but i think these are the most significant ones

  • what i say:katara is my favorite character
  • what i think:katara is one of the most complex, multi-faced and important characters ever written and i honestly don't think i will ever connect and empathize with a character more for the rest of my life. the fact she is allowed to be the heart of team avatar, the most maternal, feminine force on the show, while simultaneously being unapologetically angry, unforgiving, vengeful and petty is so incredibly significant. the fact that a fourteen year old girl saved the world, time and time again - the fact that the world wouldn't BE saved without her. the fact this child, this barely-teen, raised herself and her brother, lived in a world where war and bloodshed and death was all she knew, never lost hope. never gave up. the fact that this character, this young female character, could've been reduced to the Strong Female Protagonist or The Chick or even simply the Hero's Girl. but she is instead allowed to be all, and more. she is a mother and a friend, a hero and a lover, a fighter and a soldier. honestly so important i will protect and fight for katara 2kforever.

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It's going to be Ichiruki. How can anyone deny that? :/ Without Rukia bleach wouldn't even be a thing. There's literally NO upfront romance when it comes to Ichigo, so the only you thing you can judge when it comes to pairings is who he has the bigger and most significant bond with. Obviously that's Rukia. Orihime is a friend, a special bond, but Rukia is that ONE special bond that will never break. The moon to his sun. I have absolute faith in IR ^_^


I find it funny that some bleach fans actually think Ichigo will end up with Orihime. If Kubo was going to make that happen, he’d go beyond having her confess to a sleeping Ichigo. Instead, he made Orihime realize that she an’t get in the way of Ichigo’s and Rukia’s bond. He made her realize that to Ichigo, Rukia is an important person. He made sure to point out how jealous she is and to discover that Rukia can only cheer Ichigo back up. 

Kubo has countless opportunities to expand on ichihime, but instead? He gave us a one-side confession and then just gave up from there. He made sure to point out to the readers the importance of IchiRuki’s bond and kept referring to their trust and understanding. 

With Ichihime, Kubo said nothing about it. Gave them no poems, no titles, no two-sided moments, nothing. He gave the ichiruki shippers an unbreakable bond that goes beyond friendship, he showed us Ichigo’s deep bond with Rukia and how they motivated and learned from each other, and how Ichigo was depressed without Rukia in his world.

In the 17 months with Rukia gone, Ichihime died. Kubo proved to us that Ichigo was not content without his powers and without Rukia. His world was not spinning without her, and his rain did not stop. But when she came back, it did. 

Only Rukia can make his rain stop and make his world spin. 

The ending will be either Ichiruki, implied Ichiruki, or nothing. But the series started with Ichigo and Rukia, and I have faith that it will end with them two. We’re going to get our moment.

I was talking to Elleyse about Calvin and Taylor earlier. I told her about him following her and liking her post and why that was so significant and she pointed something out. She said that Calvin, although he can be a bit immature sometimes(he can be quite a dork and you all know it’s true), is probably one of the most mature guys she has dated. He doesn’t care about what comes with dating her because he isn’t soft and easily pushed over, you know? He doesn’t care because he knows that what ever is written about them is exactly what we think it is: constant guessing. So his maturity level has a lot to do with why he’s so willing to follow her and like things and favorite things about her. There’s also the fact that for once, someone isn’t intimidated by her success. If anything, i could imagine him wanting to be with her even more when she accomplishes things. I don’t mean this in a way that’s like “yeah he loves that shes so popular”. No…not at all. I mean this in a (as we all say) “proud boyfriend” way. Instead of putting her down because he feels like less of a man, he’s proud of how amazing of a woman she is. So y’all can keep saying “well blah blah blah was proud of her too!” or “but we don’t know what happened behind closed doors” but the reality of the situation is what’s happening  right now in THIS relationship. He is showing his excitement about the things that she does and the person she is openly and freely. This also brings about “The Selfie Theory”, the reason every Tayvin shipper believes it’s more plausible for these two to post a picture together or provide some type of peek inside their relationship unlike Taylor has ever done before. It’s not just because Calvin is usually public about his relationships but because Taylor is also at this “I don’t care” point in her life where she is calling out the media on a regular basis. Tayvin shippers aren’t crazy…we’re happy, free, confused and thirsty at the same fucking time. We’re happy because Taylor’s happy (don’t question me on this with some conspiracy bullshit or i will drag your ass faster than you can say sabotage), we’re free because well….we’re fucking happy. Tayvin shippers are also 99.9% confused about everything that has to do with their relationship so mostly everything we say is theorized and calculated because we don’t actually know a damn thing besides dates and photo evidence (these two are so fucking sneaky) And we’re thirsty because these dweebs hang out in private as much as Harry Styles chews gum. They are hardly ever together in public so the drought is the very worst for us all tbh. All I’m saying is that you can compare this relationship to any others if you want to but you are going to have to dig deep for similarities between how Calvin is with Taylor PUBLICLY as opposed to how the others were. And the PR theory is just….im so????? why do y’all make everything so hard in your life????love yourselves please. That’s all I’m saying about the whole “Calvin following Taylor on Instagram” situation. Leave Tayvin and their shippers alone. Stay hydrated, stay in your lane, and buy 1989 on iTunes. Love u k thnx bye

