but im back holla at me

   “Why do I do this to myself?” the blonde murmured to herself as she stepped into the small corner store. Brushing her hair back she sighed once more. She had a plan, of course she did. She always did. Well, that was what she told herself as soon as she stepped foot into Crystal Cove. She didn’t want to be here. “Do what you have to do and it’s done, you’ll be out before you know it.” she spoke to herself. To anyone on the outside, she would of looked like a fool, standing in the middle of an isle talking to a bag of crisps that she’d never pick up, whether she was human or not. 

   Turning her head, she focused on the eyes that watched her, as she stood there talking to herself, she had no reason to fault them for staring, but she couldn’t help but snap at them. “Could you, you know, be a decent human being and keep your eyes off of my body? Thanks.” If only her mother could see her now, she’d be so ashamed of her little girl, but no more ashamed then Kenna herself.

i was tagged by the gr8 zeppelincas (aka like the only one who tags me in things)


1st song describes how you die:

Supremacy // Muse

i think im okay w/ that

2nd song describes your love life:

Save Rock and Roll // Fall out Boy


3rd song will be playing at your wedding:

The Boys Are Back In Town // Thin Lizzy

im okay with that holla

4th song, add “in my pants” to the end:

Come Again (in my pants) // Damn Yankees


5th song will be playing at your funeral:

Dead Inside // Muse


6th song is your theme song:

Don’t Fear the Reaper // Blue Oyster Cult

it already is my theme song

7th song will play when you think about someone you love:

Miss Missing You //  Fall out Boy

Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of the eighth song:

Sing For Absolution (with a shovel and a screwdriver) // Muse


9th song will describe your week:

Paradise // Coldplay

i highly doubt that but alright

10th song will play when you miss someone:

The End of All Things // Panic! at The Disco

I tag..

philkachuu tommoue and spaceprincehowell bc i am half awake and cant be bothered to tag more

feel free to do it even if i didn’t tag you!

kawaii-pingu said: Thats why you move back here and visit me every day >:)

tbh i miss randomly biting your shoulder and talking shit about people that thought they could step all over us. i seriously need this back bc the hoez that i talk to now nd days are y i k e s to the max. THIS SUMMER WE SHALL REUNITE. probs after graduation and on my birthday bc holla im gonna be legal

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Greatest thing ever happened today.

So Im out trying to get my 3 miles in, im in my own head, just jogging along, listing to a pod fic, just trucking along. So then i hear this noise right, some one is blowing their horn at me.

Thats not uncommon , a lot of the neighbors wave at me and stop to talk.
But this time it was this total dude bro in this beat up to hell and back , old as fuck honda civic.

And this ass is trying to holla at me. Im like really now. I dont need this shit.
Dude yells out something at me, cant understand shit he is saying , its like learn to enunciate people.

So then he speeds off… right in to the fucking ditch, because dude bro is to busy congratulating him self or some shit to pay attention to the road.

I dont know yall, but i had to laugh at him as i jogged on by