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this may seem dumb but how does each function work with other functions?? i still don't really get it...

All the introverted functions are “expressed” through the extroverted functions. So, Fi comes out through Te. Ti comes out through Fe. Si/Ni comes out through Fe/Te/Ne/Se. Se/Ni and Ne/Si pull at one another – wanting novelty and new experiences and a huge worldview while also wanting to stick to what is known and preserve personal mythologies / experiences (Ne/Si) or wanting to move toward the distant future with a specific abstract ideal in mind, but also needing to live in the moment and fully experience life’s pleasures (Se/Ni).

The theory runs that new information hits your first function first and from there progresses down the list. If it hits an introverted function first, there is usually a temporary halt until whatever that function is deals with it enough to go on to the next function. For example: an INFP hears something and their Fi doesn’t like it or it crosses some internal moral boundary: the action stops there, before heading on to Ne, which would at least CONSIDER the possibilities. With an ENFP, this wouldn’t happen. Ne-dom plays with many different possibilities before checking in with Fi.

Extroverts are more willing to entertain things right off the bat than introverts, who have Ni/Si/Ti/Fi putting on the brakes.

Ti-dom: hang on, that doesn’t make logical sense.

Fi-dom: I don’t like the sound of that, it feels wrong.

Si-dom: that doesn’t match with what I’ve heard before.

Ni-dom: that doesn’t fit my specific worldview. 

In an idealistic world, new information would hit all the functions at once, but …

Yeah, no. The introverted functions put on the skids.

The functions all work together, unconsciously, to the point where certain behaviors transcend cognition and cannot be attributed to a specific function so much as the person using them. 

But, yeah, that’s all I’ve got for now.

i have this weird relationship with everyone at my new job where no one talks to me unless i fuck something up or they want to know about my tattoos


okay so this is my video for the compliment thing. i’m sorry it’s so bad - the thumbnail is terrible, i say ‘um’ too much, and i wish i’d said more about everyone - seriously i could write essays on how much i adore each of you (me being weird again lmao). i had stuff pre-written and can send it to you if you’d like, because i missed bits and added others and yeah.

i’m planning on writing compliments to a list of urls i have later today and writing compliments for each of those i didn’t mention in the video, because as i explain, i haven’t been part of the fandom long, haven’t had the opportunity to talk to everyone i’d like to, and as a consequence feel like i want to be inclusive?? my long list wouldn’t have fit in a video, hahaha.

anyway, in this video i talk about the fandom as a whole and then those who have mentioned in some capacity or talked about me in their list or video. so, in the order i talk: stagmania, northsfire, palepinkgoat, poisonousdame, montygreening, mickeysupsetcaspersbastardchild, and wehangout

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS seriously i cannot stress that enough. i was moved by everything that’s been said.


hey guys ! im starting this new thing on my lame blog where i make url inspired edits for you guys who request it or icons for those who just need one.

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I have Chrome, and I use this quick way to bond with my familiars.

Zoom out to 67%. Hold down CTRL and click on every dragon. This will open each dragon in a new tab. If you want you can let go of CTRL and go open up the next few pages of dragons as well, but my computer can’t handle that.

Anyway, now you have all these tabs open. Hold CTRL and TAB to shift between tabs, pressing the heart-bond button on each page before CRTL+TABing to the next dragon. Once you’re done with all of them, right-click on one of the tabs and hit ‘Close other tabs’ before restoring the Zoom to your preferred (100%?) magnification.

Congratulations. All your familiars have been bonded with.


Wow, new art from me after a million years? Well… sort of. Drawing over screenshots with alien redesigns at least.

Screenshots are from weirdtrek who everyone should follow anyway. They posted the Bev and Deanna one and I knew I just wanted to change Deanna to the Betazoid redesign. Original screenshots are included too for reference.

It’s a bit hard to tell, but she’s draped her whole body over that chair, she’s sort of curled around the base. Probably really, they’d have fitted a different chair for her on the Bridge.

Bajorans are shorter and wider and more hairy than humans, but all in all not many changes there.

Quark… Quark, go back to your bar. Nobody needs your terrifying goofy grin as you realise Odo is contained in a box.

