but he's never touched it

  • Cullen is straight gang:omg you only want him to be bi so you can make him fuck boys
  • Cullen is straight gang:btw he didn't sleep for 2 nights bc he was banging quizzy
  • Cullen is straight gang:and hes into quizzies vagoo so much he forgets lyrium
  • Cullen is straight gang:also he never touched anyone but quizzie but he's already a sex god who doms like no ones business
  • Cullen is straight gang:lol I bet he's thinking of nailing the inquisitor in this pic :)
  • Cullen is straight gang:and they have constant sex whenever theyre around each other btw
  • Cullen is straight gang:did we mention he eats her out like no tomorrow even though quizzies the first person he's been with??

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can you please link me to any fics where dan/phil dies and becomes an angel/ghost/whatever and somehow communicates with the other?

A Small EternityDan is a sort of ghost who can never be touched by a human, or he’ll disappear. Phil falls in love with him anyway.

Haunted (PG-13 although tw: death, in which Dan is a ghost. Just. Because.)

MonsterPhil may have most definitely tried to bring his dead boyfriend back to life, after Dan Howell lost his life after electrocuting himself at the BBC. But is it really Dan he brings back?

My BurdenPhil is tired of being special, something that Dan looks up to him because. Phil is tired off the dark circles under his eyes. Phil is tired of constant screaming of pain in his ears. Phil is tired of seeing the dead.


Watching You - Phil is a ghost and watches Dan everyday.

Where The Lines Overlap - When Dan sees someone about to commit suicide, he decides to help them, but not everything turns out quite as planned- he certainly didn’t expect to see the ghost of fragile, lonely Phil Lester.

~ Tori

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She steps in front of the taller, gazing at him intently. It looks like he has something on her mind, but instead of speaking, she only reaches up, brushing a few stray hairs from his eyes. Her hand lingers against his bangs—still confused, but thankful for the strange sandy color it now was. Her hand shifted towards the two circular marks on his cheek, fingers brushing against it lightly. She says nothing, but a bashful look of relief is apparent on her face. She's just happy he's alive.

He receives the approachal with a gentle smile, pulling down the sketchbook and pencil on his knees. A tilt to the side is made, the question of why she’s here in the living room of the base almost slipping from his tongue before stunned silence replaces it.

A couple of blinks coming along with the perplexed gaze, until, it softens at the touch. Takane never does anything without reason, he has figured.

He doesn’t say anything, letting her roam and wonder, and doe-like eyes lost themselves on her features — searching for the vivid bashfulness, and it’s so endearing, his face tickles in joy. The brush on his circular marks causes a fit of low laughter, the quivery sensation bubbling up on him and he wraps his arms on her smaller frame, dropping his utensils and sketchbook.

Burying his face on her shoulder, a smile blossoms on his face, staying still to keep the moment the longest. He’s happy to have her here.


[about the way Jon is affected by the death of Ygritte] He’s obviously destroyed about it but he’s lost many people in the past. (x)

they have to cross a park to get to antonio’s place.

and sometimes, when no one’s around, lovino will hold toño’s hand and suffocate himself with the groceries


@TaronEgerton: The last three people I have played have been called Eddie.
That’s all I do now, it’s like my thing.


Kanye is gone
His hands always ashy
He never got lip balm on
He think he Omarion in the Touch video
Let him go


"No, you don’t, you don’t understand! None of you do - you’re Dwarves. You used to - to this life, to living on the road, never settling in one place, not belonging anywhere.

I am sorry, I didn’t…”

the doctor and rose tyler
in the tardis
as it should have been


Samwise Gamgee A Very Concerned Husband Hobbit