Laser force and late night pasta with my muppets awkward-manatea letslipthedogsofwar minnie-grace and quite-exploded. (Jake won. I can’t believe it.) ((I mean he won laser force. I’m not sure you can win at late night pasta but there is a first for everything))

I came home to a Captain Swan kiss and the fandom is freaking out!!!

This makes my 7 hour shift worth it, this makes my having to get up at 6 this morning worth it, this makes having to work Thanksgiving worth it. 

God Bless. Thanksgiving came early and I’m thankful for Captain Swan and this fandom!

In commemoration of getting 500+ followers, I thought another follower forever was in order~ So here we go again!

Upper class~ These lovelies are my senpais and best friends. I stalk admire their blogs greatly~

one-hell-of-a-raven-demon pupacirci fipusu theareaofgrey rplawliet dahlia-violet cryingclxwn crimson-gentleman deadly-innocent-shinigami trancy-twins tempestaura askpsychoaloistrancy the-demons-deception omnipotentbutler aiko-honeylemon-miyazaki miniturecannibalboy countxss-phantomhive suckoffhemmo the-giggling-shinigami faustiancontracts cigarettesandvideogames priincesoma that-skeleton-detective xtightropewalker

Middle class~These wonderful people have rped/talked with me and I would love to speak with them again soon~

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Lower class and gutter rats~ Do not let the grouping fool you; I love these dorks just as much as everyone in the upper class. I merely do not speak with these lovelies daily though I would like too~

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I’m sorry if you aren’t on here, but please know that I love you all so much and I’m so glad that you followed me~

110+ followers? Really?

I am really glad you all think this blog is worth of your love and attention even if I am barely active here. I’ll do what I can to portray Walter the best way I can and not to disappoint anyone here!

So here’s a little something to show how much I love and appreaciate you guys!

And I cannot do this without first talking about the one who's the reason this blog exists.


Yes, Kira was one of my best friends, such a lovely and dear person which I loved very much. She was the one who encouraged me to create this blog and even if she’s not with us anymore, her Integra’s still this Walter’s original and official master because I’d never dare to change it.

Close friends who I love dearly:

herestandeththebirdofhermes sanctus-monstrum ✞ ms-serasvictoria ✞ cigarettes-and-wires ✞ theoperaofmydeath ✞ shoriani ✞

People I love and admire:

halbmetall✞  ironcladvalkyrie ✞ aluxcard calisvol ✞ deadly-sugar-skulls mazimert ✞ nxnkurunaisa ✞ chemicalerinyes ✞ truxicanfalconer captain-of-the-wild-geese ✞ bloodreddraculina bishop-enrico-maxwell ✞ lonelyfreeangel the-heretic-zorinblitz ✞ three-little-hellsings arch-bishop-makube ✞ draculx ourladyofiscariot ✞ askmillenniumdoktor 

Thank you everyone for putting up with me and for being so amazing!

I'm Sorry

I was going to post a video of me talking..but I dont feel up to it..I’m way to I want to mention some of yall..


I love you guys..I know some of you didn’t message me or anything..but I wanna say thank you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for following me.. and subtleyetpsychotic ur my best friend ROCK. I LOVE YOU ALL..
I am having a rough rough time..I hope things get better so I can be normal again. All of my followers to! I’m sorry for all my whining..I just have no one to talk to.

Can you please tag your Ferguson posts?

I’m just as angry as the next person, but I’d really rather not see it. It’s not even the Ferguson posts, it’s the drama surrounding it.

Please, tag it so the people who just want to sim tonight don’t have to scroll for five minutes to find the sim related posts.

Send me hate, whatever. I wont post or answer it. They’ll just all be deleted.

Thanks sooo much for 122 followers!!!

Thank you guys so so soooo much!!! I really appreciate all of the support that I’ve gotten just for drawin my silly old Shadow, it means the world to me! Yes, I was working on a 100 followers thank you thing, but I’ve recently changed styles, so now it’s kinda pointless to finish…. :/

But since I’d like to say thank you I’m going to do a thank you thingy at 150, since it’s pretty close to 122! Thank you all so much though, honestly it just keeps me going seeing that number every time I log on! It just really proves to me that there are people who actually enjoy my creations and it’s super encouraging!

anonymous asked:

who is your friends in tumblr?

It’s a very difficult question because I don’t really know if all of them feels same. So I don’t know if I should mention them. But I’ll just mention some of them who I consider as my friend. Some I’ve talked since beginning, some I recently got to know ^^

squishykyunggie, parkchny, banhsoo, wuyifanxing, v-dyoessentyeol, krisinsanitychenstellation, jonginify, sehunphobia, baekhny, Nancy, vixxstel, homilks, Cathy (exo-plushie), what-is-a-luhan, yifantasia.

NOT many :) I love you guys /hides

this is only important if you actually like me

I’m going on a semi-hiatus of sorts. I usually mobile blog but there are so many triggering posts about Ferguson, I’m on the brink of psychosis and I’ve been shaking and obsessing all day.

For those of you who don’t know my situation, I’m black and schizophrenic. That’s currently a double whammy for me as a potential victim of police brutality. I have to beg my parents to never call the cops on me of they need help with my psychosis because I just know I’ll be murdered. Each time I see a Ferguson post this paranoia is etched even deeper into my brain. My OCD and paranoid schizophrenia make it difficult for me to function in environments like this.

I understand the relevance and meaning of what is happening. I am not ignoring it by not posting it. I see it and I’m appalled, but I won’t continue to risk my sanity as I’ve been out of the hospital for almost a year (I was in and out all 2013) and I’d like to stay out.

So if you have a problem with this, keep it to yourself. If you don’t, thank you for understanding and stay woke for me if you can.

I’ll keep answering asks if I get any and if I find that I’m okay to use a computer, I’ll post and queue. I’ll be back within the week.

Xx Jaycee