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Last year my french teacher (I'm french so my literarure teacher) sais that "Black people sold others black people this was not white people who kidnap them". I was so shoked this was the first time I heard that. This year my french teacher (a new one) said that we will study text about slavery and I want to participate and react if she say something like this! Can you enlight me about this ?

To sum it up, European slave traders kidnapped people however they used other groups, either through bribery or threats, to get people who lived more inland cause they didn’t want to make that trek themselves.

Some groups may have traded with them but they didn’t know what the Europeans had in store.


Part of Me (Someone Waiting on You- Chapter 2)

So here is a longer than usual chapter 2. I think that these two songs fit the chapter perfectly, especially Enchanted. Let me know what you think and if you still want me to post songs for the new story. Hope you like it!


BANKS - Are You That Somebody (Acoustic Aaliyah Cover)

Taylor Swift- Enchanted


“Do you have to go? Can’t you just stay one more day and go to this event with me tomorrow night?” Karlie whined.

“No, I told you. I start shooting in the morning. There is no way I would make it in time,” Cara explained for the hundredth time as they laid in bed together.

“It’s not that long of a flight,” the taller girl said with a pout.

Cara tilted her head to the side, “You know exactly how long the flight from LA to London is. You’ve done it tons.”

“Yeah, I know,” Karlie said giving in.

“Aw babe,” Cara said pulling her girlfriend into a hug. “I’m going to see you really soon.”

“Not soon enough.”

“Do you want to walk through the dates again? Will that make you feel better?”

Karlie nodded.

“Ok here,” Cara said taking out her phone. “From here to here I’m going to be in London,” she said pointing to dates on the calendar. “You’re going to be in LA from here to here and then New York from here to here and then you fly our to London.”

Karlie remained quiet.

Cara noticed and kissed her girlfriends temple. “We’ve gone this long without seeing each other before,” she mumbled into Karlie’s hair.

“Yeah but that was different. It was so long ago,” Karlie protested.

“Ok, and?” Cara said facing her girlfriend.

“And we we’re friends then.”

“And were not friends now?” she said playing dumb.

“We are, were best friends but it’s harder now that I’ve seen you naked.”

Cara playfully pushed the taller girl. “Seriously?”

Karlie just smirked in response.

“Everyone thinks you’re America’s sweetheart super model but I know the truth!”

“Oh and what is that?”

“That you are dirty and have a fowl mouth.”

“You weren’t complaining about my mouth last night,” Karlie said as her smirk widened.

Cara’s eyes widened.

Karlie bit her lip.

Cara shook her head again. “You’re worse than I thought!”

“You love it.”

“I do,” the shorter girl said with a giggle as she planted a sloppy kiss on her girlfriend’s lips before quickly rolling out of bed.

“Common. You’re going to be late and that’s me saying that.”

Karlie quickly hopped out of bed knowing Cara was right, she was hardly on time for anything.

“What is it that you have to do anyways? I just know you have to be somewhere in like half an hour,” Cara asked.

“A fitting for the dress I’m wearing to this event tomorrow.”

“What’s the event for?”

“Some celebrity fashion recognition event. I don’t even remember. You were supposed to be my date,” Karlie replied joining the model at the bathroom sink to get ready.

“I know, I’m sorry,” Cara said facing her with a guilty look.

“I’m sorry, I’m making you feel bad. You’re just doing your job,” Karlie said taking her girlfriends check in her hand.

Cara smiled and looked into green eyes.

“Thank you for understanding.”

“Of course,” Karlie said giving a small peck before looking at her watch

“Shit. I really am late.”

“I know I told you,” Cara called as Karlie ran into the other room to change.

“Will you be here when I get back?”

“Should be,” Cara responded.

“Ok good,” Karlie called, “I’ll see you then,” she said bolting out the door.


“So what do you think of the dress?” the tailor asked.

“I like it. Do you think it’s right for tomorrow night?”

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement.

“Fashion events are so nerve racking,” Taylor said looking herself over again in the mirror.

“We’ll you’re becoming a style icon,” Tree commented.

“I wouldn’t take it that far.”

“Regardless, you’re going to be great tomorrow,” Tree said trying to be encouraging.