So we all pretty much know that what caused the Taint on Saidin and the subsequent breaking of the world was the division that happened in the Hall of Servants, when the female Aes Sedai led by Latra Posae Decume wanted to use brute force, the Choedan Kal, to win the war, while the male Aes Sedai led by Lews Therin Telamon wanted to use a more subtle way (as subtle as 114 channelers plus ten thousand soldiers can be) by sealing the bore. And the division in the hall was probably caused (like most of Randland’s great problems) by a lapse in communication, maybe Lews Therin was a stubborn, cowboy type man whose victories got into his head so much that he no longer listened to anyone and considered every idea that came to his head a winning one, maybe Latra Decume was a stubborn woman who bullied every female Aes Sedai with significant strength in the power into signing the Fateful Concord just to spite Lews Therin, knowing Randlanders, it was probably both of those things. And I think it could have been avoided if there was someone who wouldn’t be too afraid to speak their mind to Lews Therin, and couldn’t be intimidated by Latra Decume into doing anything, but in fact can and will manipulate and/or coerce the other Aes Sedai into doing what’s right.

What I’m trying to say is, if Moiraine was alive during the War of Power the breaking might not have happened.

Mishka’s Marvelous Downton Abbey Rewatch

Well, friends, here we are again, curling up on the couch (sofa, settee, divan, davenport, loveseat, pillow on the floor) for another episode of Downton.  I’m beginning to feel like I ought to slip into my cardigan and Keds a la Mr. Rogers.  Can you say, “Downton”? (Sorry, definitely showing my age there!)  But I haven’t owned a cardigan since the 80′s and my most comfortable shoes are none at all, so let’s move on, shall we?


What a full hour!  And yet I wonder if I will really add any insight regarding this episode.  With almost every story arc having significant progress in this episode, it is probably one of the most discussed and analyzed episodes in almost every corner of the fandom.  Which is kind of funny when you think about it since the episode is all about things left unsaid.  From Anna and Bates, to Mary and Edith, to Daisy and O’Brien, to Patmore and Carson,to Sybil and Gwen, nearly everyone is hiding something, confessing something, or speaking volumes without saying a word.

And it all begins here:

Lady Mary’s bedroom, which, for reasons understood only to Julian Fellowes and perhaps Miss O’Brien, freaks Daisy out.  The fact that this show is so absurdly popular the world over, and downright beloved amoongst many of us really speaks to the quality of the dialogue (if not the writing of the plot), the acting, and very high production values of the show, since we love it still when it was such huge gaping plot holes like this one.  Daisy saw Pamuk being stuffed into his own room, so you’d think she would get the heebie-jeebies in that room, or even around Lady Mary herself.  She never even saw him being dragged from Lady Mary’s room.  Sorry to belabor the obvious, but it bugs me every time I watch this episode.  It does start the litany of things left unsaid, however, as Daisy refuses to share the reasons for her nerves with Anna and Gwen.

Anna and Bates are the masters of words best (or worst) left unsaid, and they have three iconic scenes in this episode.  I can’t possibly discuss this episode without touching on those scenes, so those of you non-Banna people (How?Why?) reading this, please bear with me.  It all starts here:

Poor Edith, Poor Patrick.  How is that I feel even sorrier for her bitterness and his death in light of their pseudo-Cyrano status for Anna and Bates?  I could probably watch this scene all day.  While it is clear that they have both independently arrived at the conclusion that they love the other, Anna isn’t yet sure of Bates’ feelings.  While he is painfully aware of hers, this is where the dam breaks.  You can see the regret settling across his face when he rejects her, “No, I mean it’s sorry that he died.”  And then he crosses the line.  I think that he was still fooling himself when he took her the tray in the last episode, perhaps thinking he could control what he felt.  But here, he jumps over the cliff and spends the rest of S1 trying to scrabble back on firm ground.

