but i got too tired


based from the chinese english poem “but you didn’t”
inspired by this chinese comic and this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


every picture of louis tomlinson surfing from 2012 & 2013


Anders Was Just As Angry And Cared Just as Much About The Templars, The Chantry, And The Oppression Of Mages In Awakening As He Did In Dragon Age 2: a gifset 


"She’s lost on the streets of New York. She’s very lost and very alone and she’s very frightened." "And a good magician turns up and makes her life better?" She doesn’t smile. She just pushes her sandwich from one end of the plate to the other. "I dunno. I don’t think anyone turns up. She just has to make the best of the world on her own." "With her magic powers?" I ask. She can’t disappoint her readers totally! She nods. "With her magic powers… perhaps."

She takes a bite of her sandwich. ”And that’s why the late nights. Research. Imagine that - me, a crazy old bag lady wandering the streets of New York looking for a lost girl. But yes, I do go looking for her.’” “What,” I ask - “do you really think the heroine of your book is out there? A little lost girl with magic at her fingertips?” She puts down her sandwich and looks at me. There are tears in her eyes. ”I do.”


Kalijah AU: A regretful Elijah returns to Katherine (post season 4), but she’s not happy to see him.


Cute frazel for greyreaper :)

this was supposed a comic of this headcanon I have that Frank said the L word first without noticing and once he realised he said it out loud got so embarrassed he turned into a dog and hazel had to pet him and tell him she loved him for ten minutes before he was able to turn back, but I got lazy and I only finished the first panel so yeah


friendly reminder that you should never ever tag your reblogs of my art with ideas because I will probably just run with it.

btw generally when I draw comics it’s read from left to right but if a speech bubble is further up then you need to read that first? uhh.. sry, it’s all really messy haha


Gekkan Shoujo Week, Day 3, Favorite Ship / Favorite Friendship
——> Kashima/Hori


hetalia keychains v.3! part 1