Condor Knife and Tool, Bushlore 4 something inches.

Initial impression is good. It goes through paper easy. True that is not a true test of ability. This is just unboxing. I’ll post more when I’ve used it.


Ok, I have been playing with the new knife to see how it feels in my hands. It is a bit slick. It is not so slick as to be a complaint, but it is worth mentioning. Gloves or fooling with the finish would solve that problem for good. I feel no hotspots, which is good because it sucks to have the handle slowly bite into your hands during use. All in all it is a classic design, and one may never go wrong with such …

It will be a while before I can attack wood with this knife. I hope it continues to please me. I have heard mostly good things about this company, but I have read some bad complaints. I have also noticed most of those complaints are from before 2011. The knife has a warranty so if there is a goof to the craftsmanship it can be solved. 

I want to say go for it if you are thinking about it, but until I have put this tool to work I cannot give a recommendation. 

Condor Knife & Tool: Hudson Bay Knife

I said I would post an update about the Hudson Bay Knife upon knowing how it performs. I did not take my Hudson Bay Knife to task, but my brother put his through its paces. 

When I brought him his Hudson Bay knife he immediately took it to chopping on a tree in my presence. It performed flawlessly. He later, I was not there for this, took to chopping more wood with that knife. He told me that it went through everything he used it on, and that the knife exhibited no flaws. 

He used to work in a knife shop. He was the guy you would see to professionally sharpen your knives and tools. He knows a bit more about these things than I do, and as such I may vouch that his report on the knife’s capabilities are true. 

With this in mind I will recommend the Condor Knife & Tool, Hudson Bay Knife. 

As for the Bushlore by Condor Knife & Tool I am not able to report. I am hoping to get out to the country this week or next. I will take it along with me to put it through it’s paces. Hey, if I get lucky I will butcher a hog with it! That is if I get lucky and get a shot on one, but I know I will be able to do some wood chopping, feathering, etc on Texas cedar if we go. After which I will post, hopefully fotos, a review on the Bushlore and also my Hudson Bay.