but hes still as awkward as ever

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What's the most awkward proposition for sex you've ever had? Any and all characters tbh

Sexual Sunday

"This kid, barely just eighteen, brought me a good chunk of his college fund. He didn’t want to go off to school still a virgin and- God, he was so sweet and nervous. I felt bad. I told him about how I was a virgin until I got to school too, and he seemed relieved. Sent him off with his tuition. Here’s hoping he’s getting laid to his heart’s content now."

"Aw now, it takes an awful lot of guts to proposition someone so clearly out of your league. I should know, shouldn’t I? Probably this one woman I arrested, already falling down drunk. Offered to blow me through the bars for a cigarette. Didn’t do it, obviously. Kept an eye out to make sure no one actually took her up on the offer too."

"Some guy who asked me if the carpet matched the drapes when I was blonde once. Gross."

"First time I ever got drunk with Gem and he came on to me. Might have taken him up on it too if he hadn’t called me by a different name. Deal breaker there."


every westallen scene ever (35/?)

artynerd23 replied to your post : What do you think about doing a fiction about an…

And he asked for permission?! ;_______; *sobs in a dark and cold lonely corner*

Yeah, it was really cute because he and my dad, at the time, both worked together and that’s how we met. I’d visit my dad and Papa Bear’s office was right next door.

Last picture I’ll take of baby M in the nicu. I said goodbye to the day shift nurses and wanted to hug them, but I’m awkward and just ran away before I could start crying. They’ve done so much for our boy, more than I ever could since he’s been out the womb. He’s been officially discharged, papers signed, but we have to wait for dad to get off work so we can go collect him together! Plus I can’t carry heavy stuff..still in recovery. Speaking of, I had my follow up appt. and everything is healing. I get to carefully peel off the white strips from my cut. I still feel like if I touch it my guts will blow. I’m scared to look at it too! I still have zero feeling or muscle control in like 1/2 my belly so the fat dangles like a deflated, melting balloon. Still have bruises from blot clot injections. Swelling has gone 90% down in my legs & feet and I can walk normally again! Oh and hey, I lost 18lbs! Bed rest and stress is a horrible diet..ha but anyway, I’m recovering just fine! Our hospital journey is almost over..alllmost there. Then we can go home and be complete & hopefully never ever look back..if not only to visit and say thank you to all the beautiful nurses that took care of me and then Makoa! 💙💙💙 #MakoaKai_

This is for markiplier, whom, I believe, is still in the hospital. 

Get well soon, Mark!! We love you!!!!

((I know some of the images are blurry and I’m sorry this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this)) 


OMG, why isn’t anyone stopping meeeeeeeeeeee!

LG Optimus One

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okay i just watched this before i left for class and practice and then you send it? GURL

i have a few issues though…

  • First. Jiyong sent that smurf flying?! THEN HE SMIRKS EVILY?!?! R00D
  • Top just looks awkward and it’s cute…. NEXT >.>
  • Next the proportion of Tae’s weight to the smurfs if off. UNFAIR ADVANTAGE
  • After, DAESUNGGIE. WHHHHHHHHHHHAT. HOW ARE THEY FRIENDLY AFTER HE MADE DAESUNGGIE CRY?! anyone need some blue skin? i’m about to obtain some >:/ (jk… somewhat)
  • LAST. riri oppa. did they have to? i mean COME ON. really -____-

Okay i’m done. Off i go to do art shit~~~

Your Ever-Critic Mei

(i still adore you :MUAH:)

So I’m rewatching Supernatural from the beginning for the first time and I caught something that I never noticed before.

In episode 1 when Dean comes to ask Sam for help finding their dad, he says “I haven’t bothered you for the past two years.” However, in the first season, Sam is 22, and I assume that he’s been away at Stanford since age 18. That leaves two years from age 18-20 that Sam and Dean were still in contact. 

