but felicity has so many cute moments

I do have to wonder how Barry will get his cute little self to Nanda Parbat.

Has he been there this whole time, waiting for the exact moment when he can rescue Oliver’s team? And under Oliver’s orders? Does Felicity call him to help them? Does Oliver tell him his plan, when he visits Central City? So many questions….

I love him stating the obvious to TA. He believes in Oliver and right now he seems to be the only one =(. But I think with what he’ll tell them in the next episode,will call them into action even with broken trust. Barry’s intervention is what will help Olicity get thru this. His words will somehow make Felicity believe in the man she loves and want to help him again. Something has to get her there and I believe it will be our sweet Barry. I wish he would stay and help but from the extended promo it looks like he’ll just get them out of the cell and back to SC and be gone. I wanted more of him in Starling darn it! Maybe next season.