And that leads us to this lovely interchange:

The “naughty girl” scene is a continuation, of sorts, of the scene where Bates clears the servants’ hall so Carson can talk to Patmore.  Bates’ treatment of Anna is at once slightly patronizing, “Yes, YOU too,” and yet somewhat endearing.  It strikes me as someone so in tune with the one they love that even their shortcomings are another reason to love them.  Then Anna puts her foot down and shows that she really is the brains of the operation in this exchange.  She leaves the details up to Bates (rather like their wedding plans), but she tells him plainly what he will do.  For all the plain talk, there is still the frisson of the undercurrent from their previous conversation about Edith and Patrick.

And then … AND THEN …

I love that Anna refers to “whatever it is you’re keeping secret” in light of her distinction between secrecy and privacy in S1E2.  Privacy is acceptable, even admirable, to Anna, secrecy is not.  And while Bates does open ever so slightly, he is very quick to jump on that wagon to run away from her feelings as well as his own.  It’s funny, because just as Anna laid her heart wide open for Bates and made it clear that they could not turn back from her admission, so I felt on watching it for the first time.  The third series had just started and I had finally decided to cave to my cousins Facebook posts and watch the show.  I was hooked long before this scene, but from here on, I HAD to know what would happen to Anna and Bates.

All the other murky relationships in this show?  Well, they’re fun for other reasons.  I have always got a chuckle out of Mary and Edith.  Their snarky sisterly bickering is spot on.  The scene in which Edith tells Mary that Sybil us back is classic.  

Edith’s “I don’t believe you would,” catches Mary so off guard.  Her appraising look here reminds me of the summer my younger sister grew taller than me and grew a brain all at the same time.  Suddenly, I had to see her in a new light.  For all that Mary has always looked down on Edith, here she begins to see that little sister has grown claws of her own and she just might need to adjust her own strategy.  Their later challenge over Strallan, which they both manage to lose, forces Mary to rely on more than just looks and birth order.

On a side note, while I am not an over-the-top animal person (we live on the same planet, so I should be nice to them, but that doesn’t mean they need to live in my house), what is the deal with this dog?

Too young?  Still in training? Was there a rabbit off the side of the road?  It looks as though the man is all but choking the poor thing.  It happens several times as they are walking along.

If I were an animal person, I would be a cat person, which is part of why I always cackle at this scene:

Well that and knowing that everyone upstairs is going to be eating that chicken.  It may have grossed a few people out, but anyone who’s ever worked in a restaurant, or learned how to cook in a large family knows these things happen.  “What the eye can’t see, the heart won’t grieve,” Mrs. Patmore wisely shares.  Rather telling since she can’t see much of anything at this point.  And it was Anna who pulled those chickens off the floor and onto the platter … hmm … there’s a story or two lurking in that idea …

And that leaves us to my favorite couple on the show, after Banna, of course – Violet and Isobel.  Their ongoing tete-a-tete about the Grantham Cup is typical.  Their exchange at the village hall, the day before the flower show, has become an oft repeated line in my home.  Even my 19 year-old, who NEVER watches Downton with us, who covers his ears when the theme music plays, has been heard to say, “I take that as a compliment.”  To which the only proper response is, “I must have said it wrong.”

Wrong or right, I’ve said what I need to on this episode for now.  Now I’ll just go feed the fish and get ready for another trip to the Land of Make Believe.  

But first, let’s make a snappy new day!

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feelings time - if you consider that Kaneki is the main protagonist and the plotline of TG is hinged on him, making Hide the Ace of Spades means he's the highest one in Kaneki's deck, the 'trump' card. nobody can take his place, nobody can ever quite mean as much as he does.

向日葵。 No that’s like exactly where I was going!! Like if Kaneki’s the deck, that makes Hide the most powerful.
But what if the deck was actually the plot of TG/of all the characters?

