"I can be different… or try harder!"


The Matheson-Monroe Family | 2.12

"Oh that’s nice, Rachel.

We’re gone a week and your dad switches sides again?”

T-3 for back to school!

Today I spent my morning helping my mom do random shit, write emails, update her website… then we went to eat dimsum! After that I started catching up on some manga, went to ballet early so i choreographed for adt some (gasp!!!), took class for free using alumni privileges, fucking died (shit I am so weak now I don’t even know?? lolz surprise everybody i dunno how to control my body anymore), hung out with Isabel who also took class!!! then came home, ate dinner, washed dishes….. recently my cat hasn’t liked me as much :( after I came back from Mongolia he really liked me but after I spent a day at ballet in mid-August I think he felt betrayed or got sick of me and stopped coming to my room. Then I spent some time studying outside with him and we had many afternoon and early morning tender moments!!!! But I think he’s gotten sick of me now so he doesn’t like me very much TT^TT noooooo baby I’m leaving soon :(

On the Kpop side of life yessssss SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK. I actually really like the song!!! Really glad that it’s different from their past 3 songs which were like all the same, the new one is catchy and the concept is really cool! 2PM is having a comeback soon, EXO, TaeTiSeo…. life is good. But the one I’m mega pumped for is of course SHINHWA but that’s not until January!!!!!! currently deciding what movies to watch tonight or if i should finish catching up on manga or what DECISIONS DECISIONS