wait up, i’m coming home | harry/louis | 28 700 words

The boy beams. It’s brighter than the lights dotting the sidewalk into the distance. Louis is absolutely entranced by the stretch of his lips and the way his jaw gives way to his neck, pale skin and smooth bone. There’s something about him that reminds Louis of a sunset, a painting, a beautiful thing.

or the one where louis finds harry, then loses him, then finds him again. a flawless performance from fate featuring some penguins, some celestial bodies, and a whole lot of tea.

written for the 1d smut-free ficathon.


This will probably make more sense if you read this post

[in case it isn’t obvious, it’s read R-L]

Easily one of the most ambitious fan-things I have ever tackled (and completed!). This comic is 100% traditional media, save for minor touch-ups to erase all the areas where I coloured outside the lines. It was meant to be a one-off, short, fun piece that got crazy out-of-hand, and as such there was like zero research involved so there’s a lot of things likely out of place (like that skyline, woops)

Thanks to everyone who supported me through this, and who sent in heartbreaking ideas to try and help me out (and make me cry). 


Baby fox Nino and Satoshi ♥ - VS Arashi 2014.12.04


Why would you risk your life for this?

My mother gave it to me. My mom liked sharing with me the pop songs she loved growing up. I happened to have it on me when I…the day that she…when I left earth.

What do you do with it?

Do with it? Nothing, you listen to it. Or you can dance.

I’m a warrior, and an assassin, I do not dance. 

i thought mockingjay didn’t need to be two parts and like fuck david yates for starting this but now i think if i had had to watch all of mockingjay at once i probably would have died so? it’s cool. i am sort of mad that the movie made me almost care about gale, i blame the lesser hemsworth for having (it must be said) very good Face. i kind of low-grade ship plutarch heavensbee/president coin now in a way where their story is beautiful to me and they are made for each other in an evolving perspectives romcom way but, also, dnw either of them to ever find happiness? it’s confusing. my other hunger games ship are effie trinket/effie trinket, gale/forever alone, prim/buttercup brotp, joanna/screentime, F I N N I C K / A N N I E i had forGOTTEN how much i cared about them until the actual moment of crying, me/sobbing, and of course katniss/peeta, katpee, peeniss, literally whatever. i don’t even know if you can call katniss/peeta a ship for me so much as (as i have said before) literally the reason i am able to get out of bed in the morning. it is so fucked up how katniss and peeta are both bucky barnes, like? can a bitch live. i love steve rogers but i also think “the hunger games is a story where no one is steve rogers” is part of what is good about the hunger games. i guess i “liked” the movie but honestly i have never been less able to conceptualize what it means to “like” something than this, like, i paid my $13.50 to spend two hours crying like a baby in public and that’s exactly what i got? where does “liking” come into it.

anonymous asked:

(I'm going to ask both you and Benji, and you can answer this ic or ooc, whichever if fine by me) How would you feel about (your character) having anymore kids? Do you want (them to have) more or do you feel like two is enough?

Ooc: I mean part of me feels like that two is just perfect, but then we keep getting good suggestions and I’m like “well then”, so I’m not sure, I guess I’m up for anything :P