skateboardknees said:

Doctor who/fma

Idk anything about fma, but doctor who:

  • Push off a cliff: The Doctor, but only till he gets to his 10th regeneration
  • Kiss: Jack
  • Marry: Clara
  • Set on fire: Davros
  • Wrap a blanket around: The Doctor
  • Be roommates with: Either The Doctor or Rory

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HAHAH THAT SCENE. IDKY BUT I ALWAYS SAY OKAY I HAVE MY FAVE BUT THEY’RE ALL MY FAVE YOU KNOW? although, amber has a bigger piece of my heart just bc she loves pink and her girls so much like I CAN RELATE.

amber’s room is what paradise looks like <3 i couldn’t pick one either!!!!!! they’re all too qt and i’m having so many feelings remembering viva being all big sisterly and holding the baby I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER UNTIL NEXT YEAR FUCK