but i cant find it hmm


a quick novahd vid in thanks for 4k followers - love you all xoxo
* remember to watch in 1080p!

fabelstar asked:

do you know what blogger is remaking the "be good: video for beth? And everyone gets a differerent part? I cant find it anywhere!

Hmm, no I don’t. Does anyone know?

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can u reblog that picture of u layin and ur thighs are showing i cant find it for shit lol

Hmm yeah, i guess so i can do that haha. it should be under my me page but i gotchu

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hey! I know you're into all things medieval/celtic/arthurian/paganish stuff.. I wanted to ask if you had any good new shows/movies to recomend? similar stuff to merlin, the legend of the seeker, etc? or maybe even books.. I just need a fix and I cant seem to find anything, thanks!!

Hmm now that’s actually a hard one since most stuff doesn’t deal with any of that much to my dismay. Well I can’t think of any new movies or shows, only things like Starz’ Camelot, Tristan and Isolde 2006, the Book of Kells is animated but celtic and cute and has great animation, the 1998 Merlin miniseries, there is a movie called Druids from 2001, Boudicca from 2003, oh and Centurion which is more recent and about roman soldiers who get stuck in pagan Scotland, the eagle 2011,. Lost girl includes a lot of mythology some that is celtic and pagan but that’s not the main focus of it. There is a more extensive list on imdb.

Books probably more likely:
Daughter of Ireland by Juliene Osborne McKnight - also has Song of Ireland and Bright Sword of Ireland
Any of the Sevenwaters Series books or Heart’s blood by Juliet Marillier
The twilight of Avalon series
Daughter of Lir by Diana Norman
Raven flight, swan maiden, and the white mare trilogy by Jules Watson
The princes of ireland
Marion Zimmer Bradley has pagany stuff set in Britain, like the forest house, ancestors of Avalon, etc and mists of Avalon of course
Peter treymayne writes a murder mystery series set in 7th c Ireland
Morgan Llywelyn has some books such as Druids and Lion of Ireland
Confessions of a Pagan nun by Kate Horsley
The circle and the cross series which I really want but haven’t been able to get.
And Arthurian stuff I would say the series by Nancy Mckenzie, Helen hollick, and the Mary Stewart trilogy. I have many more Arthurian ones too if I looked at my kobo. Also check goodreads list of celtic fiction they have a lot up there.

I hope you can find something in there that helps! And thanks for asking me :D


This is what i found myself during the whole days since november. I cant find peace to study better. Hmm not being thankful enuf ha. Okay2. I admit that all this alarm not functioning at the proper volume with the highest one! I cant even wake up dude! Uargh cry. I missed 4 night to study and completing my assignment. 😂😂 just cry u lady! U deserve this!

So. I just woke up with this time!!! Omg now i need to complete all my assignment in one day or at least from 4am to 9am with 5hours. Enuf is it? Then i’ll go to PKNS Shah Alam to ask for the setem hasil! I got the mybrain scholarship. Alhamdulillah. I need to settle down this at least by today for all the preparation and guarantor sign. 😁 at least And and for the UTM master fees with 4.25k to be paid!!! If not i might not get into the examination hall and answer those favorite quests! Sentap.

Okay so all of that things will take me to study in the library UTM Mybe from 4pm till 10pm at least. I need to study seriously i will take my 2nd test for formation evaluation subject. So mybe i’ll Check it out for my mybrain requirement to fill up the things and completing all the photocopy session to bring to the library.
Oh almost forgot i need to wash my car and keep this room in a tidy and clean before i going out to do my things. Ya Allah pls bless me. Im so slow to handle my things and keep them in a good track or even at the right way. I messed up sometimes but I’m trying to buckle up again.

I think I’m proud and love myself.
I just don’t know how can i survive with all of these things.
Allah knows. May i found someone to share all my hard and ease. May he will accept all my flaws and sharing our hard and happy situation together. Haippp! Tiba2. Haha

Hmm what i gonna do now is to take a shower! Okay bye.