i don't wanna kiss you goodnight (if a kiss means this night is over)

(extended kiss scene with a fluffy silly twist because I wanted this to happen as soon as that scene started, okay.)


"I’m her father. It’s my job to ruin it for her."

- Little Mosque on the Prairie


"Will you go out with me again?" he asks softly, eyebrow raised just a little and looking unaccountably nervous - except Emma was there herself this morning, and knowing you’ll get a yes somehow doesn’t help quiet the nerves at all. It’s been over a decade since she’s been out on a real, no-curse-involved date… and honestly, you couldn’t really call her teenage fumblings dates, for the most part. It had felt like the first time, and she’d been giddy all day with nerves, right up until the moment she opened the door to see him in modern clothes, smiling and presenting her with a single red rose.

She feels giddy now, too, but it’s not with nerves anymore - Emma tries to answer Killian, to meet his request with as eager a response as he met hers this morning, but something about the warmth of his hands in her own, how his voice went quiet, the way he’s looking at her, has her words lost in her throat and all she can do is move her lips silently. After a few moments of this Killian starts to smile, and Emma finds her eyes lingering on his lips, and she’s smiling too, and leaning forward because of course, she’s always preferred show over tell.

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People need to stop complaining about not seeing Luke shirtless. If he has insecurities and isn’t comfortable doing something then we need to be respectful of that.

How would you feel if someone told you to wear a bikini at the beach when you didn’t want to and then went and said something like ‘oh you should show more’? You’d feel uncomfortable and intimidated by the person who said that and it would only make you not want to wear one even more.

This is borderline harassment and stop trying to act like it isn’t just bc Luke is a guy. Harassment can happen to any gender gender and be perpetrated by any gender. You make it seem like you care more about sexualizing Luke than his own feelings/comfort and that is not okay.

We’re fans we’re supposed to be respectful and supportive of the artists we like bc that’s what fans are supposed to do and your idols deserve to be respected and not exploited bc they’re human beings too. Luke’s feelings are more important than your fantasies. If you loved the boys as much as you claim you do than you’d be respectful of them and their decisions.

They’ve done so much for you and this is how you repay them? What happened to real bands save fans, real fans save bands? Don’t forget the second part and don’t treat the boys as sexual objects and forget fans are supposed to be supportive and respectful. Don’t take what they’ve done for you for granted and don’t pressure them and expect them to give you everything you want especially when want you want is so trivial.

You can claim that I’m overacting and it’s supposed to just be a joke but when the comfort and well-being of someone is involved then it is no joking matter. Pretending to like Jack and Ben more than Luke or Mali Koa more than Calum is a joke.

This is harassment and it needs to stop.

You know what I want? I want the Avatar; The Last Airbender characters growing up. I want a show of it.

I want Zuko having absolutely NO idea on how to rule a nation. I want him failing at restoring peace and seeing get frustrated like the Zuko we all know and love. I want to see him going to Iroh for advice and realising that ‘that-was-a-very-bad-idea-and-I-totally-should-have -thought-that-through-GODDAMMIT-UNCULE-NO-I-DON’T-WANT-ANY-OF-YOUR-TEA!!’

I want Sokka asking the Northern Water Tribe to help rebuild the Southern one. I wanna see all the Water Tribe families reuniting. I totally want Hakoda asking Sokka to be on the Souther Water Tribe council. I want father-son bonding because they missed out on it for so long. I want Gran-Gran screaming at Hakoda because ‘no, that is not where that goes! Don’t you know anything?’ seeing as we all know that would happen. I want Hakoda and Sokka teaching each other how to sword fight because they learned different styles.

I want Tokka! I mean, I love Suki, but I think Toph was a better fit for Sokka.

I want Toph going home for a while to reunite with her parents and to see them settle their differences. I want to see her teach other earthbenders, like Haru, how to metal-bend. I want to see her create Pro-Bending because we all know Toph was behind it.

I want to see Katara and Aang having relationship problems and working through it because they are not going to give up on each other. I want Hakoda giving Katara the birds-and-the-bees talk and it being really awkward for both of them before Katara blurts out that Gran-Gran already told he and Hakoda just going oh-thank-god. I want to see Sokka cornering Aang and giving home the ‘Boyfriend-Talk’ because ‘while you might be my friend and you might be the avatar you are dating my sister, therefore I must threaten you and I will destroy you if you hurt her.’

