hey guys this is my follow forever ily guys youre amazing and you make my dash amazing!! favourites are bolded but you are all my faves literally, if i missed anyone im so sorry ill add you asap!

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Thank you so much for being flawless human beings, I love all of you! Here it is, 110 Url’s just for you!

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Bolded names are some of my special favourites, and Italized are my best friends! Messages me if I forgot you. To all of these people, thank you so much, it’s an honour to follow you! you make my dash beautiful!. 


reveuroiseau answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

Perfect Two by Auburn :)

noooooooo that was her and her ex’s song but thank you


burningreds answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

birthday sex

thats perfect thank


a11th3same answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

wherever i go - hannah montana ft emily osment. I KNOW IM GAY

its ok we both like hannah montana, i’ll think about it


bitchneys answered your question: i’m going to make a playlist for my best friend…

Um, For Good (Wicked), Two Worlds Collide (Demi Lovato), Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion), and Long Live (Taylor Swift)


oldloveletter said:

I'll send you one of my favorites: Starlight! :)

omg one of my favourites too! :) the chorus is so cute and it’s so optimistic I love it so much. the lyrics are clever! 10/10 

put a song from red in my ask and i’ll rate it /10 and give an honest opinion of it 


Hey everyone! :]
Marishelle here. All of us are very busy with school and we can barely manage to find time to go on our own blogs. So 3 of us talked and we decided to go on a hiatus. We don’t know for how long, but maybe 1 or 2 months. Some of us might just post something randomly on here though. Zack has exams coming up and can’t update on here, he’s looking for someone to take over until he can return (if you would like to be his fill in for awhile, let us know here). Thank you for following us and liking/reblogging. We’ll be back soon all prepared to edit weekly. In the mean time… Feel free to follow our own Taylor blogs. ;] You can find all our blogs here