We have:
Uta as the 8 of Diamonds
Rize as the Queen of Hearts
Hide as the Ace of Spades

Thinking like this, in standard playing format, that doesn’t make Uta very strong, does it? Somewhat significant (being a diamond and therefore the second strongest suit) but not a top player like the face cards.

However, with Ishida’s love for the tarot, it reminds me that there is a way to read tarot spreads using a deck of playing cards. With tarot, you must keep in mind that the suit, number, and combination all mean something and can also be read in different ways.
Now using a number of sites to get a generalization, this is what I came up with-

The 8 of Diamonds-
Diamonds are equivalent to the tarot pentacles. They represent practicalities, difficulties, and the element of earth. An eight designates movement.
The eight of diamonds demands an attention to detail, focus, a change in situation, and that the querent, or asker (not the reader, which in this case could be Kaneki) has a hectic life.
All of this is pretty vague and has nothing to do with Uta himself. But could it not mean that, as the 8, he is the cause of the change in situation and Kaneki’s hectic life? This is all true, with what we know so far about his and the Clowns’ role in creating our plot.

The Queen of Hearts-
Hearts are equivalent to the tarot cups. They represent emotions, feelings, relationships, the element water, and are often symbols of pain and suffering.
The queen of hearts states that the querent is emotional, dependent, and empathic. The queen pictures a fair-haired woman with a good nature or a woman with Water signs predominating in her chart. Sometimes, this card can indicate the mother or a mother figure.
So, unless we can get Rize’s chart, most of this is pretty off except that last bit. Could Rize not be Kaneki’s “mother”? What with being the source of his organs and therefore life as a ghoul, she essentially gave birth to the Kaneki we have now.

The Ace of Spades-
Spades are equivalent to the tarot swords. They represent thinking, communication, warnings, and the element of air. An ace designates beginnings.
The ace of spades represents new insight, realizations, bad news, loss of someone close, possible death to someone near, or an illness and etc. In addition, it reads as misfortune; sometimes associated with death or, more often, a difficult ending.
This card screams bad things. I think they signs are pretty clear, obviously referring to Hide’s knowledge of Kaneki and his unknown (known in the anime) fate.
But what gets me is that the ace of spades sometimes means death, but is nearly always associated with a difficult end. Not necessarily bad, but difficult. I think this card makes it clear that (alive or dead), Hide’s impact on the series will certainly be felt.

If you have any other thoughts, feel free to weigh in?

272 people and counting liked or reblogged this photo of me, which has made it the most popular photo of me on my blog by far.

I’m cool with that, I wouldn’t have posted it otherwise.

However, I have a request: please reflect on why you’re reblogging that photo, especially if you’re a Black male. One of the things I urge you to think about is the significance of a cis Black man demanding that all men be held accountable for their actions, especially given the appalling statistics of intra-group violence against women. For me, it is especially important for men of color to understand that their oppression does not absolve them of the responsibility to combat gendered oppression in their spaces.

Second, I would urge everyone to remember the context of the statement on that shirt. “Boys will be boys” is one of the most insidious ways that we begin the perpetuation of rape culture. By cultivating into men at a young age that they can violate a woman’s bodily autonomy through violence (hair pulling, slapping, other aggressive behaviors) and further associating that violence with affection, we set up the conditions for violence against women as a norm. By saying that “boys will be held accountable for their actions,” we are striking at the root of the cultivation of acceptable violence against women.

Finally, I would hope that the image serves as a conversation starter: the first day I wore the shirt, some undergraduate students called it “sexist,” asked me “what I meant by” the shirt, or refused to clarify why they were uncomfortable with me wearing the shirt… And that was when I was getting lunch. The conversations provoked by wearing the shirt demanded that these men, many of them 18 to 24, reflect upon why they were uncomfortable with the shirt and why such a shirt is even necessary, and that’s the point.

As a Black cis-male, a teacher, and someone committed to social justice that includes feminism, I have a responsibility to make the spaces I move through safer for women. I have a responsibility to bring to account the narratives that legitimize violence against women. I have a responsibility to challenge the institutionalized patriarchy. I have the responsibility to make space for the voices of women in a culture that silences them. I have this responsibility because, despite my other axis of oppression, I have male privilege. As such, I must use that privilege to make safe the world that I move through for those who do not.

If I were to do any less, I would be part of the problem.

