I was having a bad day today in school, I just wanted to get back home as soon as possible.

I took the bus, and after a few stops a woman in her fifties/sixties got on the bus. There weren’t enough seats so she just stood there. I approached her and gave her my seat.
After that a man asked me ‘Do you have parents?’, so I told him that I do and then he said ‘Well then, they must be really proud of their son’.

That made me feel much better. Thank you random stranger!

Trains & Transit by Jeff Carlson_82 on Flickr.

It’s always nice when you can get shots with multiple modes of transportation in the same image, and here, one of Topeka, KS’ 6th St. buses from East Topeka made a well-timed cameo into my viewfinder. Below it, the BNSF #6664 and CP #9562 head up L71, while power for one of the Topeka yard jobs hangs out on an adjacent track.