"Ophelia: Hijabi Heroine #1 (2011) is a collaborative project by the artist Hannah Habibi Hopkin and photographer Zarek Rahman. It is the first of a series of photographs that recreate iconic pre-Raphaelite images whilst placing the female subject of the image in a burqa. An idealised and reductive view of women is inherent to so many pre-Raphaelite works, which inspired Habibi and Rahman to confront the “idea” and representation of Muslim women in a similar fashion. This image was shot on location at Hogsmill River, Surrey UK, the same location as used by Millais’ in the original painting, and with Habibi playing the part of the drowned Ophelia.”

Hannah Habibi Hopkin is a London based artist whose work explores gender, religion and identity. Zarek Rahman is a photographer and travel writer based in London. 

^ one of the many fascinating pieces in the International Museum of Women’s exhibition: “Muslima: Muslim Women’s Arts & Voices”