I don’t think I’ve seen people talking about it this way but I’m fairly certain the appellation “Crystal Gems” refers to the side our heroes took in the rebellion - Crystal Gems for crystalline Rose Quartz, as opposed to, say, the Homeworld Gems. Because “gems” is used to refer to the whole species, while only our protagonists are ever called “Crystal Gems.” In fact, as far as I can remember, they’re the only ones who use the phrase, and the most significant time is when Peridot sees them on the view screen and Pearl draws her spear and declares, “We are the Crystal Gems! We’re still alive and we’re still the guardians of this planet!”

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*gives you my url while doing 360 flips*

my opinion on;

character in general: SIT DOWN CHILDREN FOR YOU GON HEAR A STORY TODAY. Once upon a time there was a great Kamui named Senketsu who fought alongside the great Matoi Ryuko. This Kamui was, and is, no ordinary Kamui, for this sentient clothing has been blessed with the gift of being more human than anyone would like to think. He has a caring spirit, a sensitive soul, and a love for good hot ironing, provided you give him a good bath and not try to scrub him to death. What I’m trying to say here, kids, is that SENKETSU IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT AND VITAL CHARACTERS IN KILL LA KILL AND IF YOU THINK HE’S JUST ANOTHER PIECE OF CLOTHING THAT HAS NO SIGNIFICANCE WHATSOEVER IN THE STORY THEN I’M PREE SURE YOU’RE WATCHING THE WRONG ANIME AND YOU’RE WELCOME TO RETHINK OF YOUR LIFE CHOICES. KAPISH?! >8U
how they play them:
hello spot-on Senketsu 24/7 yo like CANON SENKETSU 8U
the mun:

do i;

follow them: HELLA 8U
rp with them:
want to rp with them: TRIPLE HELLA
ship their character with mine:

what is my;


**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

When you grow older a dreadful, horrible sensation will come over you. It’s called loneliness, and you think you know what it is now, but you don’t. Here is the list of the symptoms, and don’t worry—loneliness is the most universal sensation on the planet. Just remember one fact—loneliness will pass. You will survive and you will be a better human for it.
― Douglas Coupland.

Somebody showed me this over a late night chat last wednesday because he was kind of ‘there’ when I vent /again/ about stuffs going on. Good peeps, he is.

And oh, I think I feel this “loneliness” even more significant now; probably that kinda explain why I often sad going home to empty room even though I get used to this situation for so many years; but it’s just emphasising now. It’s like something is missing but you don’t know exactly what is that. Things in life are getting better and adjusting; but somewhat it feels not whole.

and it’s dangerous, I think.

I now understand why there’re so many songs about loneliness;
it really is this aching at each night and significantly radiates before falling asleep; even though i’m 5 days a week surrounded by people. It’s just not the same. 

I read good words from people to me; and I have no energy to respond it properly. I make a lot of venting/slightly depressed doodles and they end up in dumpster because I don’t feel like it; I don’t feel like keeping it. I don’t feel like doing anything.

It’s just there’s a gap and I don’t know what to do about it.
I need better distraction because (these) don’t work.

The monday morning gloom.

Tiny PSA:

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"Outlaw Queen!" (As if you expected anything else from me...xx

who throws things in a fight ? : hoe don’t do it, Regina. Robin storms out.
who goes to their parent’s house for a weekend when things get bad ? : NOT REGINA.
who wants to have children ? who doesn’t ? if both do, how do their goals differentiate ?  : They both want and love children. Although, in an AU setting i can see Regina being a little work obsessed, but in the end she does want children cause they bring meaning to her life.
who is more adverse to physical contact ? : Regina doesn’t like PDA or being sneaked up on, but they’re super touchy and think no one is watching (which they always are)
who hates/dislikes their neighbors the most ? : Regina. Robin always had to go smooth things over
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s family ? : Robin doesn’t like how Cora fked Regina up. 
who is most likely to leave when things get rough ? : Regina, but never forever. She pushes, Robin doesn’t leave, so she does. Gives her a sense of control.
who thinks their partner turned out a different person than they thought ? : Robin @ Regina, but for the better.
who is more likely to cheat ? : NOPE. (Robin, but it’s not his fault Regina’s sister is a raging psychopath, too soon???)
who is the more experienced ( sexually or otherwise ) ? : R e g i n a, like a good feminist in the 70s experienced sexual liberation after Leo. 
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s friends ? : Regina “hates” everyone
who wants to go to social gatherings the most ? : Robin, damn social butterfly
who is most likely to be dishonest ? : Reginnnnnna, because she thinks it’s what’s best
who is more emotionally closed off ? how does this affect their partner ? :  Regina, and it kind of hurts Robin, but he understands and is persistent and ends up breaking down her walls. ALTHOUGH, Robin doesn’t like to discuss feelings and shit either cause you know, gender socialization and whatnot
who is the dessert person ? : Regina loves apple turnovers, Robin prefers Regina for dessert.
who is more conservative ? : Robin is hella socialist i mean, Heart of Gold says it all. Regina. 
who hates/dislikes oral sex ? :
 receiving? no one. i mean… Giving, Regina does it less often because it’s more a psychological thing ++ (#giveRobinsdicksomelove2k15)

