So... I decided to present Jimin to my mother today

Me: Hey mom, I shall present Jimin to you. 

My mother: He’s from BTS right? Right?

Me: Yeh. Let me show you a pic of him before BTS were ‘famous’ 


My mother: Awn he’s cute. I love his cheeks, he looks playful and adorable.

Me: I know right? Now let me show you Jimin 2 days ago oki?


My mother: *endless gasp* Holy crap…Are you sure it’s the same guy? The one with the puppy eyes and chubby cheeks? How can…How…? *pats my shoulder* Good luck honey *exit my room* (She knows the Park Jimin struggle)


laterovaries you were saying something about Bad Boy Tom??…. Also tagging lokiwholockfactory insatiablebookslut iamthebadwolf85 smittentomkitten tag on….

do you ever feel like you’re in an abusive relationship with a television show, like they keep abusing you and you keep coming back to your abuser like they’re somehow going to change, and when they don’t, you’re surprised again