but i worked pretty hard this has to get some notes

Lent week 1: digest

Remembering to say Vespers is HARD, and I’ve replaced it with Compline at least once or twice already (and forgotten all together, one day).

My roommate has joined me in the “say something nice about yourself” and we’ve upped the ante to “and something good that happened to you today.” AND we have to say it to each other so we’re required to catch up a little and we hold each other accountable. It’s working out pretty well!

I haven’t seen 5am in weeks and I’m SO proud of myself for that. Last night, there was a 2 at the front of the time I wrote in my diary entry. (I keep a diary, and I always note what time I’m writing. It’s not weird.) So I’m making SOME progress. As late I’ve been getting sleepy at 11 or 12 though, and kind of zoning out until 2. I might consider working extra during the day and actually going to bed at 11 or 12. Mayyybe. (What’s happening to me?)

AND for my big projects — I have made headway on my webcomic. Four characters have names (two need surnames but they’ll share one, they’re sisters), and the cast of “roles” has been sketched out. Additionally, I started drawing people fairly intensively! The Azula costume isn’t coming along as well as I’d have liked; I really want the structure done by Spring Break but I’m reaaally not sure that’s going to happen. I think the least I can knock out are the underlayers, the ones where I modify pre-existing clothes. So far I’ve only done basting stitches on the pants. That’ll have to have headway made on it this weekend, somehow.