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25: What physical traits do you look for in a potential interest? iono people are pretty unique i’m attracted to a lot of different physical traits as far as genetics goes lol but i tend to be drawn to peoples who are1.) taller than me not to be heightist its just personally im already very self conches about my height if im the taller one i feel like a giant whos holding their significant other in the palm of their hand 2.)have a style of dress that i like 3.) i think ppl w glasses are soooo cute most of the time but i need to stop romanticizing poor vision

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Hi! About your Libarian Sith Obi-Wan? I think he blew the staying alone idea by saying that on live holo-cam. Because there are historians around, right? And there is a Sith. With a libary. Which means there is acess to historical documents and an actual member of an order that was and is very, very significant in galactical history. And I don´t think there is much Information on the sith out there. The jedi would have buried it for security reaasons. How about the academic´s reactions?

Sith!Librarian!Obi-Wan would be *delighted* to interact with fellow professional academics. And he’d be more then willing to let them do research in the Library - unfortunately, they’d have to learn at least one Sith Language first, since most of the primary sources are written in that. Which should buy him at least a year of two of uninterrupted peace while everyone teaches themselves to think in a language that sounds like the words should bend reality through force alone…

Once they’re capable of understanding the texts, Obi-Wan might actually let them do research in the Black Library - he probably won’t let them remove the texts, though (”The Jedi removed hundreds of Sith holocrons and works and, in over a thousand years, have never returned them”) and woe betide the fool who brings *snacks* in with them.

Also, he’s not too worried about any of them becoming fledgling Sith practitioners because you need to 1) be an established Sith in your own right and 2) Be able to use the Force to access the more sensitive works.

My cousin absolutely loves his wife. She’s the mother of his child, his wife, and most importantly his best friend. My cousin’s one of those always honest dickheads so when I asked him about what he thought of his wife all he said was “she aiight, I give her like a 4”. I got so mad because I always believed that you had to think your significant other was beautiful as shit. After I expressed that, he gave me this talk. The talk pretty much talked about how he loves her with all his heart but as for prettiness, it didn’t matter. All that matters in a relationship is having a best friend you can go through life with, someone that got has the same humor and goals. If they end up being gorgeous then that’s fine too but when you grow up and start living your life, looks won’t matter. 

When I told his wife about what he thought of her she responded with a “psssh, I don’t care, he ugly too”. My niece was so worried because of the thoughts of cheating with people my cousin and his wife found more attractive but she just laughed because “why would you want to hurt your best friend?” 

I want this. I want a best friend I can go through life with without having to worry about how attractive I look to them because it won’t matter…

$15.00 for the first copy. $13.00 for every additional copy.

First published in 2005 by the author. Second edition published in 2007.

When describing his book, Kevin says: “This book is an attempt to revive individualist anarchist political economy, to incorporate the useful developments of the last hundred years, and to make it relevant to the problems of the twenty-first century. We hope this work will go at least part of the way to providing a new theoretical and practical foundation for free market socialist economics.” Speaking for the Distro, I think Kevin is much too modest. This is Kevin Carson’s first big book, an immensely important document in the contemporary revival of left-libertarianism and anti-capitalist individualist anarchism, and one of the most significant developments in the last century for both libertarian politics and radical economic thinking.

Anarchists tend to look embarrassed when the subject of economics comes up. Or we mumble something about Proudhon and then sheepishly borrow ideas from Karl Marx… A specifically anarchistic approach to economic analysis has lain dormant for the last 130 years. However, with the publication of Kevin A. Carson’s STUDIES IN MUTUALIST POLITICAL ECONOMY this period of dormancy has finally come to an end. –Larry Gambone, Red Lion Press.

