Bleach — Ichigo Kurosaki

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long, black haired Ichigo…damn look at him

like neither this post nor the previous post is meant to imply that all private schools are Great or whatever and i’m sure this doesn’t apply across the board but i really can never stress the extent of non-academic advantages conferred by private schools, like for all i talk about my weird complexes about intellect and achievement and interpersonal awkwardness i both feel naturally at ease negotiating with authority figures and intuitively understand certain codes that make me more likely to get what i want (other than being yknow white and a native english speaker) which is something i think about when i think about all the Sorry I Was Too Busy Crying To Write The Paper Can We Work Something Out emails i’ve sent in my life. and like obviously people who wind up in private schools are already more likely to absorb that kind of mentality at home (I Read An Article One Time abt how middle/upper class kindergarteners are more likely to ask teachers for help which in turn makes teachers view them more favorably) soooo this is often another one of the gaps private schools widen, basically.

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top 6 fifth harmony songs GO

okay!!!!! obviously based off of the live performances that we’ve seen for most of these buuuut:

  • reflection!!!!! i’m obsessed with this song. i want it every. i want the lyrics tattooed on my body. BOY, I AIN’T TALKIN ABOUT YOU I’M TALKIN TO MY OWN REFLECTION. this is the stuff of LEGEND. (also the fact that they included an entire verse about dressing up exactly how you want for no one but yourself???? WHAT A GROUP.)
  • going nowhere: THAT CHORUS, MAN. THAT FUCKING CHORUS. the drop into it is my FAAAAAAVE and literally the only negative of this song is that gross boys have covered it and changed the pronouns and made it gross otherwise it is beautiful
  • over: i know that this song has gotten flack in some parts of this fandom but i REALLY LOVE IT. i really really really love it. and not only because it’s given me So Much in terms of my priorities but i think it’s so pretty and kind of nostalgic and i loooooove camila’s verse in the opening
  • we know: SO WONDERFUL. just a really good song all around and i’m so glad this is the one we’ve gotten hq acoustic versions of. and so good lyrically: WE GIRLS GOT TOGETHER AND WE KNOW YOU’RE A FUCKING ASSHOLE. SO SUCKS TO BE YOU. 
  • them girls be like: KILLER MELODY. i wish the message was clearer, but MAN. melodically, this song DESTROYS IT. also their voices sounds so so so good it’s such a jam
  • que bailes conmigo hoy: it’s really important to me still?? that acoustic version that they recorded was GORGEOUS. i enjoy it a lot in english too but there’s something about the spanish version especially that makes me really really glad it’s a thing

i’m just so HAPPY in the wake of gerard’s ama because i spent so many years hating myself and lying to myself and listening to mcr and watching lotms as an escape and as we all know he was in a really bad place himself and now here we are and i’m doing really good and being honest with myself about who i am and then in comes gerard who PERSONALLY TELLS ME the title of the song i’ve wanted to know for YEARS then sweet, lovely, kind, wonderful lola tweets a screencap of it and then there he goes talking about gender identity and pronouns and GETTING IT which is really great because i’ve been trying really hard to understand more about gender identity and stuff bc it’s still not something i totally grasp but i’m TRYING and even tho mcr broke up they’re all still friends and support each other and g talked about possible future collabs and i’m just so


gerard way is so beautiful like he’s just such a beautiful, important person and i’m so happy that he’s happy

everything is peachy

i’ve been smiling for like 5 hours

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[ oh oh oh ovo ] ship meme: Peter & Gamora

Send me a ship and I'll tell you:
  • Who’s more dominant: it’s fairly equal. Gamora likes being dominant, but she wont mind giving up some of that dominance in the bedroom.
  • Who’s the cuddler: both. neither one has never been a huge cuddler before, however, so it takes some getting used to.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Gamora is the little spoon. she’d never admit it out loud, but she whole-heartedly enjoys feeling all warm and safe and fuzzy with Peter’s arms around her.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: adventuring, stealing things, gunning down bad guys. at some point in the far-off future, doing a duo of “Come And Get Your Love”.
  • Who cooks: most likely Peter. Gamora would try and learn.
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am: Peter. Gamora (very subtly) tries sniffing his clothes for any signs of an unwanted female smell. :|
  • Who kills the spiders: Peter. because he’s trying to be a big, strong man for Gamgam.
  • Who falls asleep first: nobody knows. they have a habit of staying up, and not even noticing it when they drift off out of sheer exhaustion. probably Peter.
  • A headcanon: Gamora has a terrible desire to nuzzle up to Peter like a cat because of his face fuzz. seriously, she struggles with the urge every single day. especially when he’s asleep and he’s finally shut up for once.
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif:



Sterek AU: Stiles gets a job on the Hale farm and when Derek meets him he is so flustered that he kinda accidentally introduces himself as Miguel, their senior farmhand. The workers usually avoid Derek while he’s on the farm anyway due to his grumpy demeanor, so Derek doesn’t think it will be much of a problem.

The trouble is Stiles refuses to leave Derek alone and his incessant chatter is actually sort of… charming. Now Derek is completely head over heels for a man who often asks him if he would feel more comfortable talking in Spanish, and he has no idea how to come clean. Honestly, Derek’s kind of a coward. He would probably go on letting Stiles call him Miguel and insult his family, except you can’t sign a marriage licence with a fake name. He’s checked. 

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