It’s STM vs. SPVM in this contest to see who’s more charming to the city’s residents, especially those with limited mobility.

I asked who gets this report. He dodged my question. He asked what my disability is. I asked him about protocol when a complaint is filed. He told me that I should consider taking Transport Adapté. I repeated how scary it was to be locked on a bus with an angry, aggressive man. He offered to drive me home. I declined. We got out of the cruiser, out of earshot of his bitchy young white Quebec-supremacist lady cop partner with a swishy ponytail. He told me his mother is “handicapped” too, that she uses a wheelchair and she has a hard time getting anywhere, and it’s not just the STM. He said that this is a hard moment and it will pass. I said yes, discrimination is everywhere.

(Thanks for the submission, subtractics!)


Words on Wheels

Words on Wheels, also known as “WOW”, has got to be one of the most unique places I have been to in Fort Worth. This is library inside a bus but, unlike normal libraries, the WOW bus lets you take home books for free without checking them out (a reasonable amount of course). It’s pretty much a book exchange but uniquely and very well done. There are many categories to choose from and there are titles that you may or may have never heard of which is what is so great about it! If you wish, you may sit and read or hop in and out once you find what you are looking for. 

The bus itself is very well decorated and presentable. The interiors are very lovely and the space is spread out evenly so browsing for books is very simple. The bus is located on W. Magnolia Avenue just a few minutes down the road from Avoca Coffee Shop. I imagine many have driven by Magnolia and completely ignored the bus thinking there is nothing special in it but I highly encourage everyone to visit and drop off gently used books and grab one for yourself as well. They are open everyday 10:30am to 8:30pm unless it is raining. You can keep up to date on all of their activities and new book arrivals on their Facebook page. What are you waiting for?! Go grab a book!