I highly recommend Carson’s book… That doesn’t mean I agree with everything in the book… But where I agree with it I think it is an excellent defense of the sort of anti-corporatist, pro-labour, left-libertarianism I embrace; and where I disagree with it I think it makes intelligent arguments that deserve consideration. –Roderick Long, editor, JOURNAL OF LIBERTARIAN STUDIES

Overall it is a valuable contribution to political economy and a timely reminder… to libertarians of how radical their creed actually is. In my view, one cannot overstate the importance of Carson’s asking libertarians: what are you defending, the free market or the political-economic system we currently live in? –Sheldon Richman, editor, THE FREEMAN

… his remarkable STUDIES IN MUTUALIST POLITICAL ECONOMY… displays an admirable range of reading and the style invests the driest economic questions with a certain peculiar charm. –Ken MacLeod, author, FALL REVOLUTIONtrilogy

Kevin A. Carson is a contemporary mutualist author and a prolific writer on subjects including free-market anti-cap­it­al­ism, the in­div­idualist anarchist tradition, grassroots technology and radical unionism. He is the author of ”The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand”, Studies in Mutualist Political Economy, Organization Theory: A Libertarian Perspective and The Homebrew Industrial Revolution. He keeps a blog at mutualist.blogspot.com and frequently publishes short columns and longer research reports for the Center for a Stateless Society (c4ss.org).

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It has been exactly one year and one day since Sid’s accident!

Had one of Sid’s followers not told me earlier in the week, I don’t think I would have realized. It’s insane to think about everything that has happened in the last year of my life, and how differently it would be had this night not gone the way it did.

I am eternally grateful for all of the love and support that Sid and I received during that month of my life, and that we continue to receive. It was one of the most difficult times that I can remember.

When I pushed my show back to May 2nd, I didn’t realize the significance of the timing.

So, tonight is my art show, and my book release party. I know that Sid is just a dog, but none of this would be happening if it weren’t for him. My blonde, 30lb, muttley shed monster.

If you plan to come to the show tonight, please be sure to give Sid and extra pat on the head. I think he’d appreciate it.


If you’re not familiar with our story, please click here: #aboutsidandalex (at Snapchat: Capt_Sid)

cerealqueenll asked:

At the end of Negima's manga, the bio for Evangeline stated she kept watch over Negi and the girl whom she saw herself. Do you think that referred to Asuna, Setsuna, or possibly someone else?

hm. that’s a really interesting question, and one i haven’t actually given much thought to.

as far as i can remember, asuna, setsuna, and chachamaru are the only major female characters who had significant interactions with her that extended beyond that of master and student, so i’d say it’s probably one of them. 

(unless it’s satsuki, who she’s gone on record as saying is the only member of 3-a she respects because she already has her life figured out. that’d be pretty rad, but since it was just one line that was never referenced again i’m thinking probably not.)

as for which of three was the most likely to be the one in whom she saw herself… well, setsuna jumps out at me the most as far as similarities in their backgrounds go (and also because i always have setsuna on the brain), but i think probably it was meant to be asuna. after all, eva seemed to show up not too long after asuna woke up, as if she had been watching over and waiting for her. also there was this bit during the training arc right before the magical world trip that deliberately paralleled the two of them:

it’s possible i’m forgetting something important that might make me change my answer, though, so i’d really be interested in hearing other peoples’ thoughts about this. i think there’s a super interesting discussion to be had here.

I am most proud of...

I had to write an essay for school on high school accomplishments that I am most proud of. I ended up spilling my thoughts onto paper and I think most anyone can relate. This is what I came up with:

I am most proud of…

           I once read a quote that one of my favorite English teachers posted on her “Quote of the Week” board; it read – “And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” I think the reason this quote stuck with me was because it was during a time I had reached in my high school career when I realized that I really don’t have to be perfect. It was during a time when I was finding out who I am and what matters most in this world. I must say coming to that conclusion was one of my proudest moments.

           There are plenty of significant things we worry about as we chug through high school every day. We worry about essays we have to write in one night because we put it off for the weekend. We worry about that vocab test we studied so hard for all night. We worry about the game we are playing tomorrow, as it is our first game on varsity and we don’t want to mess it up. We worry about forgetting the words to the solo we worked so hard to perform at our last choir concert. We worry about not fitting in. We worry that no one will like or accept us because we’re not even sure who we are.

