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2pm roles - taecyeon:
“taecyeon is the members’ father. he undertakes stuff from various repairs to bug extermination. on days off, he’s always sleeping and not playing, just like a dad (laughs).” 

"tonight," zayn says.

and liam can’t help but look up with wide eyes at the proposition. “tonight?" he says quickly. "but that’s… zayn, that’s last minute. we -"

"what, liam?" zayn hums. "that’s the point, isn’t it? we do this tonight so that whatever kind of bullshit they have me do next won’t mean anything important." he smiles reassuringly, not bothering to move from his position against the wall. "it’s a contract, sure, but it’s more than that too. it’s something binding that no one else can touch but us. they can’t get their hands on it.”

and zayn watches as liam swallows what is probably a thickness in his throat. his face says it all, that he’s not sure about what zayn’s asking of him, but for zayn, this is the only thing he knows to do in their current situation. he’d been forced into a terrible circumstance of lying for publicity, but liam’s worth so much more than that.

he’s worth a ring; he’s worth a suit and a tux and for someone to proudly see him stand at the end of the altar, waiting to be married, not hidden away like some secret.

but this is all zayn can give him, and it’s a promise like no other. “we don’t have to,” zayn murmurs. “it was just a suggestion, liam.”

by now, liam’s hands are resting on his knees from where he’s sitting on the bed, shoulders hunched and brows furrowed. he’s staring at the floor, unable to look at zayn, and zayn thinks that maybe saying anything at all was a bad idea.

but then liam looks up slowly, teeth worrying at his ower lip before he stands up and searches for his phone. “okay,” he breathes once he’s pocketed the device, making his way over to the door and closer to zayn. he takes zayn’s hand and pulls him towards his chest, a warm smile lighting up his face. “okay,” he repeats. “let’s go get married.”

zayn blinks owlishly at first, chest tight and warm with liam’s body so close to his, but then the haze lifts, and he breaks out into a grin too. “we don’t have rings, and we don’t have suits. and we’re gonna have to find a preacher, or what have you, but we’re doing this.”

liam watches as zayn tries his hardest not to look so eager, but laughter bubbles over, hands tightening around zayn’s waist just in case he might disappear suddenly. “yeah, we’re going to do this. and we’re probably going to be in a shitload of trouble with our parents, but now i won’t have to look so miserable in interviews.”

that smile, the one that zayn very rarely lets loose, stains his face, nose scrunched up, tongue pushed up behind brilliant white teeth. “god, i love you so much.”

and liam blushes from head to toe, the color reaching just the tips of his ears. “we best get going then,” he says with a smile of his own. he takes zayn’s hand, the both of them walking out of the hotel room in order for the both of them to go ahead with their crazy plan.

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Help me

I have this really weird habit of pinching myself in the neck when I get bored sometimes, and it doesn’t hurt, it honestly just reminds me of someone biting my neck. But I always end up leaving these red marks that resemble fresh hickeys and now I have no idea how to explain this because I never explained that I have this habit. Help me