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I’m counting on Sansa surviving through the series, and not only because I love her and therefore she must live.

Sansa’s arc, in my interpretation, is one that is all about survival. In the first book, she went through a loss of innocence and naivety. Through her father’s death and those she trusted (because in the stories, the queen and prince are always good and can be trusted!) betraying her, Sansa begins growing. It’s a journey that consists of abuse and trauma of the likes no one deserves,and through it all, Sansa adapts to the world she was thrust into. There’s a part of her that still holds onto that child-like ideality, that she can be kind and make people love her, that there are still people she can put her faith into getting her home again (it’s been a while since I’ve read Clash, but I’m thinking Ser Dontos, and later on Littlefinger), but I think she sheds her disillusions, and in time, even her hope (she goes from wishing for a happy future with Willas, to reminiscing her childhood in Winterfell, but not for one second thinking that she’ll get to return to the way things were). She learns to say what she needs to say in order to get by, and to avoid losing her head. She begins to learn the machinations of THE GAME, and she seems to have a penchant for it. She survives Joffrey’s reign of terror, and now she must survive anonymity, Littlefinger’s plans, and whatever else Westeros has got in store for her. Whether or not Baelish’s plans for her marriage and subsequent revealment carry out, I don’t think it’d make sense plot-wise for her to remain as Alayne. I don’t know what GRRM has in store for her, although the idea of Sansa as Queen in the North seems popular in the fandom. The only thing I’m counting on is that Sansa Stark survives the series, because cutting off all the character development (SURVIVAL) and recurring themes (ADAPTATION) will just seem too abrupt and, well, out of character for George R.R. Martin.  

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Do you think Hazel will end up praetor?She’s awesome but I’m not really getting the praetor vibe.

That depends on Reyna’s fate in BOO ʘ‿ʘ;;;;;;;

Graceland Name Meanings: Paige Arkin

Paige: Derived from an English surname meaning servant or page, the personal attendant of a person of rank or a boy in training for knighthood. 

Arkin: a Hebrew surname derived from the ancient name “Aharon,” the first High Priest of the Israelites. The name is believed to translate as “mountain of strength.”

whoa wait hold the fuck up 

did dave just canonically imply that he himself (and not just an alt dave) has a thing for jade

I want to write Iris an essay about how much I appreciate her because she really expanded their strong points and hit their weak points in a way where she gave them tips to fix it instead of just telling them what was wrong and that they need to fix it. she showed that she cared and made it even an great experience for yoongi, who is a rapper, that he even went back and bragged about how wonderful she is.

Man fandom got weird in the last few years. I can stumble upon a fairly well-written low-key character study, check the author on AO3, and discover that they’ve also written, like, an 80 part wizard AU.