“I just hope they don’t ask me about specific designers. Like I know a few but I’m not super educated on them by any means.”

“I’ll put in that request.”

“Thanks,” Taylor said.

“Just one more thing,” Tree said.

“Humm,” the singer said from the other side of the changing panel.

“You’re not bringing anyone are you?”

There was a pause and Taylor sighed.

“Nope,” she said trying to sound strong.

“Ok,” Tree replied walking away.

Taylor knew she just made her publicist life way easier. In fact, the past year or so had been easy in the romantic department for Tree because Taylor had avoided dating all together. She had focused on her music and neglected love, not that any budding romance was knocking on her door or anything. She had relationships in the past but they had only lasted a few months. She had even tried girls. Right before she went on this dating hiatus she had slept with one of the model’s her friend Lilly had introduced her to. They had both been pretty drunk and Taylor made her swear to never speak of it again. The model had complied and they even still talked. It was going nowhere though. Taylor had like it but there was no real connection between them that would be able to withstand any of the stress Taylor public life would put on the relationship. So, the answer was no. Taylor would not be bringing anyone to the event.


“Hello!” Karlie yelled as she shut the door behind her.

She was met with silence.

“Hello?” she called again.

Still nothing.



Karlie walked into every room of the apartment searching for her girlfriend but coming up empty. She picked up her phone to check for messages. None. She dialed Cara’s number.


“Hey, where are you?”

“Oh, I’m at the airport. The said they had a spot on the earlier plane so I took it.”

“You left without saying goodbye?” Karlie said trying to hide the heartbreak in her voice.

“I know, I’m sorry.  I just had to take the flight. It means I get more sleep before our first day. I want to be well rested for it. I was going to call but I didn’t want to interrupt you.”

Karlie couldn’t help but feel devastated. She thought she would have more time with her girlfriend, even if it was only another hour or so.

“But you left without saying goodbye,” Karlie said again.

Cara finally noticed the heartbreak in her voice.

“Babe…” was all she said.

“It’s whatever,” Karlie said curtly, a little guarded.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know it would bother you this much.”

“It doesn’t bother you?”

“We said goodbye this morning, plus I’m going to see you soon!”

“Bullshit Cara.”

Karlie could hear the actress sigh over the phone line.

“I don’t want to fight.”

“Well then you shouldn’t have take the first flight out of here without talking to me.”

“I didn’t know I needed your permission to go places,” Cara said getting angry herself.

“You realize that’s what people do in relationships. Take into account how their actions make the other person feel. You didn’t need permission but a simple heads up would have been nice”

“I just told you,” Cara deadpanned.

“You infuriate me. After dating for almost two years you’d think that you’d know how much you just jetting off places bothers me.”

“It’s my fucking job Karlie!”

“I know that! But incase you don’t remember my job also requires just as much traveling as yours. Yet, by some crazy feat, I am able to let you know when I’m leaving places. And, guess what? Each time I actually say goodbye to you. Crazy huh?” Karlie was almost screaming now.

“I don’t have time for this,” Cara stated.

“Oh my god I hate you,” Karlie said through gritted teeth.

“Fuck you,” Cara said before the line went dead.

Karlie threw her phone onto the bed, buried her head into a pillow and screamed. Cara infuriated her. The blonde did this all the time. They were absolute best friends but Cara could be the most selfish girlfriend sometimes. Even after 2 years she still had trouble picking up on the little things that bothered Karlie. Karlie usually let it go but every now and then it all became too much and it blew up into a fight like the one they just had. To Cara it just seemed like Karlie was over reacting about one small thing because she didn’t notice all the little things that Karlie swept under the rug. Karlie knew it was a conversation that they had to have but she covered it up to herself by reasoning that they were never in one place long enough for them to actually have it. But if Karlie was honest with herself, the real reason they didn’t have it was because the model was too excited to be happy with Cara that she didn’t want to sway the boat with a conversation like that. She wanted to enjoy when they were together. So that was added to the many issues that were swept under the rug.

It was around 3 the next day when Karlie had finished her shower and was cleaning up the suite, preparing for the makeup and hair teams. The bedroom was completely spotless but the kitchen area was a mess. Her and Cara had been in town for a few weeks and had been in denial that dishes were something that they would eventually have to do.