I want to see them all dealing with PTSD. I want to see the world coping with the end of the war because it is all they have ever known. I want to see Ba Sing Se being rebuilt- the world being rebuilt.

I don’t want there story to be over.

I’m “currently reading” six books right now according to Goodreads. That’s not even including things I need to read soon for uni, for readalongs, for Halloween, and for review.

University really messes with my reading priorities. A couple of years ago, I’d shudder at the thought of reading more than one book at once and I’d have no idea what to read next.


okay so hear me out:

nine/rose spy au.

nine is legendary in the espionage world. there he is known simply as the Doctor. no one knows how he always manages to get out of the worst situations unscathed and with the necessary mission accomplished but he does. one day he tells the powers that be that he’s out, done with the spy game. the reason being he fell in love and he will not endanger his wife-to-be.

fast forward a few years and his wife is still unaware that he used to be a spy. they have a daughter and they’re happy. nine has to go on a business trip for the software company that he works for now so he kisses them both goodbye and promises to be back in a couple of days.

when he returns it’s to his worst nightmare. they’re dead, a message to him painted on the walls in their blood. someone thought he had information they needed from his spy days and had decided to use his family as leverage to get it from him.

nine packs in all of his emotions and grief and becomes the Doctor again, setting out to find whoever had taken his world away, needing to make them pay. this time though, he’s rogue. his old boss tries to bring him in but he won’t have any of it. this is a revenge mission, straight and simple, and he’s not going to deal with the company’s rules.

the revenge mission leads him all over the globe and he keeps running into a blonde who’s always after the same information he is. he suspects the company sent her to keep tabs on him but it frustrates him because he can’t figure out who she is or ever guess what she’s going to do next.

when a vital source slips away because they were both going after him in different ways they finally agree to work together instead of separately in order to get the people who killed nine’s family.


i know spy aus been done before, i know. but i love aus that have nine and rose both walking that thin line between good and evil, straying off of it in either direction as they’re wont to do.

because this journey they’re undertaking through the glitz and corruption of upper class society and the dark grimy corners and alleys of the worst parts of town is a long and twisting one. they’ll eventually succeed in their mission but it takes years to get their chance at the person who killed nine’s family.

a lot can happen in a few years. there’s a growing respect and admiration between them. there are argument born from their different operating methods and personalities. there are poisonous secrets kept from each other. guilt complexes and overwhelming grief and ill-timed moral crises. there are days in the sunshine where things look hopeful but they’re few and far between. through it all though there’s this spark of chemistry that they’re both ignoring because it can’t mean anything, a burgeoning feeling of love in her chest and a fragile flower of hope and light starting to bloom in his, both ignored in favor of chasing revenge.

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what happened to got7??? why are they crying? please enlighten me T_T

you can watch this vid and read this fan acc for more info.. but I think this is what happened:

During their debut concert in Japan, they started crying when the congrats got7 cake came out… from the fan accs it seems like JB cried first, then Mark, and then Jr finally began to cry too.

I think it’s just that overwhelming feeling of “we finally did it” and “all that hard work/pain has paid off.” I think in that moment they probably thought back to all the hardships they went through to get there. (leaving home and family, coming to a new place and adapting to a new culture—for the foreigners, being forced to mature and take on so many responsibilities, carrying these crazy schedules, injuries, lack of sleep, overall tiredness and stress, hopping from plane to plane, constantly having to maintain that happy, cheerful, idol-image, etc.) That feeling of success after you look back and realize all the different obstacles you’ve overcome and all the pain you’ve endured throughout the journey… I think that can be an overwhelming feeling and I think at that point all their bottled feelings and emotions just poured out. 


and they danced to daft punk all night

basically karai decided to act impulsively and take april out to a more friendly club she would hang out at back when the shredder was less dependent on her and she could do normal-ish teenager things haha
and splinter claimed he was going to ground her or something but he just ended up asking her a load of questions about what they did and did april enjoy it and did they get home safe because thank goodness his daughter has such a sensible girlfriend

sorry for clogging uip the tag with my sketch dumps. also i cant draw splinter for shit so sorry for that too i guess