I have been so blessed to work as a receptionist at a day spa/salon for the past 3 years, because when everyone is busy with clients or if things are particularly slow, I have the freedom to study while on the clock. Whenever people ask me about my day job, I always say “I’m just glad I can study on the job!”

Quick study tip: my 6th grade teacher taught us this way of studying vocabulary where we would fold the paper in half and write the word on one side and the definition of the other. This probably sounds familiar (*cough* Cornell notes *cough*), but this is also an alternate way of doing notecards. Fold the paper in half (looking at just the words) and trying to remember their definitions, or vice versa. Might not work for everyone, but hey, I’ve been doing it since I was 11!

Day 14: Magical Heal Your Relationships

If you have a difficult or broken relationship, are suffering from a broken heart, or hold any resentment or blame toward another person for anything, you can change it through gratitude. Gratitude will magically improve any difficult relationship, whether that person is a husband or wife, brother or sister, son or daughter, partner, boss, business client, work colleague, mother- or father-in-law, parent, friend, or neighbor. When we are faced with a difficult relationship or a challenging situation in a relationship, in almost all cases, we’re not in the least bit grateful for the other person. Instead, we’re busy blaming the other person for the problems we have with them, and that means we don’t have a shred of gratitude. Blame is never going to make a relationship better, and it’s never going to make your life better. In fact, the more you blame, the worse the relationship gets, and the worse your life gets. Whether it’s a current relationship or a past relationship, if you harbor bad feelings toward another person, practicing gratitude will eliminate those feelings. Why would you want to remove your bad feelings about another person?

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” ~ Buddha

if you’re suffering from a broken heart or grief due to a relationship having ended, you can use gratitude’s magical power to transform your pain. Gratitude magically transforms emotional pain into healing and happiness faster than anything else. 

For today’s magical practice you are going to look for a hot coal that is burning your life, and literally turn it into gold through gratitude! Choose one difficult, problematic, or broken relationship that you want to improve. It doesn’t matter whether the person is currently in your life, or if it’s a past relationship and the person is no longer in your life. Sit down and make a written list of ten things you’re grateful for about the person you’ve chosen. Think back through the history of the relationship, and list the great things about the person or the great things you received from the relationship. The easiest way to do this is to think back to the way things were before the relationship deteriorated or ended. If the relationship was never good, then think hard about any good qualities in the person because they are there. This magical practice is not about who is right or wrong. No matter what you feel someone has done to you, no matter what someone said or didn’t do, you can magically heal the relationship, and you don’t need the other person in order to heal it. There is gold in every relationship, even the difficult ones, and to bring riches to all your relationships and your life, you have to find the gold. As you dig and discover a nugget of gold, write it down, address the person by name, and express your sentence in gratitude. 

By the time you’ve finished your gratitude list of ten things, you should feel much better about the person and the relationship. The ultimate point you want to reach is where you don’t have any bad feelings toward the person anymore, because it’s your life that is harmed by those feelings. Every relationship is different, and if need be, you may choose to repeat this magical practice over several days until you reach the point where you don’t have any bad feelings toward the person anymore. 

If you are using gratitude’s magical power to improve a current relationship, you will see the relationship begin to change miraculously before your eyes. It only takes one person to magically change a relationship through gratitude, but it is the person who uses gratitude who receives the benefits in their whole life. 

In the future, if a relationship becomes challenging, remember to use this magical practice immediately. You will stop the difficulties before they get any bigger, and instead you will increase the magic in the relationship!

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I don't care that's her business. But my client wants me to end you so...

But then your sister would be depressed if you killed me, you wouldn’t want that now would we?😈

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Settled in one of the cushy chairs in the lounge, drink in hand, he swirled it idly as he glanced around. “Wonder if everyone’s busy with clients…” There was a shrug as he shrugged. reclining and crossing his legs as shifted so he was sitting in the chair with legs on one arm rest and back on the other. Adjusting his dress to make sure it hadn’t ripped, checking his stockings as well when he had crossed his legs, he gave a groan.

"If everyone’s busy though, is there even a way for me to at least know if the stockings go with the shoes alright?” Pouting, he downed a bit more of the drink with a pout. This was going to be a dull afternoon, wasn’t it?

Working from 7.30am on my own future because I choose to… Not because someone tells me to feeling better again today! Double scoop Choc and capsules to start the day 😊 get some work done, maybe have a nap, off out for a meal tonight with my dad, Nic and Eden ❤️

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Sergio 165 JR Powerlifter - Close Grip Bench 285X6

Stayed late doing business with a client so I didn’t get to make it to the gym to train with the team. Took it easy today and just came in to get my work done.

Excited to be squatting with the greatest there ever lived Tom Kallas World Record Holder extraordinaire on Sunday. 465X5+

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What is your job?

I’m a videographer. :) My partner and I own a business and we produce videos for clients and businesses. We also enjoy doing film-type videos too but we tend to do these more as a hobby than anything else at the moment.

We also work for a motocross team and we produce all their media stuff/website/videos/race reports etc.

When a state organization tries to tell you how the community feels when you just got done interviewing the community members... and they hate the state people and feel neglected and unheard.