but i'm so excited to get all these things!

I didn’t have a lot of time tonight for too many drawings but got one kinda big one for that Giant Tadashi AU of ours Zuka and I have been cooking up and just started… 

There’s quite a few things different in this in the line of events… If Tadashi managed to save Callaghan from that fire but he experienced strange changes after the event from whatever was inside the building. Though Callaghan received some damage and burns from the event, Tadashi healed shockingly quick but had things soon escalating in a figurative and literal sense.

We’re still developing on the details of the story but already have something laid out roughly for now. As for Tadashi’s new abilities it seems the growth can be triggered by intense heat and that he’s built some resistance to it as well as accelerated healing. So he’s very much alive in this AU.

He’s definitely fightin’ someone here tho.

I’m excited to do more with this and happy to share art for once too. :B

liz talking about wanting jemma to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend makes me so excited and hopeful for queer jemma i have all these headcanons and countless ideas and things i’d love to watch and now the show’s coming back and it’s gonna be the usual endless heterosexuality

not to mention that nowadays she barely even gets scenes that aren’t related to fitz, it’s just absurd to think she’d ever get an arc about her sexuality


Team Signless from the Musicians AU pseudocon and I have been scheming in our spare time.

Top to bottom is retired Lounge Singer Dolorosa, self-promoted internet Dubstep/Electro artist Psiioniic, Indie performer Signless (similar work to Bo Burnahm), and J-pop star Disciple.

Trying out a new coloring style with these! The process still needs tweaking and I wasn’t spending too much time on each one so I would go back and neaten them up before putting them in a portfolio, but it seems to make shading faces and hair a lot easier. c:


great as usual, thanks. and, in honor of dr:ae,


The Magnar would be coming up that road before the day was done, his Thenns marching behind him with axes and spears in their hands and their bronze-and-leather shields on their backs. Grigg the Goat, Quort, Big Boil, and the rest will be coming as well. And Ygritte. The wildlings had never been his friends, he had not allowed them to be his friends, but her… He could feel the throb of pain where her arrow had gone through the meat and muscle of his thigh. He remembered the old man’s eyes too, and the black blood rushing from his throat as the storm cracked overhead. But he remembered the grotto best of all, the look of her naked in the torchlight, the taste of her mouth when it opened under his. Ygritte, stay away. Go south and raid, go hide in one of those roundtowers you liked so well. You’ll find nothing here but death…”


Marcus and Indra in 2x12 

Is it weird that I get really excited about being nice to people? Just simple things like complimenting people or smiling at strangers or returning something someone dropped or holding the door open for people or being polite in a conversation where most people would be rude make me really fucking happy


Jo & Carlos (Requested by lognhendersn)

showing my parents a movie I really love for the first time feels like I’m bringing home a boy to meet my family.


Based on the Dutch format Vuurzee, the drama centers on three teenage girls in a small town who star in a pornographic film and the effect it has on their families. It leads to a disappearance, a murder and a host of other secrets boiling under the surface.

Carpenter will play FBI Agent Leah Pierce — a driven, eccentric and blunt woman with a secret in her past — who has few people skills compared with her partner, Marty. She’s called in by Marty’s deputy to investigate the disappearance of a young girl and winds up alienating the town with her raw and uncompromising questions.


embrace the madness | a season 2 Hannibal mix [listen]

Bottom of the River - Delta Rae // Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones // Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore // Lend Me Your Teeth - Devendra Banhart // Knives Out - Radiohead // Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine // Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // Devil’s Spoke - Laura Marling // Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool - Editors // Eyes on Fire - Blue Foundation // Monster - Mikky Ekko // Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down) - Johnny Cash // Me And The Devil - Soap & Skin // Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones 


When he gets manic his left eyebrow does it’s own thing.  At least once per gif.

Important BLOG NEWS (please read if u enjoy following me??)

OKAY, SO. i know this is long but if u like me at all and want to keep keeping up with my life&times please read this!!

OK……… so once i hit 50,000 posts (i’m currently in the realm of 46,000 oh my god) this blog will be OFFICIALLY retired. this isn’t happening right away, i’ve got some 4,000 posts to go, but i’ve had this SAME EXACT blog for my entire blogging career (about 4-5 years, i made it at the beginning of freshman year and had it for ALL of high school+beyond) and i think it’s time to start making some changes around here!!! simplifying my technology and setting up all my blogs to be as USEFUL and NON-DISTRACTING for me as possible is my first step. i really only need simple & inspiring devices that can only help me, and honestly if i can forget all about technology that would be ideal. these are slow, easy steps that i’m making but steps nonetheless! my life is always looking up & forward, and i feel it’s almost time to move on from janksy and start new!!! 

oh, and just so you know, this blog will NOT be deleted. FUCK NO, this is an archive of basically my entire teen life up to this point!!! as soon as i hit 50,000 posts, though, this baby is RETIRED!! not abandoned, however, and certainly not forgotten. i’m about to be an adult and all that stuff but i can and WILL always look back on this blog for inspiration and reminders about my life… and in fact i’m thinking i’m gonna start at the beginning! i’m going to be reflecting on BASICALLY MY ENTIRE LIFE soon because it’s literally ALL on this blog!!!!!! y’all are welcome to do the same right along with me, and even if you’re not reading my whole blog from the beginning you’ll see all this stuff on my new ones!! i’m about to be sorting through a lot of my past, present AND future now. i have HELLA plans and also NO PLANS AT ALL!! for now though, i believe a fresh start with some new blogs and a complete and utter REVIEW is in order. more on this later, let’s GO!

Okay so whatever, my skills in paint are terrible, BUT. I was chatting with CadetMayday and things happened, anyways, I’d like to introduce you to a OHSHC AU. 

think about it. 

and then I got so excited I went ahead and wrote a a little drabble

All Ratchet wanted as a place to study. Fraggin’ rich brats - why was it so hard to understand that libraries had signs that proclaimed “Quiet!” for a reason? 

Stomping away from yet another library (There were three! Three libraries and they were all so loud!) Ratchet struggled to keep his datapads from falling, he reflected on how hard it had been to get into this school. The Official Cybertron Academy was only for the most prestigious mechs. Only nobles could get into it, because of how fragging expensive it was. Ratchet, however, had gotten lucky - he had gotten a full ride scholarship, thanks to his medical caste and abilities. It would be a shame to throw it away for something cheaper and closer to home. So, he’d packed up and moved to Iacon, leaving behind his family for the pursuit of knowledge. 

All very romantic sounding, until one realized that rich brats were pitspawn. And loud! the snarks and scorn he had received on day one had turned him into a frowning, glaring mess. So what if his plating wasn’t polished to the nth degree? So what if he spoke a little rough? Primus. Slagging snooty mechs and their uppity personalities. Ratchet didn’t need them. He didn’t come here to make friends. 

Still irritated him though. 

So caught up in his musings, Ratchet almost didn’t realize that he had wandered into a quiet sector. OCA was big - maybe he had found someplace to study? Spotting a door titled “Music Room,” Ratchet sent a quick ping so that it would open. The doors slide apart, and he peeked in, optics reflexively narrowing due to bright light -