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FIS World Cup Event - Willingen 30.01.2015 
Kamil Stoch - 1st Round: 147,5 meters

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Fic prompt: You said in your tags that you love when any of DT's characters do the dad thing. Ten and Rose are on a planet and he ends up holding a baby somehow. Rose remarks that he handles kids well, and Ten ends up telling her about his children.

It all happened so fast.  They were browsing the stalls at one of the markets on the red planet Zolas, which Rose said sort of looked like ancient Greece or something but on Mars.  They were known for their goods made from the bark of a unique tree that grew there.  It was white, like birch, but had a glossy texture almost like marble.  It made beautiful jewellery.  

Rose was eyeing some while the Doctor was talking to one of the local women.  She was holding a toddler and had another child maybe a couple years older clinging to her leg.  Rose was just about to see how one of the ornate clips looked in her hair when she heard the woman call out after the older one who had gone running through the crowded stalls.  She shoved the child she was holding into the Doctor’s arms and ran after him.  

The Doctor stood there, dumbfounded, holding the child out almost at arm’s length.  

"Not exactly what I was looking for," he said half to himself.

Rose poked her head out behind his shoulder.

"He’s quite cute," she said, smiling and cooing at him.  

The child widened his mouth as if he were about to smile, but instead he burst into distressed screams and sobs.  

"Oh, no.  No, don’t cry," she said.  He didn’t listen, probably because he couldn’t hear her over his own wails.  

The Doctor hushed him softly as he brought him in and cradled him against his chest.  He bounced him a bit and rubbed his back.  The screams had started to turn to whimpering sobs.

"Yeah, it’s alright, huh?  Don’t you worry; your mum’ll be back faster than you can say raxacoricofallapatorius!"

The Doctor gave the little one a big toothy smile and turned to look at Rose, who smiled back at him.  He looked like a dad, like a proper dad.  It was beautiful.

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Hi! I really love your Scott/Stiles fan art and I just wanted to let you know (as if the tags on my reblogs were not like, enough of that, hah). I hope you'll draw more of them in the future. <3

aaaAHHH oh my gosh thank you so much [and I definitely plan on drawing more of them in the future!]

DJD valentines - For that special someone (Unless they're a traitor)

- Let’s press our faces together, valentine
- You get free admission to the gun-show, valentine
- I can’t mask my love for you
- I’m lost for words around you, valentine
- Face it, valentine, you’re the prime target of my affection.
- My love is only aimed at you, valentine

- Your love is truly electrifying
- I’m blinded by your beauty, valentine
- It’s shocking that you’re not mine yet, valentine
- If I had eyes, they’d only be for you, valentine
- I couldn’t chair less for the others, I only love you, valentine
- Sparks fly when we’re together, valentine.

- Let me voice my love for you, valentine
- You make my spark explode with affection, valentine
- You’re next on my ‘To Do’ list, valentine
- You’re my new addiction, valentine
- It would be a grave injustice if you weren’t mine, valentine
- Are you Megatron? Because I can’t stop thinking about you, valentine
- My loyalty to you could never waver, valentine

- You make me glow inside when I’m with you, valentine
- I’ll get you all hot and bothered, valentine
- Our love will never burn out, valentine
- My heart melts when I see you, valentine
- You’re the only one that makes my temperature rise, valentine
- You’re a hot object I’d like to handle, valentine

- You spin me right round, valentine
- Your love has got me in pieces, valentine
- Care for a little bump and grind, valentine?
- There isn’t a shred of doubt about my love for you, valentine.
- I’d be cut up if you weren’t mine, valentine
- You get my blades whirring, valentine.

- We’d kill for a chance to have you, valentine
- We’re guilty of loving you, valentine
- You’ll be breathless once we’re through with you, valentine

people like you, people in silks and velvets, who talk and judge. 

tevinter fashion + jean paul gaultier, etc.

i find it hilarious that so many klainers/blaine stans talked about how ooc blaine cheating on kurt was but when it comes to blaine cheating on dave with kurt it’s totally fine and okay and YAY OTP TOGETHER FOREVER like lol fuck you guys

One thing that N didn’t understand about Touko was how she seemed to suddenly decide to sit on him. On one hand, that was something Pokémon did often; especially Zoroark when he was looking for affection. But on the other hand, he’d never seen a person do that, except for her. Maybe this was one of those ‘girlfriend things’ she’d told him about.

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i liked my eyebrows today 


I finally got around to making the follow forever that I’ve been promising for months! I present to you, pentagrammed’s follow forever 2k15, a wide selection of blogs that make up the fandoms, bandoms, politics and everything else I like seeing on my dash headed by a poorly done, two minute graphic and ten minutes in html fixing the url setup for this.

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