           Sure, ending our final semester of high school with a 4.0 GPA is something we strive for most. Finding yourself, however, is one of the greater and more challenging accomplishments. Realizing that the same group of friends you grew up with all your life doesn’t have to be your only choice of pals. Discovering that going out of your comfort zone to try something you never thought you would, may lead you to new passions. Finding out that you don’t have to conform to one “type” or “style”; if you like it, you like it. Talking to people you don’t normally associate with and finding the beauty in individuals. Learning of someone else’s ideas and understanding that there are more ways to go about it than just one.

These are just some of the lessons I learned throughout the journey of finding myself. Being able to stand up for what I believe in and not having to defend who I am or why I like the things I do is the most amazing feeling of satisfaction. Although I don’t believe I am done yet, I do believe I have come a long way since freshman year in grasping the concept of self-assurance, self-love, and self-confidence. I couldn’t have achieved any of it without the people and events I dealt with throughout my high school career and, while I am proud, I am also thankful. Because understanding that “perfect” doesn’t exist and that trying to accomplish that gets in the way of just trying to do and be “good” leads me to believe I will never be the same—and that’s something I am proud to proclaim.

Log Entry 152440942 Battle Pets

I finally managed to sort and organize my workspace at the university. As I had a limited amount of free time last evening, I resolved to visit Dr. Tappet’s battle pet class. I found it to be very informative, though I quickly realized I had missed a significant amount of pertinent information from previous classes.

I confess that I have not held much interest in this sport until this presentation. I wonder if I should take it up? It’s fascinating, especially in the way synergy was described. There was a good audience last night and representation of the pet types available . It is unfortunate that I cannot keep mechanical ones, as they most assuredly would meet an untimely demise. Pity. I think the robotic bear cub is cute.

There is a faculty meeting scheduled for this evening that I should attend. I think I shall see what my pet options are, before or afterwards. I will consider writing notes of my (our?) training progress here.

nowordsareneeded asked:

Ship! (For deepveer of course)

who throws things in a fight ? : I bet Ranveer is the one, he’s got the temper
who goes to their parent’s house for a weekend when things get bad ?: Deepika, Ranveer already lives with his parents xD
who wants to have children ? who doesn’t ? if both do, how do their goals differentiate ?: They both want children. I bet Ranveer would like to have a son first and then a daughter, because the son could look after his princess. For Deepika I think it doesn’t matter, but more than one child as she has a sis herself who she loves. 
who is more adverse to physical contact ? : None? They’re a couple and they love to touch each other?!
who hates/dislikes their neighbors the most ? : Uhhh Ranveer, I bet! He gets annoyed by annoying people :D
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s family ? : None, both have beautiful families.
who is most likely to leave when things get rough ? : Tbh, I think Ranveer would leave. Deepika is very commited to a relationship. She would fight till the end.
who thinks their partner turned out a different person than they thought ? : Deepika. I think, first she thought Ranveer would be some annoying lil bug who can’t bring calmness into her life. 
who is more likely to cheat ? : Actually, I think none of them, but imo Ranveer has cheated in the past.
who is the more experienced ( sexually or otherwise ) ? : Ranveer is more experienced I think. Deepika only had 2 serious relationships, while Ranveer mingled much more through the years :)
who hates/dislikes their significant other’s friends ? : I think, Ranveer’s friends have become Deepika’s. Deepika doesn’t have sooo many close friends, so I don’t think he hates them either.
who wants to go to social gatherings the most ? : Ranveer. Deepika likes to chill at home rather than going out to distract herself.
who is most likely to be dishonest ? : None, I think. But maybe during her depression, she lied at Ranveer the first weeks to not worry him.
who is more emotionally closed off ? how does this affect their partner ? : Deepika. She got badly betrayed by Ranbir, called names in the media and can’t get rid off the “broken hearted girl” image. She wasn’t ready for a new love, neither did she want anyone to get close to her. Ranveer had to be patient and slowly find his place in her heart. She still seems insecure a bit about what everyone else can see - that Ranveer might be the man of her life, the one who brought her genuine smile and happiness back.
who is the dessert person ? : Both :D Both love sweets.
who is more conservative ? : Deepika. Her family values are something she always maintains.
who hates/dislikes oral sex ? : ehem…none :x