Classic, Karlie thought looking at the pile of dishes in the sink. Cara hadn’t even scrubbed one plate the whole time they had been there. Karlie wasn’t even surprised.

Just as she turned on the tap her phone rang in the other room.

Karlie ran over to it just seconds before it went to voicemail and pressed it to her ear without looking at the caller ID.


“Hi,” came a quite English accent from the other end.

“Hi,” Karlie said quickly realizing who it was.

“How are you?”


“You’re still mad,” Cara stated.

Karlie let out a frustrated scoff, “I have stuff I have to do Cara.”

“Yeah, so do I but I want to talk.”

“So talk.”

“I…” Cara started but couldn’t find the words now.

“Cara,” Karlie said trying to speed it up.

“I’m sorry for not saying goodbye, I didn’t think it would bother you as much as it did. If I had known I wouldn’t have done it.”

Karlie closed her eyes and sighed. Cara didn’t realize that it was bigger than just that. “I’m sorry I over reacted. It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

“We always have stupid fights over little things,” Cara noted.

“I know,” Karlie said although knowing that they were all part of a bigger issue.

“I don’t mean to make you mad,” the English girl commented.

“I know you don’t. We just need to work some stuff out.”

“What kind of stuff?” Cara said a little worried.

“It’s fine right now. We can talk about it all when we see each other.”

“Now I’m worried.”

“Cara it’s fine.”

“I would feel better if you told me now.”

“You want to talk about this now?” Karlie said reluctantly.

“Yes. Or I’m going to be thinking about it for weeks.”

“I’m gone for like a 10 days,” the model said giggling.

“Well then 10 days. Just talk to me.”

“Fine…” Karlie took a deep breath. “It’s something we both need to work on.”


“Sometimes you don’t take into account how your actions effect me. Like when you say your going to a work dinner and then come back at 5 in the morning because ‘things just happened’ doesn’t make me feel great. I just wish you would send me like a text to let me know.”

“Kar, I-“ Cara inturupted.

“Let me finish,” Karlie said.


“I’m just as much to blame though. I don’t let you know when little things like that bother me. I should do it more so we don’t have a blow up fight.”

“Ok.” Cara said simply.

“Ok what?”

“Ok, I’ll try and work on it.”

“Seriously,” Karlie said, surprise in her voice.

“Yeah,” Cara said laughing. “It matters to you so yeah.”

“You’re the best.”

“That’s what I’m told,” Cara joked.

“Shut up. I have to go and clean up all the dishes we neglected for weeks.”

“That sounds gross.”

“Yeah well someone has to do it.”

“Not me.”


“Bye babe.”

The line went dead. Karlie smiled at how well the conversation had gone. She walked over to the pile of dishes. She once again became frustrated realizing that most of the dishes were Cara’s. She hadn’t even brought that up in the conversation, nor was she planning on mentioning it. Not the best start to their whole ‘new honesty and talking about how they feel’ approach to their relationship. Karlie shrugged it off. Next time.


“Can we go over names again?” Taylor asked nervously playing with her rings.

“Sure,” Tree said taking her phone out. “Ok so, Alexa Chung.”

“She’s like a style icon. English right?”

“Yes, she is was also a TV host and wrote a book.”

“Ok, got it.”

“Gigi Hadid.”

“Oh I think I’ve met her before, only like once though. She’s blonde right?”


“She’s a model?”


“Ok, next,” Taylor said feeling more comfortable.

“How about Mary Kate and Ashley.”

“Oh I know who they are.”

“Ok,” Tree said scrolling though her phone.

“Why am I even going to this?” Taylor asked, still confused as to why she was invited to this event.

“I think I would be good for you to make your way into the fashion world. This past year you’ve made waves with your style, you’re a bit of an icon now. So when you were invited and it fit perfectly into your schedule…”

“Ok, I get it. There aren’t going to be many musical people there though.”

“It will be good for you to branch out.”

“Who should I talk to?”

“Humm,” Tree said scrolling through the list. “I remember the makeup team talking about Karlie Kloss. They said you guys would hit it off. Maybe introduce yourself?”

