but I do think a small part of it is because she's a woman

So it looks like maybe a June wedding? We’ll probably do the actual marriage up in Vermont with Zach’s family (in large part so we can minimize his mother’s disappointment that she won’t be coming to the reception-ish part) and his friend-who-would-have-been-his-best-man(woman?). And then we’ll come back home to Mass and have a few friends (like a very few, a very small group) for a dinner/costume party thing. Because I like costume parties. And Zach is thinking maybe we should write vows and do them at the party (which never occurred to me, but I really like the idea. It feels sweet and I’ll probably cry.) and I’m thinking we should find a local bakery and get a real cake to have at the dinner thing.

So it’ll be a wedding but not a wedding because it’s mostly a reception, and I’m actually truly looking forward to it because I still have a part of me that is invested in “officially” building our lives together. I’m invested in some form of formal declaration, even (especially?) if it’s not exactly the standard kind.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Gal Gadot getting the role of Wonder Woman? Who would have you cast in the role if you had the opportunity?

I am actually really excited to see her play Wonder Woman.  I know some people are a little afraid that she won’t represent the Amazon woman because they think she is too small, not height wise because I believe she is around 5′11, but her body is too thin.  However, people loved Lynda Carter as WW and she really isn’t that much bigger than Gal, in fact, she looks about the same build as Gal.

I have seen images of Gal and she is building some muscle and looks really good.  So I am excited, I think she is going to do a great job.

If I had to choose someone to play the role, I think Gina Torres would be wonderful for the role, I could totally see her playing the part of Wonder Woman. Lucy Lawless, but this might be because she played Xena who, in my opinion, was like a version of Wonder Woman but with no powers, but that may be lazy casting.

I could even see Jaimie Alexander playing Wonder Woman, she did a good job in Thor.

It is very hard to cast the role of Wonder Woman, it is very hard to find someone who looks like an Amazon, who is 6′0, has that sort of build, but who can also act.