Your Eyes, Farther Than Platinum Moon
  • Mei Ayakura

Pop Culture, huh? Toranoana says these albums are supposed to be references to popular music of the day, but since I hardly ever listen to top 40 radio, or go to clubs that play popular sets, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know. Maybe I’m not so qualified to write this after all!

Truth be told, I don’t even remember the first two Pop Culture albums very well, having never listened to either more than once. Only the faint impression of past disappointment remains. That, I suspect, will also be the fate of Pop Culture 3.

Or…maybe not.

There are some very nice tracks on here, and some of them are so frankly perplexing that they’ll live in your head at least a little bit. Let’s take the sample track I uploaded here. Sounds like it should be prog house, right? Then suddenly it decides to build into a drop. Okay. A little odd, but I like it. On the other hand, the (original!) Sakaue Nachi track Regret builds into a drop…then doesn’t drop, and I can’t figure out why. Tracks like Peaceful Romancer don’t suffer from that problem. Why? It’s a strange artifact in an otherwise really catchy song. Not only is Nachi herself improving, I think Minoshima is slowly learning how to use her better as well. More on that in a later post.

But while we’re on the subject of drops, just what the fuck is with Temper? Is this a parody of big room house like what Deadmau5 did a while back? Or did Minoshima genuinely think “DROP DAT FUCKIN’ KAZOO BRUH” was a good stylistic choice? I really wanna believe it’s a parody - and it’d make sense, being a Pop Culture album - but holy shit.

There’s other oddities too - the “fuck you” sample in COMO, for one - but the big thing I should mention before all others is the fact that nomico is back! Why was she gone in the first place? I dunno. She and Minoshima joke around on twitter all the time, and she hasn’t exactly been inundated with work that I can discover. Was she trying to break out elsewhere after Bad Apple!!? That’d be understandable, I guess.

It’s not much of a claim to say that Pop Culture 3 is the best Pop Culture album by virtue of it actually having tracks I’ll probably listen to again at some point. Is it a good album? Maybe. It’s hella uneven. It’s certainly a solid modern Alstroemeria Records release though. It gives me confidence that Cloud 9 wasn’t a fluke and that Minoshima can, in fact, still actually make something that I could recommend to a normal person.

Heh. I forgot what it was like to be hopeful about Alstroemeria Records.

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I remain impressed with your ability to do that over-the-top scowl anytime and anywhere, and for making me laugh every time I see it.

It’s much harder, I think, to find picture evidence that I am anything but grumpy. So much rage. oXo;

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ey yo pops, ever wanted to learn harpsichord, neither have i but we own one now

“Where…how did you–”

“If you attained the funds for…this through your own efforts, then I am impressed. However, if you attained this instrument through theft then I remain impressed but also demand that you go to your room this instant.”

However, the harpsichord stays.

Let’s take a look at Shiroyasha Gintoki from Megahouse. Additional information on scale figures can always be found here.

Let’s talk frankly here for a minute….I have a real struggle with PVCs that stand on one leg and this PVC has truly tested my strength as a collector. 

His flowing movement is impressive in this scale figure. He looks strong from any angle you pose him. As always, Megahouse really brought Shiroyasha Gintoki to life.

His strong arms and legs are a sight to behold. The amazing detail and paint job from head to toe remain impressive as always. 

My only complaint is that it’s very hard to maintain a one-legged PVC. The longer he’s posed, the more he weighs down on the peg that holds his right leg up. But he’s well worth the investment if you can find him. I was lucky enough to get him on a resale and couldn’t be happier.

1/8  銀魂 白 夜 叉 (Shiroyasha Gintoki) a must have for any Gintama lover.(Even with the one leg…)

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UPSY DAISY (ง ˙o˙)ง

Send “Upsy Daisy” for my muse’s reaction to being carried bridal style by yours

Is effortlessly lifted, “Ooooh Kuna-san! I’m impressed!!” 

The question still remains though….”why are you lifting me up….? 

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“What a beautiful night.”

It was cold and dark with not a cloud in the sky. He looked
up at the endless sea of stars above them, the view periodically
clouded by his own breathing. She wasn’t wrong; it was indeed a
beautiful night. As it always was this far North. Theon would have
liked to call it dull. Surely a view like that would grow boring when
it rarely every changed. Except that it didn’t. Perhaps it wasn’t as
breathtaking to him as before, it remained an impressive sight. He
wondered if it was different in the South. (Or even on Pyke, where
the sky and the sea would merge if the waters were still and the
clouds stayed away.) It’s a question that he keeps to himself.

“These starry skies are one of the many wonders of the North.”
he quips; his tone and his smile are equally sarcastic. “But you
are right, princess. It is beautiful to gaze up at.”

my aunt remains impressed w/ my ability to keep myself preoccupied by looking alternatively between my hands and at the same 2 spots in the air for an hour and a half

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first impression of mun, wow she sounds bomb would love to meet her in real hope we can be friends. impression of muse, damn all the sailor senshi and mun plays all of them perfectly :) and today my impression remains the same.

{{ Oh my lordy you are very sweet anon thank you. YES YES YES come be my friend come love me hehe. Thank you for love on my muses it truly makes me happy that someone thinks I give them the justice they deserve. }} 

#7: Laura

I think that Laura had the worst photo out of the remaining contestants, but she definitely wouldn’t have been my choice for elimination seeing as a certain someone deserved to be eliminated weeks ago. Her tan would probably look fine with her natural brown hair, but it just looks wrong and kind of leathery with this blonde hair. Overall, it’s a decent photo, but the other remaining contestants impressed me more.