but i cant find it hmm

halfmoon-kin asked:

outfit + era

Outfit- What’s your favorite kin-themed outfit?

- ooh man i dont have any themed clothes but ive seen some sweet coyotekin things!! :0

Era- How long have you been otherkin? How did you find out?

- hmm since..September or November 2014? I found out through a dream i had where Shredtail (aka me) possessed another cat and showed them my life which was pretty blurry so i cant remember! ;o;

allyouneedislessthan3 asked:

Hmm okay so sleepover questions: 1. How did you find or get introduced to Dan and Phil? 2. I see you're from Canada (I'm from southeast America, hello neighbor!!) do you pronounce "bag" like "beg" and "sorry" like "sore-y"? :)

heY PAL!!

1. i found phil first because i was watching charlieissocoollike (like the NERD i am) in like 2010 and phil was a recommended video (i think it was united states of phil but i cant remember???) and ofc i found dan thru phil!!


hmu 4 sleepover friday!!

anonymous asked:

Thank you!! I wish I had your figure. But Aaro I cant find your shorts ;.; do you still have the link maybe? Is the black line with the short itself? Sorry for asking so much!

hmm aha!!! I found them on ebay for you here you go I don’t think they’re up on asos anymore …sorry!! but you can try getting them from ebay…just make check if there are cheaper deals tho and make sure they’re clean (I can’t stress that enough omg) Idm qt! You’re really polite so idm answering you :–)

katemarshofficial asked:

001 and haiyaku!! (sp?)

  • Favorite character: oikawa tooru heart eyes
  • Least Favorite character: hnn i love everyone i think?? they’re all precious
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): iwaoooooi, bokuaka, kuroken, daisuga, kagehina
  • Character I find most attractive: oikawa tooru, terushima and ushijima sorry i cant pick
  • Character I would marry: oikawa?? maybe suga or akaashi
  • Character I would be best friends with: bokuto, kenma or oikawa
  • a random thought: im actually oikawa like real life version of him
  • my canon OTP: lmao um iwaoi?? there isnt a canon couple in hq i think
  • Non-canon OTP: bokuaka
  • most badass character: hmm id say oikawa when he gets serious during a match, or hinata when he’s spiking!!
  • pairing I am not a fan of: kurodai
  • character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): they’re all pretty well written id say, maybe id want more ushi but its possible theyll say more abt him
  • favourite friendship: either iwaoi or tsukki and yama
  • character I want to adopt or be adopted by: i wanna adopt kenma, also iwa-chan pls adopt me

nacseohmygod asked:

Evens 1-20.


Thank you for the ask~! *throws hearts*

2. Are relationships ever worth it? Hmm, I like to believe that it does^^
4. Are you in a relationship? No, not at the moment. 
6. Are you single this year? Yes
8. Describe your crush: My current mancrush is Dan Howell IM SORRY YOUNGJAE, I STILL LOVE YOU.BUT I CANT KEEP DESCRIBING YOU ALL THE TIME AND I HAVE A BLOG DEDICATED TO YOU. PREASE LOVE ME SENPAI. I really enjoy his sense of humor, he seems like a gentleman. He has qualities of a kind human being and is rather fascinating. Although, he describes himself as an awkward weirdo, I find that side of him to be very relatable and incredibly adorable. I also enjoy his philosophies and profound moments. He makes great efforts to live and view the world with optimism and I find that to be admirable. (and he’s very x 1004 attractive. shhhh)
10. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes. Apparently, it is possible for a human being to recognize their soul mate in the first few seconds of meeting their interest.
12. Do you forgive betrayal? Yes, I think everyone deserves to be forgiven, once they have sincerely asked for forgiveness. But, if it was like killing my mum in an impulse for money than sincerely apologizing for the crime. I would forgive but it would be hard for me to forget.
14. Do you have a crush on anyone? Not anyone in real life. HAHAHA
16. Do you have any tattoos? No, but I would like to get one someday.
20. Do you shower every day? Yes, I do~!

elsie-elaine asked:

do you have any awesome peridot/jasper fic recs?

