Interviewer: One thing that’s really striking about The Dark Knight, compared to Batman Begins, is that you open in daylight, with The Joker’s robbery. You never expect to see daylight in a Batman movie…

Christopher Nolan: Yeah, well through the film we tried to play as much of it in the day as possible. Because we sort of set up this dynamic where, at the end of the last film and carrying into this film, Batman, as it were, rules the night and people are afraid of him - criminals know he’s out there - so The Joker kind of owns the day, in a way because Batman can’t really come out in the day. He’d look a little ridiculous in the rubber suit, walking down the high street in full daylight. So the day, in a weird way becomes more threatening, you know, because you feel when you get into the night, you sort of feel like Batman’s probably in pretty good control of things. 

Lance betray you for ACTUALLY THE GUY WHO WANTS YOUR HEAD? and just for the MONEY and for a Funeral? 

Oh, c’mon buddy, join my team. 

and what about a very trained black ops specialist who actually lives in a cell in the basment right now? 

Oh hell no, he is still a traitor! let’s use him just for information and let him try to kill himself without even give him a help.

DAMM, I’M SO HAPPY FITZ HAVE MACK! He is the only one who is actually helping him. 

And what about ward? he need help too. 


The only argument I really need to defend Sansa Stark. You know… besides the one where she thinks she’s all alone in the world and her whole family has been murdered and she’s fighting to not meet the same end.


okayophelia: “loki loves the power of violence. becoming thor’s dog of war is a return to that pure delight and glee - like a weapon you just unleash in the right direction.”

Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life

He may still love you. He probably does. He probably still thinks about you, and all the memories you guys had. About the love you guys felt for each other. About the constant little texts you used to send him, and about all the times you made him happy. He’s probably thinking about you right now, or listening to songs that bring up the thought of you. Or just hesitating to send you a message saying he misses you. But maybe this is just what you want to believe. Instead of thinking he has found someone who he has started to like; you want to believe that he still misses you, and is dealing with the same pain you are. But in reality, he is just as heart broken as you..