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So, I’m sure some people are wondering why Banksy’s getting a lot of shit.

I want to first day that, yes, he is “spreading awareness” and that would be great, if he was doing something other than painting inside stencils.

But it’s not really “activism” and it’s not helping. Why? Because

1.) He’s allowed to travel into the West Bank and Gaza, apparently with little trouble, whenever he feels like it. Something the majority of Palestinians can’t do.

2.) his “art” is created to appease the western gaze. It’s making the situation in Gaza like his own personal art show project. I’m not aware of him setting up workshops or giving tools to Palestinian youth to help them find non-violent means of resistance.

3.) He’s talking over Palestinian artists and organizations that are trying to give the youth in Gaza and the West Bank an outlet. Who are on the ground. Who literally cannot leave. They have to stay there. That’s their home.

4.) he’s not a fucking saint and if people want to criticize his work they can. And we should. Why can’t we? Because he’s white (if he’s white)? Because he has a global image? Because he’s bringing awareness?

He’s a brand. Plain and simple.

His art is nothing but a showcase for him. And he’s using Palestine as his own canvas.

It’s not a fucking gallery.


game of thrones “broken duo(s)” | season 1 - season 4

 tyrion & bronn | arya & the hound | jon & ygritte | jaime & brienne


I got kidnapped by a fourth grader.

Darth Vader's glitter box
  • lectorel:You know the ‘ship your enemies glitter’ thing? Imagine the rebellion doing this to Imperial bases. Every time they get a delivery: glitter. Every time the cooks unseal the various boxes of pre-made foodstuff: glitter. Every time some ensign receives an unexpected package: glitter.
  • Everywhere they go:glitter.
  • fialleril:No but imagine Luke sending a box of glitter to his father.
  • lectorel:*cackles* Maybe in the year between ESB and ROTJ? Part of his coming to terms with the fact his father is Darth Vader? ‘Dear dad, have a box of glitter. I made sure it was black, like your soul. Luke’
  • fialleril:Although he’ll never admit it to anyone, Anakin saves that box of glitter and he treasures it. And years later someone is going through a collection of Imperial relics for a museum or something, and there’s this box of glitter. A mystery for the ages.
  • lectorel:Darth Vader is probably the first person to respond positively to being glitter-boxed. His minions are utterly confused why he’s in such a benevolent mood when his gloves are *shiny* from clinging glitter. No one dares ask.
  • fialleril:For weeks he leaves a trail of glitter in his wake wherever he goes. No one has the guts to say anything, though, and they all get used to pretending the bridge doesn’t look more…sparkly than usual.
  • lectorel:I’m willing to bet there’s at least one fool who makes a ‘Darth Glitter’ joke within earshot of Vader. When the fool gets choked only *half* to death, everyone is terrified to the point of not daring breathe wrong lest Vader remember his temper. (And meanwhile, in his heart of hearts, Anakin is suppressing the urge to compose sappy poetry about how his son is *the most adorable little shit ever*)
  • fialleril:Luke is angry enough to send him a glitter box in revenge. That means he *cares*.
  • And then there's that awkward moment when Vader goes before the Emperor and Palpatine is in mid-monologue when he suddenly has to stop and say, "Lord Vader, is that...glitter?"
  • And Vader just replies, "Yes, my master," and spectacularly fails to elaborate, but inside he's grinning.

The goats name is Lady Nibbleston, she lives on Kyle’s properties along with the other animals they have bought. They kept her on the ship for awhile but she liked eating wires. Stan thinks its more jealousy among the hooved folk aboard.

"I may not be alive anymore, but that doesn’t mean i’m gone! I’ll always watch over you, mommy and daddy! I’m gonna miss the cuddles and love, though, but i won’t let that keep me down! Just make sure to keep moving forward, alright?"

in case you all haven’t heard, mr and mrs kenyon’s kitty, mason, has passed. you will be missed, little floof kitty. wherever mason may reside now, he’ll always watch over you and be with you.

i know i already made a post about it, but please do go wish thelastsworld and mrkenyon some love and luck! //hugs for both of you//

but it said enough

ten/rose ficlet shamelessly inspired by “You Are In Love” by Taylor Swift and also a bit by tinyconfusion's tags on this post

They slept curled around each other more often than not. By morning they were a mess of tangled limbs and blankets but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

It wasn’t really a platonic situation, their sleeping together. It wasn’t a sexual situation either though.

It was intimate. That was the best word for it. 

They shared space at their most vulnerable and woke each other up from nightmares and dreams. They stared at each other, breathing in the same air, aware that if one of them leaned forward an inch they would be kissing and neither of them would stop it.

But neither the Doctor nor Rose took that step. These moments they had together felt sacred, precious, and the two travelers wanted to just stay, not to move forward or backwards.

So they didn’t. They slept and talked and cuddled and laughed and fought and dreamed. Everyone assumed they were lovers and they stopped correcting people because…well the word felt right even if neither of them voiced the opinion, even if they never crossed the lines into a physical relationship.

Rose woke up one night to the Doctor propped up on his elbow staring down at her, strange expression on his face. His other hand was hovering near her face, like he had just finished tracing her features while she slept.

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anonymous asked:

what's the story behind your latest doodle for the Dark Path AU?

Tadashi pulled one of his ‘stalking Hiro’ acts, saw him run into Yama, and went into protective older brother mode immediately placing himself between the two of them. Hiro ducked behind Tadashi on complete instinct to use him as a shield.

Yama’s basically peeved that Hiro took down one of his fujitas, which is what he’s mainly yelling about. Tadashi is getting irritated because Yama is shouting threats, and meanwhile, Hiro is just hoping one of them is gonna punch each other eventually. He might also be feigning some scared puppy dog eyes to play on Tadashi’s feelings and keep him in protective mode.

That’s the basics of it. 


aidan waite in every episode → (i loathe you) for sentimental reasons

"If accepting their offer will lead you to a cure, take it. Give yourself a break. We’re always saying ‘no’ to people like them because…because we’re afraid of becoming them. But we don’t have to. If saying ‘yes’ gets you your life back, say ‘yes’."