“Oh I know who she is!” Taylor said slightly excited. She had seen the model a couple of times in magazines. She was truly stunning.

“I’ll make sure you two meet then.”

“Ok,” Taylor said looking out the window still confused as to why she agreed to this.

“Hey babe! How are you? Where’s Cara?” Jordan asked quickly.

“Hey one question at a time!” Karlie said hugging her friend.

“Fine, how are?”

“I’m very good, and yourself?”

“Great, where’s Cara?”

“In London for a film.”

“Ah, I remember her telling me about that.”

“Yeah she left yesterday.”

“That bitch! I haven’t seen her in so long,” Jordan played.

“I know, she’s a jet setter.”

“We need to have a reunion.”

“I’ll let you know when we’re in London for longer than a day,” Karlie said with a sarcastic laugh.


Both girls turned around.

“Gigi!” Karlie cried. “How are you?”

“I’m good. I didn’t know you would be here!”

“Good surprise or a bad one?” Karlie joked.

“Good obviously, Hey Jordan what’s up?”

“Hey babe. You look gorgeous!”

“Oh thanks,” Gigi replied. “Wait where is Cara?”

“Film in London,” Jordan answered for Karlie knowing that the taller girl would be answering that question all night. Karlie and Cara were like the power couple in the modeling world.

“Ah, she’s a bit of a workaholic.”

“She definitely wears herself thin. Working, partying, whatever,” Karlie says.

“Oh shit.” Gigi says looking though the space between Karlie and Jordan.

“What?” Jordan and Karlie say simultaneously beginning to turn.
“Don’t look. But, I think that’s Taylor Swift.”

“Really?” Karlie says beginning to turn before Gigi tugs at her.

“I said don’t look.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want her to know were talking about her.”

“We’re not saying anything bad,” Jordan says.

“Are you nervous?” Karlie asks Gigi with a smirk.

“No,” Gigi says blushing.

“Why do you think she’s here?” Jordan asks a little confused.

“She’s become like a style icon in music,” Gigi answers

“Oh so you knew she was going to be here?” Karlie plays.

“I follow her social media stuff. Like I guess I’m a fan but isn’t everyone?”

“You’re like a big fan though aren’t you?” Karlie keeps poking.

“Maybe…” Gigi says.

“Let’s go talk to her,” Karlie suggests.

“I don’t know…” Gigi says.

Karlie shakes her head. “I’ll be right back,” she says turning in the direction of Taylor.

She scans the crowed and finally sees Taylor in person for the first time. She was stunning and almost at eye level with Karlie. Something the 6 foot plus model wasn’t used to. Taylor’s dress fell just above her knees and accentuated her long legs. She really could be a model. The blonde’s hair perfectly framed her face and her lips were colored a deep rose red. Karlie was used to being around beautiful people but something about Taylor surprised her. It may have been her classical esthetic or the way she smiled or how cute her laugh was or her deep blue eyes… oh shit she was looking at Karlie. Oh shit, Karlie was standing in front of her.

“Hi,” Karlie choked. She cleared her voice. “Hi, I’m Karlie,” she said offering her hand.

Taylor took at and shook it, “Hi, I’m Taylor.”

“I just want to say you’re last album was amazing and I’m a bit of a fan.”

“Thank you!” Taylor said excitedly. “I’m glad you introduced yourself. I’ve been hearing from so many hairdressers and makeup artists that we should meet.”

“That’s a lot of pressure to live up to,” Karlie said laughing.

Taylor giggled in response, “Yeah, I swear the amount of knowledge those people know scares me.”

“I try and bring them cookies to bribe them.”

“Me too!” Taylor exclaims. “Them and radio hosts.”

“Maybe that’s why they think we’re so similar,” Karlie suggested.

“Probably,” Taylor confirmed.
“Me and a couple of friends have a table over there if you want to join.”

“Absolutely, sounds like fun!”


“That was more fun than I thought it would be,” Taylor confessed to Karlie as the clapping for the last award recipient died down and people stood.

“That’s because you sat with us!” Karlie cried.

“Probably,” Taylor giggled.

“There is this after party if you want to come,” the model suggested.


“Yeah, it’s supposed to be fun. We’re going to check it out,” she said nodding in Jordan direction.