Hmm a have read a few but my favorite is the human au one i believe its called protect me just search stephen galaxy jaspidot thats the easiest way to find it
(Plus im on mobile so i cant give a link)
Well hope you enjy the fanfiction fellow jaspidot shipper.
And sorry it too awhile to answer.

Haha I never intend to do housework, but it’s like:
Hmm, I wanna make a smoothie to get my energy levels up.
Ah, I can’t find the frozen strawberries, better tidy up the freezer a bit.
Oh no, there’s not enough soy milk, I’ll have to set the carton to dry.
There’s not enough space, I’ll have to flatten and pack away the other cartons.
Oh, these big boxes are cluttering up the paper-trash box, better pack them up
My cup is in the dishwasher? Hmm, I guess I’ll have to empty it.
Oh boy, there’s no room for the blender to dry, better put away this stuff.
Ah, this is from mom’s place? I’ll have to place it on the table so she’ll see it.
The table’s all messy, better make some room.
I can’t place it with all these crumbs on the table, better wipe it.
There’s no room in the fridge? I’ll have to organize it better.
Oh, it’s dirty in here too? Wah, even more work.
And now the trash is full, I guess I’ve gotta take it to the container.
Oh shoot, I got strawberry on my shirt! I’ll have to run the washing machine.

Yet somehow, I occasionally end up with more energy than when I started. (Because of the smoothie probs o3o)
but only sometimes, which is why making food, even something as simple as a smoothie, is such a daunting task :c

anonymous asked:

aphrodite ares & apollo

FabvOHeyy anon, i am soo soo sorry! I only just got these :(

Aphrodite: What do you find attractive in a person?: ohoo tha’s a tough one haha, well I would say, their personality, the way they express them selves etc. <3 but I also love it when people feel open about things with me and feel comfortable to share things with me and trust me :’) that way i feel like i can do the same haha :p

Ares: Opinion on war- hmm…i dunno have a massive say in it, because, again, wars are caused by conflicts which just escalate…and i dont really know what ppl have in their minds when they are at war…but, i cant say its wrong or right, but i think that if people can find a way to be calm and relaxed and talk about what is infuriating them..maybe it might prevent war…but then again, hard for me to say :p

Apollo: Favourite piece of music?: Well, i love music that i can relate to with my feelings, but some songs that i like are, Break Free (Ariana Grande), Locked out of Heaven (Bruno Mars), Im yours (Jason Marz) and loads more haha :p

thank you!! and im sooo sorry for the late reply again ._.

Send me more anons!!!

anonymous asked:

So I need advice. I think I fell in love with someone at ACen on Saturday & Im scared I'll never see him again. I never got his name or anything, aside from the selfie he asked to take with me. Its really stupid. But I kept looking up and seeing him and wed make eye contact & I swore he smiled a couple times at me and when I was leaving with my group I suddenly saw him and waved goodbye. He didnt turn to see, though. I was going to look on sun 4 him, but was sick. i cant stop thinking about him

Hmm my advice is to go to the ACen tag on tumblr, or on instagram, and look for pictures of him! If you can’t find him from there, then make a post or something asking if anyone has seen a person cosplaying (character) from (fandom), and knows anything about who he is. If he wasn’t cosplaying, then describe what he looks like maybe? I hope that helps :)

(lol for a minute when i first read this i thought this might have been me but i only remember taking a selfie with one person this weekend and it was yesterday, not on saturday :P) but yeah hope you find him! he sounds like a sweetie

stonerdiego asked:

dagger, moth, candle!!!

Dagger ❧ Tell one secret you have.

hmm!! idk if i have any secrets really?? :o im boring and usually tell people everything bc i either just cant keep it a secret or i just dont feel like i need to?? ;w;’’

Moth ❧ What do you find attractive in a person?

