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i never preordered whenever if ever because my (at the time) girlfriend said she wanted to get it for me but she ended up cheating on me with some kid who thinks he's kawaii or some shit because he watches a bunch of anime. i ended up downloading your album for free

I was once with someone who cheated on me. She hated World Is and always told me about it. Now she posts about being mad at always seeing our name online. Also pretty sure she went on a date after we broke up and the kid was wearing a world is shirt. Hopefully the lp helped you out after that ordeal. A few illegally downloaded Russian Circles records helped me out after that shitty experience. P.s. There’s nothing wrong with anime.


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i said that i hated physics once after class and someone in the hall asked if id rather float into space and not be able to throw a ball. i hate physics.


that unexpected but highly enjoyable feeling when it turns out you have more money than you thought you did



((So as some may have noticed, I’ve hardly been on this week thus far. That is because of school. This year my grades are very important, and all my courses are written based so assignments and test take a lot of time. So this is basically a psa that I’ll probably not be very active for now.

I need to focus on school and basically making sure I take care of my basic needs which I have been neglecting for some time now. I wont be on very often save in the evenings, and that depends solely on how tired I am and if I want to stay up. I’m not sure about weekends but I do want to continue to come on her. Roleplaying is one of the only things I still find happiness doing so I really don’t want to give it up, but I do need to take care of school so I will probably be a bit scarcer for a time.))

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Hi! So your blog has convinced me more about JohnLock than possibly anybody on the interwebs. :) I was wondering about a gif that was doing the rounds a while ago, in which Sherlock reaches into John's pocket for something, and John just moves his hand out of the way with complete trust. Does this sound familiar to you/ do you know which episode this is from? Thanks.

My main goal in starting this blog was to help convince somebody, because I enjoyed the show so much more once someone convinced me. Thank you, angel! xo

I think the gif that was circulating was this one from sherlockspeare:


It’s Sherlock taking John’s gun out of his coat pocket at the end of His Last Vow, and it’s one of my favorite things.  

So John and Sherlock are out on Magnussen’s balcony thing, surrounded by helicopters and a squad of trained snipers from the British Government and being told to stand back, and Sherlock reacts by reaching for a gun.  

This move is patently insane.  It’s pretty much the worst reaction that anybody has ever had to anything ever.

How does John “Trust Issues” Watson respond?  Apparently by thinking “how could this go wrong, it’s Sherlock's plan, I knew he'd have one.”  Because he just moves his arm out of the way without even a questioning glance.  

Just, goddamn.

I love how much people in my small corner of the neighborhood appreciate Schatzie. Every time my mom or I take her out, we get smiles and compliments of how cute, nice, or pretty she is. When she’s out front sitting behind the gate, parents bring their babies or toddlers by to see her. Children always comment on her when they pass by. They’ll run past the house on the way home from school and yell, “Hi dog!” One kid passes by and when Schatzie’s inside the house and not at the gate, he’ll be like, “Oh, the dog’s not there. :(“

Our neighbor across the way (who also has a dog), gives Schatzie dog treats, and once someone else gave Schatzie a new, unopened bag of blueberry dog treats as well, which she loved. A lot of people see us and ask what kind of dog she is. When we’re walking in the neighborhood in the evening, even the people who look kind of sketchy have nothing to say to us except a smile or “hi” for the dog. 

Schatzie could literally have been a UN Goodwill Ambassador, except the UN was sleeping on the job as usual and didn’t come to recruit her. She’s such a ray of sunshine. 

my brother once got fired cuz someone shoplifted in store when he was on duty
actions DO have consequences. the ceo wont miss that shirt or candy bar but im sure workers will miss their jobs

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I'm not sure what to think about OQ break up, I mean we all knew it'll happen and he'll choose Marian for now, but I hate that once again someone who loves Regina doesn't put her first, there's always something or someone more important than her. She's never anyone's priority.

This is a hard one to answer. Anyone else feel free to add to my ramblings.

That’s how she’s going to see it, I’m sure, but that was not what he was trying to do. He would have hated himself for being with her against his “code”, and he doesn’t want to do that to either of them. 

But yeah…the reason it hurt is…like Cora valuing power over her daughter’s wishes, Robin is putting some abstract ideal first rather than Regina. But the thing is it isn’t an abstract ideal to him—it’s how he lives with himself, and he’s not doing it out of self-interest, he’s doing it because to violate it and be with her would poison their relationship irrevocably. 

She had not trusted another adult with her feelings since Daniel, and he’s broken that trust, but he was put in an impossible situation and he did not do it to hurt her. He told her what he did so she would know that she was enough for him, that she was right to trust him, that without this freak accident of fate he would absolutely be with her. 

There is a difference between what we mean to say, and how those words are perceived.

