reveuroiseau answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

Perfect Two by Auburn :)

noooooooo that was her and her ex’s song but thank you

burningreds answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

birthday sex

thats perfect thank

a11th3same answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

wherever i go - hannah montana ft emily osment. I KNOW IM GAY

its ok we both like hannah montana, i’ll think about it

bitchneys answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

Um, For Good (Wicked), Two Worlds Collide (Demi Lovato), Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion), and Long Live (Taylor Swift)


swizzlersticks asked:

I'll send you one of my favorites: Starlight! :)

omg one of my favourites too! :) the chorus is so cute and it’s so optimistic I love it so much. the lyrics are clever! 10/10 

put a song from red in my ask and i’ll rate it /10 and give an honest opinion of it 


Hey everyone! :]
Marishelle here. All of us are very busy with school and we can barely manage to find time to go on our own blogs. So 3 of us talked and we decided to go on a hiatus. We don’t know for how long, but maybe 1 or 2 months. Some of us might just post something randomly on here though. Zack has exams coming up and can’t update on here, he’s looking for someone to take over until he can return (if you would like to be his fill in for awhile, let us know here). Thank you for following us and liking/reblogging. We’ll be back soon all prepared to edit weekly. In the mean time… Feel free to follow our own Taylor blogs. ;] You can find all our blogs here

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60: A story of boy meets girl

Those aliens are actually kinda cool! Plus, now I have a place to crash whenever I feel like going outerspace? I used to be so jealous of people with connections in Australia and other cool places, but HEY I GOT FRIENDS WHO DON’T EVEN LIVE ON THIS PLANET!

So I was thinking about your question when I was in the shower this morning. Maybe that’s an inappropriate and awkward thing to say, but that’s where I do my thinking and come up with awesome ideas. But it’s a hard question! First of all, I don’t really know what my favorite movie is. I used to say 500 Days of Summer, because of the non-chronological storytelling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoeey Deschanel, the scenery and the music of course. Come to think about it, that’s still my favorite movie. A song that really matches with the theme of the movie is Treacherous. For those who are not familiair with 500 Days of Summer, it’s about a girl and a boy who fall in love and have an awesome time, except the girl doesn’t believe in love and relationships. AT. ALL. So you can only imagine where it ends (but still, go see the movie). The girl makes it clear from the beginning that she isn’t interested in relationships BUT THEN DOES ALL THE STUFF THAT YOU DO WHEN YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE. Yeah, I’m a bit frustrated about the girl, even after seeing the movie for at least 12 times. I’m still not sure whether the boy in the movie is  a) blindly naive b) a wishfull thinker or c) a masochist. But anyway, those lyrics REALLY apply to him.

This slope is Treacherous
This path is reckless
This slope is Treacherous
And I I I like it

I can’t decide if it’s a choice
Getting swept away
I hear the sound of my own voice
Asking you to stay
And all we are is skin and bone trained to get along
Forever going with the flow but you’re friction

Wondering what taylorswift​ thinks about this movie, but I think she loves it!

Another question for you Stephen86 (and don’t feel obligated to answer right away, if you’re feeling like posting something else): 

Say, you’re throwing a party - it doesn’t necessarily has to be a dance party, could also be a BBQ or a relaxing-with-friends-kinda-thing - what Taylor-songs are on the playlist?

XOXO red-lip-classic-thing-that-you-like

Well it looks like #designwars is happening again but this time with @designstuffcardiff to make a super ‘golden child’ aka Design stuff wars. (See what we did there). Anyhow it’s party time too as DSC celebrating one year with this special edition on the 15 May at #theabacus #cardiff. Open to all. We need teams and spectators. Beer. Wine. Design. Great company. Details on blog. http://ift.tt/1JeEbSu / www.burningred.co.uk