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makinos asked : asuka langley-sohryu or rei ayanami?

So farthereastofeden tagged me to do the “atypical selfie” thing and seeing as it is Selfie Friday, I figured I would combine the two. So here’s me, without any makeup, a very atypical selfie. :)

Happy Selfie Friday! Stay gorgeous, lovelies. 😘

Also its like two in the morning and that’s probably why my brain is latching onto that Circuitry Bay scene and rolling with it but:

The Falcon stubbornly refusing to respond under Leia’s touch for the first little while, right? And we know that it’s run on two droid brains and the ships inner systems are constantly clashing?

And we ALSO know that some droids (like Artoo and Threepio) have distinct personalities and almost … Feelings.

So I mean what I’m saying here is: the Falcon doesn’t respond to Leia’s touch at ALL for the first little while and for the life of her Leia can’t figure out why but


/old girl’s kinda jealous/