(gestures to you tbh)

HMM i guess mostly just!!! being nice and fun to talk to and supportive?? physically i guess!! i Rly like ppl taller than me, and also pretty eyes + lips?? >w>’’

Candle ❧ what is your favorite scent?

i rly like vanilla scented stuff?? also like. just in general the smell of incense :o

anonymous asked:

hey i was wondering if u want to trade with me the jimin or j-hope photocars because ive been trying so badly to get one of those two but i just cant find someone :(

hi hi , wow I am willing to trade one of my j-hope for jungkook if you have? c: just in time bc~ sadly the person bailed on me lol OR ill trade my jimin for taehyung !

bellejolras replied to your post:[[MOR] oh yeah you know what, that might be a…

nice! that’s me too (I think). I’m glad you’re finding words you feel like fit!!

Thank you!!

It’s just that I’m like “hmm okay so I know i’m attracted to girls but i have also dated boys and i am dating a boy and im sure i’d date a nb person but really the problem is is that i dont know because i have like, 2 female friends and maybe one nb friend and being that i’m demi i really cant test the hypothosis but i guess i could be attracted to multiple genders??? maybe?? lol who the fuck knows just roll with it”

or you know, poly. That works too. That gets the point across xD

voidqear asked:

9 and 10 for the fictkin meme ! :0

9. Do you have a favorite fan-artist or drawing of yourself?

well maya’s definitely my fave warriors artist, hmm i think my favorite (and most accurate) drawing of me is one that i cant find now but it was of me and jay and kestrel and willow…

10. Do you have any pet peeves involving your fan base?

yes!! homophobia and fatphobia and transphobia and all the kin hate and just the warriors fandom is so bad rip me

drapersward asked:

hey harry!! what happens in sh1 bc i only know what happens in sh2 :0

hey Zero!!!!

hmm,, well! to put simply theres a family going on a trip right? Harry (me), his wife (i actully cant remember if she was there but she does exist) and their daughter Cheryl. On the way a young girl walks in front of them on the road, thats alessa (also me) causing harry to swerve of the road and crash :0. Then he gets out the wreckage in the town p much but his daughter Cheryl is gone and he needs to find her!!! Theres an occult in the town called the order surrounding Alessa ect and Harry gets caught up in it and… thats p much?? the easiest way to put it w/o spoiling!!!

hmm mmmm mmMm

papers, please is giving me a really old feeling from these memories i have from the filipino side of my family.. i remember thin mattresses without bedsheets and the smell of cheap soap and plastic white chairs that stick to your thighs and . lots of relatives who love you but you dont even know their names or who they are and you cant find your ma but everyones like. takin care of you so it doesnt really matter even in that tiny little apartment in the streets with the gravel and the puddles and rain and the odd chicken or ruffled up dog hangin around outside

like old halo halo and drying cheap nail polish in front of a fan…. i havent seen that part of my family in years.. and now i dont even got my ma so. i feel like i lost something now

anonymous asked:

7, 25, 50 TMI

7:Any piercings that you want? Hm, not really..I dunno if I see myself with nose or lip piercings or anything. Kinda neat though..

25:Turn off? Oh gosh I dunno honestly..rudeness, coldness, uh reaaally hip style like, rap and mega stereotypical white girl kinda thing lol. Ignorance. Like..I dunno im pretty accepting of a lot, easier to answer turn ons I think. Oh man wait. Redneck or really southern attitudes, cant deal. I like the kindness that is sometimes present but theres a bunch of negatives.

50:Favorite movie? Uh..hmm..theres way too many..The Matrix for action, love harry potter..John Wick was amazing..Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are super awesome too. Cant narrow it down lol <3

Thanks for asking! Love to answer =3

anonymous asked:

Hello, do you know about that post appreciating Tyler Josephs love for climbing stage? I thought I saw it on your blog, but cant find it now... excuse my English and thank you :)

Hmm, I’m not sure if I know the one you mean but I’ve probably reblogged it at some point. If you search my blog for “the babes” it’ll probably show up. You might have to go back a few pages though. Don’t be sorry, your English is really good! :) You’re welcome.