“Ok yeah, I’ll just tell my publicist so she can go home.”

“Ok, I’ll meet you at the back entrance. We can take my car.”

“Perfect,” Taylor said turning to find Tree.

She really had had the best night. Taylor had spotted Karlie as soon as she walked in and made her way over to where the model was standing. She chickened out though and turned to make small talk with a group of people a few tables away from the model. When Karlie came up, the singer was surprised in the best way. Karlie was more gorgeous than in the magazines. Her long legs went on for days and her short bob cut, and strong cheekbones made Taylor question how someone could possibly be that beautiful. But, it was her goofy and wide grin that made Taylor’s heart jump. On top of it all, the girl was adorably kind. She always introduced her friends to Taylor and noted when the singer felt slightly left out of the conversation. Taylor had only known the model for a few hours but could already tell she had a gift for putting others first. Now, Karlie was inviting her to a party. Taylor couldn’t say no.

“Hey Tree,” Taylor said as she approached her publicist.

“There you are!”

“Sorry, I sort of got caught up talking to people.”

“No it’s fine. Ready to go?”

“Actually, Karlie just invited me to an after party and I think I’m going to go with her.”

“Oh, ok,” Tree said a little surprised. It was a little unlike Taylor to do something like this last minute with people she just met.

“I’ll send security to follow the car,” Tree said.

“Right,” Taylor said, reminded that that was a necessity in her life. “The car should be out back.”

“Ok, I’ll call them. Have fun!”

“Will do,” Taylor said turning to find the back entrance and Karlie who would be waiting for her.

“Hey,” Taylor said a little out of breath from pushing through the crowds of people.

“Hey, ready to go?” Karlie asked.

“Yup. Is it ok if my security follows?”

“Totally. Do they know where back here?”

“Yeah, I let them know.”

“Ok cool,” Karlie said turning to leave the door.
“Wait where’s Jordan?”

“She decided to meet us there.”

“Ok,” Taylor said following the model, surprised by how happy she was to have alone time with Karlie.

“Right there,” Karlie said pointing to a silver car with tinted window.

The girls wove in and out of the big black SUV’s to get to the car. Photographers blinded them with their lights as they hopped in.

“Why silver?” Taylor joked.

“So I can pick it out in a crowed without knocking on every SUV window and asking if it’s mine.”

“In theory it’s a good plan.”

“But?” Karlie questioned.

“But now paparazzi can follow us easier.”

“Well that’s usually not that big of a deal. Had I known I’d be traveling with Taylor Swift…”

“Sorry,” Taylor said looking down.
“No, don’t worry about it. Seriously. Not a big deal.”

Taylor looked up and smiled at how comforting Karlie was. Once again putting others first.

“So tell me about this party,” Taylor said changing the subject.

“Well it’s going to be like 90 percent models.”

“Great,” Taylor said sarcastically.

“What? If tonight was any indication you seem to like models.”

“You are all so beautiful.”

Karlie blushed. “You blend right in. You are basically a model.”

Taylor’s blush matched Karlie’s. “Thank you for saying that. Not sure how true it is but thank you.”

Karlie shook her head. “Maybe you’re right. You wouldn’t make it in this insutry. You’re too humble.”

Taylor laughed.

They continued their witty banter until they pulled up to a hotel with a bunch of cars parked outside.

“It’s in one of the suites here.”

“Sweet,” Taylor said giggling.

“Nice pun,” Karlie noticed shaking her head.

The singer smiled, glad that the model found her poor joke funny.

When the doors of the suite opened it was like they hit a wall of sound. The bass was so low and thumped so loud it could almost alter your heartbeat.

“It’s so loud!” Karlie yelled inches from Taylor’s ear.

The singer nodded.
“Let’s get a drink!” the model yelled.

Taylor nodded again, not attempting to respond over the music.

Karlie grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers to lead them through the crowed to the bar.

Something about the way their hands fit just right was comforting to Taylor yet made her heart skip a beat.

Karlie took two drinks from the bar tender and handed one to Taylor before clinking their glasses and taking a sip.

“Let’s dance!” Taylor yelled to Karlie.