Now I’m really curious about what happened during those two years that Sam was away at Stanford but still talking to Dean. How often did they talk, and did they talk on the phone or through letters? Did they fight? Were they on good terms, or was the conversation forced and awkward small-talk? Did Dean ever come to visit Sam? What happened to make them stop talking again for two years? I must know

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would you ever write steve/female!bucky or female!tony?

It’s funny, a prompt I got MONTHS ago was basically asking me to write a oneshot where Loki uses his magic to put a spell on Steve to turn him into a female for 24 hours (without anyone but Loki knowing the time span on the spell), and there’s an established relationship already with Bucky, and Steve’s still super awkward with women, so he’s totally falling all over the place being IN a woman’s body now (like, being flustered and red the whole time, and too shy to even look at his own body cause he feels like it’d be disrespectful somehow). And then Bucky basically helps Steve feel comfortable in it, which leads to Bucky turning on the old prewar charm and showing Steve exactly why he had a reputation for knowing how to treat a lady just right (if ya know what I mean heuheuheu).

Ultimately, I held off on writing it because as hard as I’d work to also treat the prompt tastefully and NOT make it misogynistic (cause Bucky and Steve would have nothing but the utmost respect for women, and it’d translate into the scenes clearly), I was far too terrified that there’d still be people who’d try to twist everything around and start a tirade against me lol (we know how colorful my asshole anons can get) So I never wrote it.

I wouldn’t be opposed to writing something like what you suggested one day. However, I know a lot of people aren’t comfortable with changing characters genders in fanfiction, so I’d be a little hesitant about how to go about it. I might be a little more comfortable making one of the characters trans instead in that sort of oneshot. But I’m not saying no :) Just that that’s one of the few prompts that make me a little nervous cause I know it’s such a tricky one on Tumblr, let alone within the fandom.

Barry confessed how in love with Iris he'd always been. Their whole life. She was shocked ...frozen.

She didn’t say anything, not to be cruel, but because she utterly didn’t know what to say, think or do.

I think she believed she knew everything about her best friend, to find out that she may not know him at all…and now to find out he’s the Flash too. She’s going to be hurt, so hurt.

To get news that changes your life, can knock you off a ladder. She didn’t even get a moment to react before Barry got up and left the house. Then he’s telling her he’s happy for her and Eddie. Still not giving her a chance. It got awkward a yes, but they never talked about it. Then he tells her he no longer has feelings for her and starts dating someone else.

When did Iris ever have a chance to really explain how she was feeling? Poor Iris has been holding these feelings in. She’s having to try to make sense of it on her own. Her best friend is ignore her too. And her dad acts like she’s basically no longer welcome in her own house.

I’m so thrilled that Iris will do some investigating. I want her to find out the truth on her own.

I believe she’ll find out Barry is the Flash next episode and she’ll kiss him too (kiss before she finds out he’s the Flash because when she finds out, I think she’ll be SO hurt and disappointed). But he’ll tell her. Then, he’ll have to undo time and go back and change things. She’ll no longer remember the kiss or the reveal. That’s when I think Iris will go to the lab and figure it out on her own. And then she’ll be even more hurt as more time goes by.


Iris deserves so much more. But she’s amazing and she’ll get down to the bottom of not only finding out the truth about Barry, but about her feelings for him. Feelings that I think have always been there.

But I do believe that like that tid-bit from the article stated, after Iris forgets about the kiss/reveal, Barry won’t forget. I think he’ll be working with Iris a lot more as the Flash and flirt with her as well. I see linda and him being over for sure. And the only way he can show how in love he is for her, will be through the Flash.

I do think she’s realizing slowly her feelings for Barry…but it’ll really start to show through her interactions with the Flash. Because I think the Flash reminds her of Barry in a way. In a way she knows it’s him I think.

One thing is certain, Westallen is about to take over The Flash! And Iris West will actually have a bigger storyline and more screen time. Thank God!

She’s not going anywhere. So please stop hating on such an incredible character! Candice should win an award for how well/natural she plays Iris. It’s amazing.