And on another note—he is not perfect. She will have to learn to forgive him for how she felt after that conversation, not necessarily because what he did is easily excusable, but because sometimes the people who love us hurt us, and we have the choice to either let it eat up the relationship, or move past it and accept that a hurtful decision doesn’t make a bad person. For better or worse, what Robin did is part of who he is, and she wouldn’t love him if he were somebody else. She has to accept that about him, even if she doesn’t particularly like it at the moment.

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Regina having someone who would put her first no matter what doesn't mean that the relationship is all about her and her needs, tho. It just means that Regina finally has someone who loves her and makes her his first choice. That's why this storyline is so disappointing, because once again Regina is someone's second choice, she's not enough. Robin will change his mind later, but the damage is already done, especially if he waits til Marian dies to go back to Regina.

I can honestly see where you’re coming from. Initially I was going to completely disagree, until I saw the “damage is already done” line because seeing her expressions in the office and then in the forest killed me. Even knowing it would happen, seeing the smile drop the moment the “but” came out was horrible. Then when her head dropped after saving Marian, I mean that was hard to watch and I imagine seeing the man she had just fallen for going to another woman hurt. So yes, damage has been done.

BUT, honestly think of what that would have meant for Robin if he didn’t go to Marian initially. I agree there could have been other options. I can defend his actions but I could have defended him not just choosing immediately as well. I do believe that maybe he could have just stopped and regrouped and not focused on moving either relationship forward and focused more on how they all felt and what his relationship with Regina meant for everything now. Robin’s reaction wasn’t my favorite one by any stretch of the imagination, but the one thing I can say is, that if he had immediately dropped his newly resurrected wife on the spot for Regina without any consideration, that would have been wrong. To turn away from Marian when none of this was her fault and in her mind, they’re married and a family- a much as I’d have wanted to and tried, I don’t think I could have come up with a defense for that, you know what I mean? 

I want someone to want to do everything they can for Regina and Robin does want to. I mean look at him-


Does it look like he wants to leave her? He looks like he’s in physical pain doing this. 

If you follow my blog you know how incredibly obsessed I am with Regina. All I want is for her son to love her and just be her son again and her to find the happy ending she’s been searching for forever. I believe that’s Robin and his decision did not alter that assumption for a second. 

We need to be realistic here and acknowledge the impossible situation he is in and learn to bend a little. Relationships have to be able to bend. Regina has to be able to understand his position and Robin has to be allowed room to figure things out. I want everything for Regina but that’s not right. 

Just hang in there. 

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what do you think about liam saying shane picked amy over him?

I actually have quite a lot of feelings about this scene.

I mean at first I was just very shocked and confused because it seemingly came out of nowhere. Safe to sat Liam had a little tantrum and I think that’s an important factor to note. I think he himself know that his feelings about Shane’s ‘Betrayal’ are childish and more than a little misguided.

I think we can all relate to how he feels, even if it’s not stricly a logical. I think Liam is scared because for once Shane put someone else first. Shane and Amy have a connection which Liam and Shane will never be able to have. However accepting Liam is of Shane’s sexuality, he’ll never fully be able to comprehend what it’s like to have those confusing feelings and this is something Shane and Amy have clearly bonded over.

Do I think Liam’s reaction is warranted? No, not at all. And to be honest I don’t think Liam thinks that either. He’s hurt and feeling guilty and although I don’t think he blames Amy for their encounter, she is currently a pretty substantial block to his relationship with Karma. In more than one way.

Karma has chose Amy over Liam and in some ways Shane chose her over him too. He’s clearly feeling insecure about the important relationships in his life and given the family issue he’s has, I’m betting there aren’t a lot of people he’s close to and that he trusts.

We know Liam and Shane are going to struggle this season, in part because of the new guy on the scene. I think it would be very simplistic to say that the issue are starting with Theo. Theo to me is an escape for Liam and a chance to have a fried who is only interested in him and not wrapped up in the other drama in his life. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out…

As always i’d be interested to know what you guys think :).

After those hard break ups all the lies and cheating, I didn't believed in love anymore. I honestly thought about all the guys the same just asshole's. But then you came I thought you were just like the rest and I was rude when you were acting sweet. I was rude because I thought you were going to hurt me eventually. I didn't believed you were different or that you were serieus with me. But for once someone kept doing effort for me and that was a really surprise. You were really fighting for me and I thought maybe I need to get to know him. and on the second of may we were together and I hope we are together forever but I learned not to hope to much because in the past I learned everything can be gone or can be broken in just one second. But I hope you're the one because you really make me the happiest person on earth and I feel good by you and you're just perfect for me sweetheart I love you with all of my heart and I wish I was with you right now.♥