So in all seriousness, I really wonder what is going to happen to Nickelodeon when Spongebob finally ends. From a business standpoint, somebody really messed up. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a huge fan of Avatar. Somebody put almost all of the eggs in one basket. And if that basket is dropped, all is lost.

Dropping the idiom, Nickelodeon messed up by putting a majority of their resources into Spongebob. When Spongebob finally ends, they’re not going to have much to fall back on. And it’s going to be consequential.

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    リクルートは新入社員の時から営業も制作もすべて「効果」を中心に考える思考回路で育てられ、訓練された。ノウハウもあった。カッコイイ広告より、効果がある広告が偉いという認識だった。だからネットに移行するときもすんなりいけたのです。自分も振り返ると当時の経験が脳に染みついてますから、ホント。「人はどうして行動を起こすのか」とか「どういう動きやコピーに惹きつけられるのか」という訓練ばかりしてましたからね〜 で、求人広告のキモをこの際ぶちまけますよ。

    うわべだけの建前を言う企業には人が集まらない 本音一本を隠さず言う企業のほうが人は集まる というのだけは明確でございました。まあ、往々にして古い経営者を抱えると前者、やる気のある経営者と担当になると後者になるのでございます。会社の将来を予想するに、求人広告見るとだいたい想像がつきますよ的な話でした。

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    Friday Reads | A quick collection of the best things we’ve been reading this week. This week it’s all about that holiday-focused content. 

    Five Ways to Turn New Holiday Customers Into Loyal, Year-Round Patrons by Tom Caporaso [Marketing Profs] 

    "Don’t focus solely on what you collect from Thanksgiving on; analyze what you’ve gathered throughout the entire year, particularly the first quarter of 2014. Then compare it all to your data from prior years and develop a detailed, comprehensive understanding of what your audience’s behavior is telling you.

    Remember: Trying new approaches is a worthy, necessary task, but facts and figures don’t lie. If the verifiable information tells you to stick to the tried-and-true, do so; and run limited tests on the new and unknown until you consistently beat your controls.

    Pair with What Are Small Businesses Doing Wrong During the Holidays? and Why Fake Holidays Are Your Best Defense Against Competition This Black Friday

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    ♡♡♡Standard Chinese Language Learning♡♡♡ (Mandarin) (11.29) 时间系列(四)上午

     A:Xiànzài jǐ diǎn? A:现在几点? A: What’s the time? B:Shàngwǔ bā diǎn bàn。 B:上午八点半。 B: 8:30 am.

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