The model nodded downed her drink. Taylor was surprised at how easily she put it down. The singer was not going to try that so she took her drink with her to where people were dancing.

A few drinks and a couple of hours later they were still dancing awkwardly and not even thinking about the strange looks some people were giving them. Taylor knew then that they would be best friends. Karlie couldn’t give two shits about what people though and always put people she cared about before her. The singer was surprised their worlds hadn’t collided earlier.

Karlie turned to one of the servers to put her drink finished drink on the tray. Taylor looked at hers it was still half full so she kept hold of it. All of a sudden a new song blasted through the speakers that made everyone around them throw their hands up in the air. A couple more people flooded to the dance floor. Taylor got pushed from the side and somehow ended up spilling the drink all over her front.

“Shit!” she exclaimed looking down at her dress.

Karlie saw it all and took the empty drink from the singer’s and grabbed her hand leading them through the crowed for the second time that night.

They found the bathroom, which was surprisingly empty. Karlie locked the door behind them.

“Shit,” Taylor said again but now at a normal speaking level.

“Yeah, saw that happen.”

“Is it even worth it?” Taylor said looking down at the wet area.

“We have to try,” Karlie said grabbing the hand towel and wetting. She handed it to Taylor.

The singer began to scrub at the dress.

“No, stop!” Karlie cried.

Taylor stopped and looked up in confusion.

“If you scrub it like that you’re going to push the drink more into the dress. You have to dab it. Just give it to me.”

Taylor handed over the cloth.

Karlie dabbed at the wet spot, which was around Taylor’s left rib area. The singer realized that Karlie was being far more successful with getting the colored drink out.

“How did you know that?”

“I may not make the cloths but I am in the fashion industry. I’ve had my fair share of spills on things I wasn’t supposed to,” the taller girl confessed as she finished dabbing the dress.

“I think that’s as good as it’s going to get for now,” she said sitting back on the toilet to assess her work.

“I guess we’ll just see tomorrow morning.”

“You’re going to need to get it dry cleaned for sure though.”

Taylor sighed and checked her phone. It was already way later than she was expecting to stay out. “I think I’m calling it a night.”

“You can’t end on a bad note!” Karlie cried.

“What do you suggest I do then?” Taylor laughed.
“Ehh, I don’t know,” Karlie said looking around as if she was going to find the answer.

“I guess you’re right. I’ll go down with you,” the model said standing and grabbing her purse.

“You don’t have to!” Taylor said quickly, hopping that she wasn’t ruining the taller girls night.

“No, I want to. It’s late anyway.”

“Suit yourself.”

They made their way down to the lobby in silence, both tired from the whole night.

Taylor pulled out her phone and texted her driver and security that she was ready to leave. Karlie did the same.

“Thank you for taking me out tonight,” Taylor said breaking the silence.

“Are you kidding? That was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Thank you!”

Taylor blushed.

“We should hang out again,” the blonde suggested.

“Totally!” Karlie said taking the singer’s phone. “I’m putting my number in your phone. Call me. I’m doing absolutely nothing for the next three days. We should meet up.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Taylor said happily.

“Ok, here you go,” Karlie said handing the phone back to Taylor.

Taylor smiled and glanced outside.

“You’re car’s here. I know because it’s silver.”

Karlie looked outside too and laughed. “Told you it was convenient!”

Taylor shook her head and laughed.

“It was great to meet you Swift,” Karlie said taking the blonde into a big hug.

“You too Kloss,” Taylor mumbled into the models locks.

Their hug parted far too soon for Taylors liking.

“See you soon!” Karlie said waving as she left.

Taylor hoped it would be sooner than later.

The singer’s car came only moments later.

She normally would have fallen asleep on the ride back to her apartment but she was still so giddy over the whole night that sleep wasn’t even on her mind. Karlie had seemed like a dream and meeting with her in the next 48 hours made her grin like a little kid. She knew they would be best friends. But something in the back of Taylor’s mind hopped it may be more. She blushed all the way home because for the first time in a long time she found herself hoping that there was no one waiting for Karlie back in her hotel room. Little did she know that Karlie was indeed going back to an empty bed but someone was waiting on Karlie. They were just halfway around the world.



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