Those Four Times.

Prompt: Beginning/s.
Entry for Day 1 of the 30 Day Haikyuu Writing Challenge.
Pairing: IwaOi (Iwaizumi Hajime x Oikawa Tooru).
Length: 2, 061 words.

I know that it’s a little bit late, but here is my contribution for the first day. This is actually, also, my first ever piece for the Haikyuu!! fandom and I am excited to churn out more for you guys. For the first prompt, I decided to go with the character I love the most, and my ultimate OTP. Iwaizumi is my king, my bae, my everything, and he surely needs more appreciation. This is the first ever ficlet I’ve done in this kind of perspective, so I hope you enjoy it! And super duper thank you to the people at 30dayhqwriting​ for providing us with such wonderful prompts!

Note that I used a lot of my headcanons for Iwa-chan and Oikawa here! So if some new or unusual information is presented, it’s probably of my own conjuring.


The first time you fall for him was when you two first met. You were an awkward boy - unable to find it in yourself to approach others, no matter how much you wanted to. He came to you one day, introduced himself as Tooru, and ever since then, the two of you had been inseparable. You still think about that fateful day, about what had induced him to reach out to you. You were never anything special, and you still aren’t, in your opinion. Had it been all on a whim? Whatever the reason behind his extension of a hand of friendship was, you are grateful.

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Can you do a Drabble for 38 with loki and just like the reader

"You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes."

You straighten yourself as much as you can and the smacked Loki’s chest – which makes you lose your balance again.

“Whoa now, careful,” he catches your elbow, steadying you. “Come on, let’s find you somewhere to sit. You can’t stand like this.”

Still woozy, you allow Loki to lead you to a bench without protesting.

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[lays down]


Okay, I think I’ve got this. 

Alison’s nickname for Lucas was always ‘hermy’ and she said he was born with both parts. 

What if there is some truth to that?

What if Lucas is transgender and was sent to Radley by his father to ‘straighten out’? I feel like Mrs. Dilaurentas was okay with him wanting to dress like a girl as per the two yellow dresses. (As many of you guys have said)

I think something happened at Radley involving Toby’s mom and Bethany Young and Charles/Lucas, but I don’t have much to go on for that. 

Anyways, I think that when they declared Charles/Lucas mentally ‘stable’ he went into Alison’s grade since he was perhaps a little bit socially awkward. 

Maybe he thinks that Alison is the ‘favourite’ because he was adopted out, Jason was a demon child, and Alison pretty much got everything she ever wanted. Through manipulation, but still.


If anyone has anything to add or contradict please do!!

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i sent this guy a sext and he hasn't answered in like 2 hours and i dont think he ever will and i feel so fucking embarrassed idk what to do i think im gonna cry

Babe do you know if he read it??

And who TF cares .

1) he’s probably taken aback by the beautiful goddess /God/ethereal person you are and he had to take a breather plus a blunt

2) he’s an ugly ass noodle head and god’s probably telling you to ditch him and find another boy

3) repeat steps 1 and 2

But if he’s still not answering break the silence by saying something awkward /cute

Like you’re comfortable with WHATS happening but you secretly wanna past out cute❗️❗️

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Any headcannons for how Sweden and Germany would be as a boyfriend, please? :3

(yessssss minecraft dork and doggy dork—)

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald would be more awkward than most as a boyfriend, but happy to oblige if you ever wanted to kiss/snuggle. He would mostly show affection in private, when there wasn’t anyone(mostly Arne)to tease him about it. He would also try to teach you how to play Minecraft if you didn’t already know, happy to pass on some knowledge of his own, even if it wasn’t exactly knowledge that could save your life.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig would also be very awkward around you, blushing if you were to hold his hand or bury your face in the crook of his neck. He would still be more dominant, cuddling you during the night or kissing you if you asked him. He would especially like it if you had a soft spot for dogs, since you would play with his dogs and keep them busy while he worked.