I hold no grudges
I come bearing forgiveness
Only love
Even if it’s not enough

In which Lily actually wants to fill the form out

I can’t believe I’m actually filling this thing out. (You wanted to!)


I’m lonely and cold and in need of a cuddle buddy so fill this out.

Name:Lily Evans

Age: 18

Gender: Lady (Umm sweetie)

Phone number: James, do you even know what a phone is? (NO BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER)

Address: NOT James Potter’s bed, whatever the rumours are. (though his bed is comfy.) (So that was just Sirius in a wig last night?)

Top Five Movies: Life of Brian. (We went to this together & it was great.) The Jungle Book. Holy Grail. The Deer Hunter. (WHY ARE YOU HUNTING DEER? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY.) Help! The Beatles. 

Five Random Facts About Yourself: I am a red head, not a ginger. My boyfriend is a prat. (Ow.) I prefer the Beatles to the Rat Pack. Clearly I have rubbish taste in blokes. (WOW.) I’m extremely wonderful.

Do you mind if I give you a cute nickname?: No. If it’s Ginger I will hex you. (Oops.)

Can we build a fort?: Yes. 

Will there be random junk food and food fights?: Yes. Duh.

Do you mind kissing?: No. Seriously who minds kissing?? (I definitely don’t.) Well I know that don’t I.

Include one or all.




(Look at our frolicking babies Evans! LOOK!) You can’t be serious. 

James BlackSirius Black / Remus Lupin / Peter Pettigrew / James Potter (by Sirius Black) / Snivellus 

[130408] Kiss the Radio
  • RW:“Henry-ssi when was your first love?”
  • Henry:“I.. have only dated one person so far”
  • Guest:“Are you going to tell us her name?”
  • Henry:“No no.. I had started dating her in middle school.. we dated for 7 years…”
  • RW:“Do you still talk with her?”
  • Henry:“I purposely do not contact her. She’s in Canada right now and I don’t talk to her.. If I were to talk to her … I would fall in love with her again.. So I don’t meet her even when I go to Canada.”
  • [credit:NKSubs]

So, take this night.
Lay me down on the street.
I know I’m not forgiven,
But I hope that I’ll be given
Some peace.

For you the-fashionable-assassin <3

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you recommend any good JohnDave fics for me please??

god bless no problem man
bolded means it made me cry maybe hah

-Silence is Golden  (mute!john)

-The Heir and His Knight (nsfw)

-First Door Down (nsfw) (college au)

-Cat Got Your Tongue (nsfw) (neko!john) (read his whole writing blog tbh)

-Got You Flowers (this is his writing blog) (THEY GET MARRIED!!)

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instead of fixing up 2715’s blog I just might bring him here…

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