cooking for a cherished person with abba-o-lantern.

Abba is the sort of person who can light up an entire room with her mere presence, and this is no less true in the kitchen, with the most remarkable results.

It is very rare that you meet someone like her, with whom you can share passionate talk of healthy ingredients, recipes that are true treasures, utensil maintenance and how everything can combine to make a beautiful meal. It is rather refreshing, in all honesty.

When the two of you are done, you set two plates on the table, filled to the brim with scent and flavor and love, and as soon as you are sat down, she beckons you to lean over, which you do with a curious smile.

"Let’s see if you can really do spicy," she chuckles, and you take a sip from the wooden spoon she offers.

Your whole mouth lights up with each drop, and you must make a sound because she laughs more. But you brave the spice with determination and everlasting Egbert poise, thoroughly tasting the food and swallowing.

You groan and take a new spoonful yourself.

"You are not getting away without telling me how you concoct this magic!"

happy asexual spectrum awareness week B)

I want to draw a “When Dunban isn’t home” thing

As in Mumkhar playing trombone and a little Fiora banging the oven door

But I don’t know if I’ll be able to for awhile (working on other stuff), so yeah